Lanzarote Weather: March 2016

It’s been a dry winter in the Canary Islands, figures released covering the period 1st October 2015 to 8th March 2016 show a rainfall deficit of 25% according to Agencia Estatal de Meteorología (Aemet). The month of March brought unsettled weather in Lanzarote, it was unusually cloudy with interspersed sunny days and fairly windy.

Lanzarote Weather March 2016

You can find a daily weather forecast for Lanzarote during the weekdays on our Facebook page LanzaroteInformation.

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1/3 A cloudy start in Lanzarote, the sun should be out by mid morning for a sunny day with cloudy intervals. North east / east wind 20-35 km/h (gusts reaching 55 km/h) and 22 degrees.

3/3 A lovely clear and sunny day on the forecast for Lanzarote, 11 hours of sunshine due today. Make the most of it, as the forecast looks unsettled for the weekend. North / north east breeze 11-19 km/h and 23 degrees.

4/3 Sunny with cloudy intervals on the east coast (tourist resorts) of Lanzarote, quite overcast for most of the day on the west coast. North wind 20 km/h and a top temperature of 21 degrees.  read more »

Bacon, butlers and Spanish nudists - Foreign Office reveals latest top ten bizarre requests from Brits abroad

Confused callers have looked to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) for advice on bizarre issues ranging from where to buy English bacon in Europe, how to recruit a butler in Lebanon and how to avoid nudists in southern Spain, it has been revealed.

Information about nudists is outside the British Consulate’s remit

The FCO has released details of the ten weirdest consular calls it has received in the past year, as a reminder to Brits overseas that they should only look to use its services for genuine emergencies.

The calls included:

· A man planning to move to Spain who was worried he would encounter nudists walking through the streets  read more »

CF Union Viera 0 UD Lanzarote 0

Lanzarote´s defence has improved all season and in their last 10 away matches they have just conceded three goals though the Rojillos have not won away in seven matches.

UD Lanzarote Sunday´s-line-up-in-Gran-Canaria

Fellow Lanzarote team Yaiza did their neighbours a big favour as they were losing 0-1 at half time to the league leaders but levelled in the 72nd minute to prevent Santa Brígida claiming all three points.  read more »

5 Cake Stops In Lanzarote

We all love a bit of indulgence during our holiday, so we thought we’d share five of our favourite places in Lanzarote where you can fix that sweet tooth craving.

Café de la Plaza in Puerto Calero

Café de la Plaza in Puerto Calero LanzaroteTea in a china cup and scone with jam & crream Cafe de la Plaza Lanzarote

For tea aficionados like me, you really have to visit this delightful cafe at the back of the marina in Puerto Calero. There’s a great choice of teas available and what’s more, they’re served in china cups! I can’t think of anywhere else that offers this in Lanzarote, and of course  read more »

Lanzarote Arrivals & Occupancy Figures February 2016

Lanzarote and the Canary Islands continue to prove to be a popular destination for tourists seeking winter sun.

Timanfaya National Park


Lanzarote received 185,281 foreign passengers in February, which reflects an increase of 8.91% on February 2015. In overall terms of passenger numbers, Lanzarote airport received 489,032 passengers during the month of February 2016, this figure includes domestic arrivals, as well as foreign passengers and reflects a 10.6% increase on the same period in 2015.

Canary Islands

The Canaries as a whole received 1,134,135 foreign passengers during February 2016, which was an 11.87% increase or  read more »

Tourist Beds in Lanzarote 2016

According to the Oficina de Turismo Interior del Cabildo, the island of Lanzarote has 86,776 official tourist beds authorised at the start of 2016.

Puerto del Carmen Lanzarote

The number of official beds in Lanzarote has risen by approximately 23,000 beds since the regularisation of holiday accommodation on the island.

These beds are concentrated within 84 hotels, 308 apartment complexes and 15 other businesses. Of the 86,776 beds available, 32,720 of them are situated within four and five star hotels, the balance of the 54,056 other beds are related to apartments, bungalows and villas that have official licences for holiday accommodation.

The tourist bed information can be broken down into the seven different municipalities of Lanzarote, we’ve listed them in ranking by the total number of beds.

Tías: The holiday resort of Puerto del Carmen has the  read more »

World Champion Free Diver Marianna Krupnitskaya In Lanzarote

We caught up with Marianna and her British husband Nick, just before the flew off the island for a competition in the Caribbean. 


DSC 0001


Originally from Moscow,  read more »

Lanzarote - Where There's Life. The Secret Forest

El Bosquecillo, close to the highest point of Lanzarote, has been highlighted on this site before. Known locally as The Secret Forest it is becoming less of a secret as more people discover it. Some improvements have been made to the access and facilities, although it is still not signposted from the main road.

DSC05487 r50  read more »

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