7 Mistakes To Avoid In Lanzarote

We’ve put together a list of the mistakes people most commonly make on their holiday visit to Lanzarote, in the hope we can help you avoid some or all of them!

Drinking spirits like you do back home!


We don’t have set measures for a gin and tonic or a whisky and dry – the bar person simply pours the drinks into a glass, and we’re generous by nature here in Lanzarote. It means your drink might be a treble or a quadruple measure compared to what you buy in your home country. Couple that with our low booze prices and it’s a recipe for getting legless! If you are a spirit drinker, maybe miss the odd round, or have a soft drink every now and then.

Not drinking enough water

Font vella

This ties in to some extent with the previous one, but the combination of drinking plenty of booze, with our high temperatures and perhaps more exercise than you’re used to, all adds up to a very real danger of dehydration. Always have water with you and keep drinking it – you’ll find bottled water available everywhere in shops and vending machines.

Not wearing good sun cream


The UV component of sunlight is much, much stronger than in northern Europe, so even on cloudy days you’ll burn! Keep applying  read more »

English Cinema in Lanzarote 30th March 2015

There is a brand new movie in English next week at the cinemas in Lanzarote, although only on Monday as it’s a holiday for Easter on Thursday.


At 19:40 Multicines Atlántida in Arrecife The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. As the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel has only a single remaining vacancy - posing a rooming predicament for two fresh arrivals  read more »

Ironman Lanzarote 2015 - What You Need To Know

Lanzarote’s largest sporting event takes place this year on Saturday May 23rd.


We’ve put together this “crib sheet” for those of you visiting the island over that period, so you know what to expect!


Ironman Lanzarote is known as one of the world’s toughest sporting events, and acknowledged as the most demanding triathlon. The three main components of that are the huge climbs and strong winds on the bike, and the soaring temperatures that always accompany the run phase.


Here are the key points:  read more »

  • The event starts at 0700 in the morning on Playa Grande in Puerto del Carmen, when all 2,000 or so competitors will start together for the 3.8KM swim, which consists of two loops.
  • The fastest competitors will finish the event

Easter in Lanzarote 2015

Easter is more about religion than chocolate eggs, chicks and bunnies in Lanzarote. We have a long fiesta weekend although our bank holidays are held on Thursday and Friday before the weekend rather than Friday and Monday as in the UK.

Semana-Santa-TiasEaster Eggs Maceys

You can buy Easter eggs and goodies on the island, Maceys supermarket in Tías imports them from the UK and have a large selection available from mini eggs to luxury gift sized eggs, plus hot cross buns and Easter greeting cards.

Please click on the poster image above for details of Easter services within the municipality of Tías.

Anglican Parish Church St. Lawrence in Lanzarote

The following services will take place during Holy Week and Easter.

Palm Sunday 29th March

Holy Communion with the distribution of Palm Crosses

10:00 Nazaret  read more »

5 Foods To Try In Lanzarote

Almost everyone who comes to the island has tried our famous local dishes like Canarian Potatoes or perhaps Estofado. But there are some things we eat here that you may not have tried, so here are some suggestions for you, and we’ve also suggested where to go for our favourite version:

Bocadillo de Pescado

Bocadillo Pescado Ginory


Yes, it’s a fish butty! Often served for breakfast, it consists of a thinly sliced fillet of white fish, which has been lightly coated in breadcrumbs and fried, then served in a bread roll, smothered with aioli (garlic mayonnaise.)

Our favourite place to eat these is at Bar Ginory in Arrecife, opposite the harbour and close to Charco san Gines. They use the freshest fish and cook them perfectly. We love having one there on a Saturday morning before going shopping.

Puntillas de Calamar


These are very small, whole baby squid, which are coated in a light batter and deep fried, then served with fresh lemon squeezed over  read more »

La Delicatezza Cocktail Bar

There’s something special about sipping a cocktail whilst on holiday and there’s no shortage of places available in Lanzarote to enjoy this pastime. However, there’s no place quite like La Delicatezza in Puerto del Carmen.

Anthony at La Delicatezza Cocktail Bar in LanzaroteHappy Birthday Mary

The cocktail bartenders at La Delicatezza love to surprise and delight, this isn’t just a drink, each cocktail is created with flair by Anthony and presented in style by Chris. If you’re looking for a  read more »

Lanzarote Jobs - Chef, Sous Chef & Servers

A new restaurant is opening soon in Puerto del Carmen’s old town.


They require a chef, a sous chef and servers.  read more »

Declan McTaggart

I was convinced I had seen Declan before because his face looked familiar (keep reading and you´ll find out why!).

Declan The Island

It wasn’t until this year’s St. Patrick´s celebrations in the Harbour in Puerto del Carmen when I saw him perform the "Sam Hall"song live that his voice caught my attention. So I decided to get in touch and learn a bit more about him.

Hello Declan, where are you originally from?

I´m from Ardara,  Co. Donegal in Ireland. 

Do you have a stage name?

No, just my name Declan McTaggart.

How long have you lived in Lanzarote?

I only spend 3 months a year in Lanzarote but this is my fourth year doing it. Usually January, February and March.

Ah, that´s why you looked familiar! What brought you here in the first place?

My sister lived here for 5 years and I came first here on a family holiday 11 years ago.

And you got the Lanzarote bug, of course! For those who don´t know you yet, can you tell us what you play?

I play  read more »

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