Stormy Seas In Lanzarote

The Canary Islands are considered to have the best year round climate in Europe and possibly further afield. But we do sometimes have to remember that Lanzarote is basically a small rock in the mighty Atlantic Ocean and occasionally Mother Nature lets us know not to take her for granted by ‘treating’ us to some stormy weather.

Caleta de Caballo Rough Sea 

These, thankfully short, spells don’t always mean rain and often the high winds are accompanied by blue skies or broken cloud. Temperatures will still be warm, at least compared the UK and Ireland, but it’s not going to be comfortable to sit on the beach or by the pool – so what do you do?

El Golfo Behind You!

Well, Lanzarote is blessed with a fantastic rugged coastline away from the resorts and when the massive Atlantic rollers are crashing in it’s a spectacular sight, so why not get out and about and enjoy the free show?  read more »

Lanzarote Weather: January 2016

We had perfect winter weather this January, warm and dry sunny days with light wind.

January 2016 weather in Lanzarote

You can find a daily weather forecast for Lanzarote during the weekdays on our Facebook page LanzaroteInformation.

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2/1 It's another blue sky day in Lanzarote, 0-10 km/h north east wind & a high of 23 degrees.  read more »

Lanzarote Weather: December 2015

The Canaries recorded their fourth warmest autumn in the last 70 years, with temperatures well above the seasonal average since September. The warmer weather was due to a prolonged front of high pressure, sitting south of the Azores in the Atlantic.

Santa at Lanzarote Palm in December 2015

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1/12 No sign of the calima as yet in the north of Lanzarote this morning, we had our usual blue sky at sunrise. Windy in the south of the island with south east gusts expected to reach 60 km/h. 25 degrees.  read more »

Lanzarote Weather: November 2015

We enjoyed a lovely spell of warm and sunny weather in Lanzarote for the first couple of weeks in the month. The second half of November brought a couple of showers and a calima warning as December approached.

Lanzarote Weather December 2015

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2/11 A bit cloudy in Lanzarote today, Tinajo on the west coast has the best forecast with sunshine for most of the day, then the north of the island. Elsewhere fairly cloudy morning and much brighter afternoon. 0-10 km/h light variable wind & 26 degrees. 20% chance of a shower this morning.  read more »

Lanzarote Weather: October 2015

Trust the weather to fail during the half term school holiday! The weather was consistently hot and sunny until the middle of the month, then the wind switched to a strong southerly which brought the rain.

Rainwater Playa Las Cucharas Lanzarote

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1/10 Sunny with some high cloud in Lanzarote today. Light breeze 0-15 km/h from the east & 29 degrees

2/10 Oops forgot to post the weather this morning..... It's hot! 30 degrees, sunny and 5-10 km/h breeze from the east  read more »

Why Does Lanzarote Suffer So Much When It Rains Heavily?

We have had a few days of very heavy rain here in Lanzarote, and as usual, roads were closed, many buildings suffered, schools were shut and sporting events were cancelled. Also as usual, we had people from northern Europe asking us why we can’t cope. After all, it’s “just rain.”

Arrieta  Barranco flowing

The answer to the questions falls into two parts:

Costa Teguise  Las Cucharas  read more »

Weather Warning Levels & Government Alerts

Do you know the difference between an alert and a weather warning?

Orange Level Weather Warning

The Canarian Government have three phases of alert based on the risk to the population. These are pre-alert, alert and maximum alert and will be declared by the Dirección General de Seguridad y Emergencias del Gobierno de Canarias.

The Meteorological Agency have four different advisory levels which are green (normal), yellow, orange and red (danger). These are based solely on  read more »

Lanzarote Weather: September 2015

Just glorious! We love the month of September in Lanzarote, the light is incredible at this time of year, a photographer’s dream with our stunning blue sky and picture perfect sunrises & sunsets.

Lanzarote in September


September weather forecast Lanzarote 2015

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1/9 A few clouds around this morning, clearing for a sunny afternoon in Lanzarote. A north wind 20-35 km/h with gusts up to 50 km /h during the day, dropping to 15 km/h tonight. 31 degrees

2/9 Pink cloud sunrise this morning in Lanzarote. Today's forecast is mainly sunny with a few clouds around during the morning / middle of the day depending on location. Light wind 10-15 km/h north / north east. 31 degrees

3/9 Sunny with some cloudy intervals in Lanzarote. North wind 15-25km/h gusts reaching 50km/h. 31 degrees  read more »


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