Over 100,000 tourists dived in Lanzarote in 2013

According to a survey from the Asociación de Centros y Escuelas Profesionales de Buceo de Lanzarote (BUCO) integrated with AETUR, a total of 103,282 tourists practiced diving in Lanzarote during 2013.

Try Dive

The study, published in Centros de Datos for Lanzarote found that 35.3% of the divers are from the United Kingdom, 19% from the mainland of Spain and 16.2% from Germany. Other nationalities worth a mention are the Irish with 6.5% and 6% Dutch. Diving is an all year round activity with the peak in the summer, the figures for 2013 can be broken down into Q1 22,415, Q2 17,263, Q3 39,517 and Q4 24,087 visitors.

Typically the divers had heard about Lanzarote through personal recommendations from friends and family, although they also obtained information through the internet and magazines. Scuba divers are very loyal visitors, returning on an average of  read more »

Lanzarote Restaurant Review - Castillo San José

We were out with friends visiting Lansaldo in Arrecife, and we decided to go and enjoy some lunch at the Castillo San José.

Que Muac LanzaroteQue Muac glass fronted restaurant

Walking into the restaurant Qué Muac is fabulous – the décor is very “Lanzarote” with wooden floors, shaped concrete ceilings, and the view is one of the very best on the island. Huge picture windows look straight out to the Puerto Naos docks and the feeling is very much like being on a cruise liner, looking out to sea from the bridge.

We did have an initial disappointment – the kitchen is closed on a  read more »

Sand for Playa Chica

Work to replenish the sand has started at Playa Chica in Puerto del Carmen this morning.

Playa Chica

This small beach also known as Pila de la Barrilla, nestled between Playa Grande and the harbour in the old town of the Puerto del Carmen holiday resort is one of the most popular places for scuba diving. Sand from the beach has gradually been disappearing over time and it was also damaged with the Tropical Storm Delta back in 2005.

Tias council requested the  read more »

English Cinema in Lanzarote 23rd & 26th June 2014

Just one movie will be shown in English at the cinemas in Lanzarote next week on Monday 23rd and Thursday 26th of June.

VO 23 y 26 Junio

Multicines Atlántida in Arrecife:  read more »

Can you help?

I wish I could have ignored the pathetic black dog lying in the fast lane of the dual carriageway in Playa Honda like all the other drivers. I could see the bundle of curly black hair lifting it’s head, it’s red tongue lolling, desperately trying to attract some attention.

Injured dog rescued in Lanzarote

I drove on, what could I do? And then I just couldn’t get the image out of my head. I headed into Arrecife, around the one way system, back into Playa Honda and out along the dual carriageway again towards the capital, would the dog still be alive?

It was, although she'd given up and was just lying there waiting for the inevitable.  read more »

San Juan Midsummer Bonfires 2014

It’s a Lanzarote tradition on the eve of midsummer to have a bonfire to celebrate San Juan. The traditional quema de hoguera fires will be held during the evening on Monday 23rd of June.

Asadero de San Juan 23 Jun

Puerto del Carmen

The Asadero de San Juan will be held in Calle Bajamar in the old town of Puerto del Carmen. This street is situated between Playa Chica and the harbour. The Ayuntamiento of Tías invite you to join them for the Feast of San Juan from  read more »

Lanzarote Nightlife 20th to 22nd June 2014

It’s almost midsummer, we’ve already published details of the Salt Carpets, Midsummer BBQ & Jameos Festival happening in Lanzarote this weekend, here’s a summary of other events around the island.

Puerto del Carmen:

Danceclub 928 20 Jun

Venue: Danceclub 928, Avenida de las Playas, Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote

Date: Friday 20th June 2014

Time: 22:00 –06:00

Details: 928 opens under new management with the Coyote Girls and top international DJ’s.

Bahia Beach Club 21 Jun

Venue:  read more »

Tandem Paragliding In Lanzarote

Lanzarote is a mecca for paragliders and hang gliders, thanks to our steady wind, and the excellent thermals created by the dark rocks being heated by the sun.


Local company Famaraíso are now offering tandem flights, so anyone can experience the joys of surfing the air above the island.  read more »

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