The Remodelling of The Strip in Puerto del Carmen

If you've visited Lanzarote recently, or read news from the island, you'll know that there has been much debate and consternation about the town plan for Puerto del Carmen and the associated works on the Avenida or "Strip".

Let's start with why this work is needed. There are four major issues in Lanzarote's first resort:
The existing drainage can't cope when there is heavy rain
There simply isn't enough room for people on the pavements, walking along "The Strip"
The pavements are broken and damaged and are a real problem for disabled people  read more »

Lanzarote Dreams, Ley Lines & Atlantis

Map of Lanzarote

Have you had any vivid and colourful dreams whilst staying in Lanzarote? Quite often when we have friends or family staying on the island they remark on having unusual dreams that they can remember and with lots of colour, which would be out of the ordinary when at home in the UK. I can't find much information about why this might be, is it due to the lava and volcanic history or is Lanzarote on a ley line?  read more »

New Year's Eve, Lanzarote

If you haven't already made plans of where to spend your New Year's eve in Lanzarote then I thought I'd tell you about my favourite one since living here. My ultimate restaurant is still Ikarus situated in La Villa de Teguise, the old capital, situated in Plaza Clavijo & Fajardo just down from the main landmark the church, Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe and Plaza de la Constitución. Ikarus offers a very warm welcome in an atmospheric building with local artist paintings displayed on the old stone walls, lots of original wood, a courtyard and cobbled floor.  read more »

Tahiche Nov 05.JPG

Tahiche Nov 05.JPG

Sculpture of César Manrique at Tahiche was blown down with the tail end of a hurricane in November 2005

César Manrique Roundabouts

Tahiche Nov 05.JPG

If you have visited the César Manrique Foundation at Tahiche you will have seen the sketchings of Manrique's designs for art that moves in the wind. When you are out and about in Lanzarote you can often find these sculptures on various roundabouts, two of my favourites are:

Arrieta has a design in red with cones on the top and weights on the bottom that spin round to the direction of the wind and move up and down according to the strength of the breeze. See photo:  read more »

Things to do in Lanzarote - Part Two, Teguise Market

Nothing will quite prepare you for Teguise market, the first time you visit. A marketing man would suggest that Lanzarote is punching well above its weight with Teguise market, and indeed, if it were to have to survive on our small population, the market would wither and die. And that's exactly why it's aimed fairly and squarely at the 1.6 million tourists who visit the island every year.
La Villa de Teguise  read more »

Lanzarote Facts and Figures - Part Three, Tourism, Weather and Vehicles

In our final part of the facts and figures series, which is based on the Cabildo report recently issued for the year 2007, we're going to look at three areas:

The Weather

The Weather
This is the question I'm most often asked about the island: "What's the weather like?" And the truth is that those of us who live here don't really take much notice of the weather, and we for sure don't watch TV forecasts, which are always wrong!  read more »

Lanzarote Facts and Figures - Part Two, Economy

The Cabildo categorizes businesses on the island in the following sectors and the changes over the last eight years are interesting:

No of Companies From 1999 - To 2007

Industrial 367 - 508
Construction 754 - 1,754
Comercial 3,001 - 3,829
Hotels 1,493 - 2,042
Transport 712 - 889
Other Services 2,212 - 4,504

Total 8,539 - 13,526

So in percentage terms the biggest growth has come in the construction sector, and overall the number of registered businesses on the island has increased by 55% in the last eight years.  read more »

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