April Weather, Lanzarote

Blue Sky & Cloud

I was disappointed with the weather this April! It wasn’t terrible or wet, just that the beautiful blue sky we take for granted was often missing, you would catch a glimpse of it as the sun was rising and then it would cloud over until mid afternoon when it might clear again. We also had some very strong winds, you couldn’t help but feel sorry for the many cyclists training and the holiday makers here for some Easter sunshine, but great for the experienced windsurfers. Don’t get me wrong, there were some good days and we did see temperatures up to 26 degrees, but when the sun went in, the evening wind was cold. Not April showers but scudding clouds.

Lanzarote Weather and Lanzarote Flight Arrivals

Lanzarote Weather

We’ve just recently added a couple of new features to Lanzarote Information, in direct response to reader’s requests.

The first is what we techies call a weather widget! You can see it there, to you right. It looks like this:

Weather_Widget  read more »

March Weather, Lanzarote

Sun Bleached Hills

On the whole March has been a very good month for weather in Lanzarote, we enjoyed lots of sunshine with temperatures reaching 27 degrees in the afternoon. Some evenings have been cool though, when the sun went in the temperature dropped to 15 degrees at times.  read more »

Lanzarote Weather From Alfredo

Cracked earth and seedling, Lanzarote

Lanzaroteños don’t bother looking at weather forecasts – we gave them up years ago. Not because the weather isn’t important to us, but because they are always wrong! This morning was a good example, I checked:

  • Meteo 19 Degrees and cloudy
  • Yahoo 18 Degrees and cloudy
  • BBC 19 Degrees and chance of rain

And the reality was – 24 degrees and pure clear sunshine! I don’t know why these reports are always wrong, but they are. Friends tell me they are generated from the peninsular, so they just aren’t accurate.  read more »

February Weather, Lanzarote

Typically February can be cold and wet, which is a shame when its the month of carnivals and scantily clad locals are out all night partying, however I'm pleased to confirm that its been a good few weeks. The daytime temperatures have been in the low twenties and around fifteen degrees at night. There have been light or no winds and sunny days with cloudy intervals. We had a calima that started last weekend which meant visibility was restricted, you couldn't see the hills but it was warm, just in time for the Arrecife carnival!  read more »

January Weather, Lanzarote

Waves, La Graciosa

January was a strange month for the weather in Lanzarote, we started the month with an orange alert and ended it on a yellow alert. These aren't cause for concern just warnings of heavy rain and strong winds. Take the last few days, Friday started lovely with clear skies and sunshine but by 11am it was strong gusts of wind and bursts of rain. Saturday dawned still, warm and sunny and remained so all day, it was a day for the beach and the shorts, t-shirt and flip flops were back on. Sunday was cold, severe gusts of wind and hard rain showers all day.  read more »

Lanzarote Weather - The Calima

All The Canary Islands occasionally suffer from Calimas, most often in the winter months.  read more »


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