Certificado de Empadronamiento

How to register with the town hall (ayuntamiento).

This document is very useful and only available to residents with Spanish residencia.
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Mirador del Rio, Lanzarote

Mirador del Rio to Famara, Lanzarote, photo 2

The Mirador del Río. No mere photograph can do justice to the experience awaiting you at Mirador del Río. One of Manrique's early works, it was originally a look out point towards The Atlantic.  read more »

Jameos del Agua, Lanzarote

Jameos del Agua, Lanzarote

The Jameos del Agua was one of Manrique's early works, originally built in 1968. It can seem a curious place, but it has an amazing air of tranquillity and peace.  read more »

Cueva de Los Verdes, Lanzarote

Jameos del Agua, Lanzarote

Where can you go to escape the heat of ths sun?  read more »

Buying a property in Lanzarote

If you are considering purchasing property in Lanzarote, we think you should consider the following questions:  read more »

Healthcare in Lanzarote

You are not entitled to any NHS medical treatment when you live abroad unless you are receiving a state pension, you should notify your local doctors to remove you from their list and not use the Euro  read more »

Transporting pets to Lanzarote


A pet's passport is recommended for any cats or dogs that are travelling abroad with you.  read more »

NIF and NIE Numbers in Lanzarote

Police Station, Arrecife

The local system here changes frequently, at the time of this update you can apply for a N.I.E. number and receive the documents within a few working days.  read more »

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