Lanzarote Weather: April 2015

We had lovely weather in April, apart from the Easter weekend which was overcast with a chance of rain.

Playa Blanca in April

Otherwise the weather was sunny with a light breeze for the first half April, with the wind increasing to include some stronger gusts in the latter half.

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1/4 Mainly sunny with some high cloud and cloudy intervals in Lanzarote today, a light north easterly breeze 0-15km/h and 27 degrees.

3/4 There's not a cloud in the sky or on the forecast for Good Friday / Viernes Santo in Lanzarote, which means 12 hours of sunshine to enjoy. Hardly a breeze during the day and variable direction from north & south, a bit windier this evening 0-20km/h. 25 degrees.  read more »

Lanzarote Weather: March 2015

Our weather returned to a more typical winter pattern during the month of March in Lanzarote.

Costa Teguise in March

March was off to a beautiful start in Lanzarote, it was generally a couple of degrees warmer than recently and much sunnier. We experienced a calima with some dust in the air and lots of ladybirds during the second week and an oddity of hailstones & thunder in the third week of the month.

You can find a daily weather forecast for Lanzarote during the weekdays on our Facebook page LanzaroteInformation.

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2/3 A cloudy start for Monday morning in Lanzarote, the sun should make an appearance by 11:00 for a sunny afternoon in most parts of the island.The wind's dropped to 15-20 km/h from the north east. 21 degrees.  read more »

Lanzarote Weather Statistics 1981 to 2010

Lanzarote is blessed with a wonderful climate.

Playa Dorada in LanzaroteRain in Tabayesco

The following data has been collected from a weather station based at Lanzarote Airport. The following statistics were collated over 29 years from 1981 to 2010 so they give a pretty good indication of what to expect when visiting the island in any one month of the year.  read more »

What's The Weather REALLY Like in Lanzarote?

It’s the subject of countless questions on our social media pages and via email. Without a doubt, the single most important thing for our readers is to know what the weather will be like for their holiday.

Lanzarote, and the other Canary Islands are described as having the “World’s best climate.” And it’s probably true! We don’t suffer from any extremes of weather here – our winters are like the warmest British or Irish summer days, and during the summer we almost never suffer from the stifling heat you can find in the Mediterranean.

We’ve put together this little summary of some of the key points about our weather, based on records dating back to 1981, and in each case we’ve used a well known place in northern Europe as a comparison.

Which months are the warmest and coolest?


August is the warmest month, with a mean  temperature of 25.2 degrees, and January is the coolest with 17.4 degrees. The record high recorded on the island is 43.6 degrees, and the record low is 8.0 degrees.

To contrast that with Dublin, the warmest month is July,  read more »

Lanzarote Weather: February 2015

February was a disappointing month for weather in Lanzarote, the sun was often hidden behind clouds this year.

Waves in Arrieta

Lanzarote’s winter sunshine was a bit lacking this month, there was quite a lot of cloud around. It wasn’t wet, in fact it’s been a dry winter since the initial rainfall in November. It was just all a bit grey and definitely on the cool side without the sun.

You can find a daily weather forecast for Lanzarote during the weekdays on our Facebook page LanzaroteInformation.

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2/2 A grey and overcast day in Lanzarote with showers expected around midday, 20-25 km/h wind from the north east and gusts up to 45 km/h. 20 degrees.

3/2 Lanzarote is mainly overcast today, although the sun is expected to break through for a couple of hours from 13:00 to 15:00 this afternoon. 5-20% chance of a shower, North wind 15-25 km/h gusts >45km/h. 20 degrees.  read more »

Coldest January Since 2006

As residents we feel the cold during the winter months in the Canary Islands even if the temperature is still in double figures and nothing compared to winter in the UK and Ireland. According to data collected by the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), this has been the coldest January since 2006.

Arrecife in January 2015

The highest temperature recorded in Spain during the month was 24.4ºC which was registered at Lanzarote airport on the 15th January. Our average temperature in  read more »

Lanzarote Weather, January 2015

The weather wasn’t bad during January, we had some lovely sunny days and the wild flowers in bloom became a tourist attraction in Lanzarote.

Wild flowers in Lanzarote

The wind was fairly strong and felt cool though, so as soon as you were out of the sun warmer layers were required. It’s since been published that it was the coldest January since 2006 in the Canary Islands.

You can find a daily weather forecast for Lanzarote during the weekdays on our Facebook page LanzaroteInformation.

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2/1 Sunny with high cloud this morning in Lanzarote, clouds clearing for the afternoon although we still have a yellow alert for calima (dust in the air) from midday. East wind 25-30 km/h with gusts up to 50 km/h. 20 degrees.

5/1 Clear and sunny in Lanzarote, 10-20km/h wind from the east & 20 degrees.

6/1 Mainly sunny with a few clouds around in Lanzarote today, the wind's back from the usual north east direction 20-25 km/h gusts >35km/h & 20 degrees. It's a public holiday in Lanzarote for Epiphany.  read more »

Lanzarote Weather, December 2014

It was a mixed month of weather for Lanzarote during the month of December.

Christmas morning on Playa Las Cucharas in Costa Teguise

We had some stunning beach days interspersed through the month and the weather didn’t disappoint for Christmas Day again this year. At this time of year in Lanzarote you should expect a cloudy start, with the sun breaking through mid morning and a chance of a shower during the day. With most days reaching a top temperature of 20-23 degrees, it's still warm enough to enjoy lazing on a sun lounger and working on your tan. An east wind brought two calimas in quick succession, the first just before Christmas and the second a week later in time for New Year.

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1/12 Showers this morning clearing for a sunny afternoon in Lanzarote. Wind 15-25 km/h from the north west. 23 degrees.

2/12 Mainly sunny in Lanzarote today. Arrecife is clear & sunny this morning, sunny with a few clouds this afternoon. Puerto del Carmen clear & sunny from 10:00 to 17:00 with a cloudy interval at midday. Playa Blanca is mainly sunny with a few clouds around. Teguise is sunny with cloudy intervals. Wind 10-25 km/h from the north. 24 degrees.

3/12 Showers first thing, sunshine by  read more »


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