New Geysers At Fire Mountains

The Centros de Arte, Cultura y Turismo (CACT) in Lanzarote have just completed a project to replace the tubes used to demonstrate geysers at the Montañas del Fuego.

Geyser Maintenance Fire MountainsCorroded Geyser TimanfayaBrand New Geysers Timanfaya

The tubes effected dated back to 1970 were badly damaged with a high level of oxidation due to a combination of their age, a high underground temperature and the continuous water demonstrations. The geysers are one of the main attractions for visitors to the Montañas del Fuego in the Timanfaya National Park. Attendents pour a bucket of water into one of the four holes in the ground, which shoots a geyser out much to the delight of the crowd.

Project Workmen Fire MountainsSteel & concrete base

The tubes are situated 12-15 metres from the surface, a new  read more »

Lanzarote Excursion - North Tour

The north of Lanzarote is a terrific contrast to the south, with it’s recent volcanic activity. It’s greener, full of fabulous palms, and home to most of Cesár Manrique’s best works.

Campesino  Haria  read more »

Cesár Manrique Video

Reader John Rotherham sent us a link to this You Tube video about César Manrique. It’s a documentary about his life, his work and his love for Lanzarote.


It’s full of both still images and video of him that we haven’t seen before, and it shows him living at Taro de Tahiche, now the Fundación.


Two warnings for you:

1/ It’s almost an hour long, so get a brew on!  read more »

Helicopter Crew Search In Lanzarote - Mystery Deepens

Update 30th October: It has now been confirmed that the bodies of the three crewmen are indeed inside the fuselage of the helicopter, which is at a depth of 40 to 50 metres. It is hoped that the weather in the area will improve sufficiently for recovery today. The three crewmen were all based in Gran Canaria.

A search and rescue helicopter from the Spanish Air Force ditched in the ocean 500 KMs from Gran Canaria on Friday. Initial reports were that all three crew were rescued by a Senegalese fishing boat after flares were seen – this was reported by Morocco. The helicopter had been taking part in a training exercise.


But the initial jubilation was short lived when 24 hours later, Spanish authorities once again listed the crew as “missing,” saying that initial reports had not been confirmed. A massive search and rescue operation was then mounted, with helicopters flying regular sorties in a 500 square kilometre area around the islands and towards the African coast.

Social media has been alive with speculation and indignation about the initial false report that all was well. The Spanish government have criticised Morocco for giving out the initial information, and some are suggesting that the crewmen may be being held hostage.  read more »

Lanzarote News In Brief - Week 46

Tourist information office renovated in Puerto del Carmen


The tourist information office, located on Avenida de Las Playas, near Apartamentos La Geria has been completely refurbished at a cost of €40,000. New windows and doors were fitted, the interior given a modern, clean look and the lighting and area around the office has been improved.

New stop for walkers and drivers in San Bartolomé

Foto Casa Mayor Guerra

Casa Mayor Guerra, which is on the outskirts of San Bartolomé is also being refurbished and fitted with adapted toilets. The gardens have been cleaned up and the picnic area and gazebo have been restored. The house is on the GR131 walking route, so is an ideal stop for the island’s winter walking groups.

Lanzarote Chef named as best in The Canaries

German and Pancho

Chef Germá Blanco, owner of La Tegala in Macher, has been named “Best chef in The Canary Islands” in the annual awards of food journal Gastronomía del Diario. He collects his award in Tenerife at a ceremony on 9th November. Mayor Pancho Hernandez congratulated him on the achievement and it was an honour to have such a chef in the municipality. He said that Germán “not only features in good food guides, but also exports the island’s products and flavours around the world.”


Spanish language courses a success

Foto Archivo- Clausura Curso 2014

The Cabildo run courses to help foreign residents to learn Spanish have been successful so far. The project, running since 2012, has now trained hundreds of students from Morocco, Germany, Senegal, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ireland, Norway, Iran, Italy, Belgium, Romania, Gambia, Philippines, Equatorial Guinea, Malta, China, India, Guinea Bissau, Lithuania or Russia. A new course is due to run in Yaiza from January. We’ll post the details when we have them.  read more »

Lanzarote Jobs - Bar Person

A Puerto del Carmen bar is looking for a bar person.

Jobs  read more »

Why Does Lanzarote Suffer So Much When It Rains Heavily?

We have had a few days of very heavy rain here in Lanzarote, and as usual, roads were closed, many buildings suffered, schools were shut and sporting events were cancelled. Also as usual, we had people from northern Europe asking us why we can’t cope. After all, it’s “just rain.”

Arrieta  Barranco flowing

The answer to the questions falls into two parts:

Costa Teguise  Las Cucharas  read more »

Halloween in Lanzarote 2015

Time to get spooky in Lanzarote, here’s what’s on this weekend with a Halloween theme.


Halloween Film Party CineD LanzaroteLizarran Halloween Pinchos

Fiesta Halloween Santai

Marina Lanzarote have some spooky things happening this weekend, there’s a Halloween Film Party at Cine 6D and a collection of frightening pinchos available at Lizarran Lanzarote. Later that evening there’s a Fiesta Halloween at Santai Marina Lounge with 2 x 1 energy mojitos and your second drink free from 23:00 – 24:00.

Playa Blanca

Halloween Skatoons  read more »

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