Lanzarote Weather, November 2014

This November was the wettest in the Archipelago since 1981!

Barranco flowing in TabayescoChocolate sea at Arrieta Beach

The Canary Islands suffered persistent and widespread showers over a period of 12 days, receiving an average of 135 mm of rain, more than three times the amount normally expected for November. The level of wind was also abnormal for this time of year, very strong gusts were recorded on the 28th & 29th of the month, reminding residents of the tropical storm Delta which hit the islands on that date in November 2005.

The adverse weather affected a number of events in Lanzarote and even the Sunday market was cancelled.

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3/11 Mainly sunny in Lanzarote, a bit of cloud around this morning. Wind 10-25 km/h from the north / north east. 29 degrees.  read more »

Another Storm Warning

Lanzarote and the Canary Islands are bracing themselves for another stormy weekend.

Orange Alert

The islands are on orange alert for winds reaching 100-130 km/h & 5-6 metre waves in coastal areas as well as a yellow alert for heavy rainfall of 15 mm accumulating within an hour.

The Consorcio de Emergencias de Lanzarote have suspended open air activities for this weekend due to the meteorological conditions and the Plan de Emergencias Insular has been activated.

Alerts for Lanzarote

viento orangeGusts of wind reaching 100 km/h starting from midnight tonight until 18:00 on Saturday 29th November

costeros orangeWaves of 5-6 metres reaching the north, west and south coast of Lanzarote from 12:00 on Friday 28th November until midnight on Saturday 29th.

rain yellowRainfall of up to 15 mm accumulated in one hour from midnight tonight to 15:00 on Friday 28th November

Events due to take place over Friday and Saturday that have already been cancelled include Magma Fest,  read more »

Storm Warning

All of the Canary Islands are on yellow or orange alert from today for the next 3 days due to a storm in the Atlantic.

Storm & rain alert Canary Islands November 2014YR_Met

The storm was expected over the Western islands last night. You can feel the change in Lanzarote this morning, there are strong gusts from the south and heavy clouds accompanied our pink tinged sunrise earlier.  read more »

Lanzarote Weather, October 2014

It was a lovely October in Lanzarote this year, the temperature stayed well up into the top 20’s with a yellow alert for 34 degrees during the third week just in time for the half term school holidays & the Oktoberfest beer festival in Puerto del Carmen.

Sunrise over Haria

We enjoy some beautiful sunrises and sunsets at this time of year, the image above is the sun rising over the valley of Haría, can you see the Bruja (witch) in the street lights?

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1/10 It's bright and sunny with a few clouds at the moment in Lanzarote, the forecast is fairly cloudy with a chance of a shower 5-15% during the day increasing to 25-55% this evening.Wind 15-20 km/h from the north. Top temperature of 30 degrees.

2/10 It's warm and overcast in Lanzarote this morning, a light breeze 10-15 km/h from the east / north east. The sun is expected to break through late afternoon. 30 degrees.

3/10 We're expecting a gorgeous day in Lanzarote, clear and sunny forecast, 29 degrees and a whisper of a breeze 5-10 km/h.  read more »

Lanzarote Weather, September 2014

Lanzarote enjoyed lovely weather in September, a light breeze and sunny but without any extreme heat, just near perfect days!

Mareas del Pino Playa Los Pocillos Lanzarote

The island also saw some spectacular sunrises and sunsets during the month, it’s an excellent time to visit the island if you’re not tied to school holidays. The wind returned at the end of the month with gusts reaching 50 km/h. It’s also the time of year for the Mareas del Pino, where we can experience really high tides, the sea reached frontline properties in La Graciosa and the beaches almost all but disappeared in Arrecife, Playa Honda and Los Pocillos during high tide.

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1/9 A few clouds around first thing which will clear during the morning, Arrecife, Puerto del Carmen & Costa Teguise should be sunny around 10am and other areas by lunchtime. 10-15 km/h wind from the north. 30 degrees

2/9 Any clouds around first thing should clear during the morning for a sunny day in Lanzarote. Light north wind 10-15 km/h. 31 degrees.

3/9 Clear and sunny in Lanzarote with a light variable breeze 0-10km/h and 30 degrees. Perfect September weather!  read more »

Lanzarote Weather, August 2014

August was warm and sunny in Lanzarote with some cloudy starts which is normal for this time of year.

Playa Dorada in Playa Blanca

There were a couple of hotter days reaching a temperature of 34 degrees but we’ve not had any sweltering heat waves as yet this summer. August is usually the windiest month, it’s been breezy with gusts reaching 55 km/h, but not really that windy for Lanzarote. We also experienced some sea alerts for high waves at the end of August.

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1/8 Lots of sunshine on the forecast for Lanzarote today but some clouds too. Slightly stronger wind 25-30km/h from the north with gusts up to 45 km/h. 29 degrees.  read more »

Lanzarote Weather, July 2014

July is normally the windiest month in Lanzarote, followed by August but it wasn’t windy enough this year for the European freestyle pro tour windsurfing competition, where the organisers had to resort to a tow-in during the 4 day event in Costa Teguise from the 9-12th July.

Playa Las Cucharas in July

Typically for this time of year the west coast of Lanzarote was fairly cloudy and we saw some cloudy starts for the tourist resorts on the east coast of the island. We didn’t have any really hot spells or temperature alerts during the month, most days reached 27-29 degrees.

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1/7 Clear and sunny for Lanzarote today, north / north east wind 25-30 km/h with gusts up to 50 km/h. 29 degrees.

2/7 A cloudy start to the day in Lanzarote, which should clear late morning for sunshine with cloudy intervals.Wind 30-35km/h from the North, gusts up to 50km/h. 27 degs.

3/7 A mixed forecast for Lanzarote, cloudy first thing, clearing for a couple of hours this morning, then clouding over around midday before clearing again with more sunshine this afternoon. Wind 20-25 km/h from the North & gusts up to 50km/h. 27 degrees.  read more »

Lanzarote's Trade Winds

Lanzarote is known as a fairly windy island, and part of the reason our climate is so good is because of the wind which blows here on most days – without it temperatures would be much higher and the island would effectively become a desert, like the nearby Sahara.


But why do we get the winds, and why are they called “trade” winds?

Why we get winds in Lanzarote

Around the equator, which is the area known as the doldrums, there is a low pressure area of light, variable winds. The low pressure draws air in from above and below the equator, which results in wind moving from a north easterly direction above the line and a south easterly track from below it.  read more »


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