Woman Arrested In Lanzarote For Recruiting For IS

A woman in her 40’s was arrested on Tuesday at her home in Arrecife. She is suspected of being a “recruiter” of young girls being radicalised and sent to areas in the control of IS. She is a Spanish citizen, originally from Cadiz, who has lived on the island for more than 10 years. She converted to Islam when she married a North African man. She is reported as having been in contact with Islamic State in Syria. Three young girls were in the house at the time of the arrest by National Police officers, but it appears that none have actually been sent abroad by the woman.


The woman,  read more »

Hunt for 18 of Britain's "Most Wanted" goes to fugitives' back yards

The following is a news release issued on behalf of Crimestoppers and the National Crime Agency.

Operation Captura Backyard

A 13 ft high digital screen broadcasting the faces of 18 of Britain’s Most Wanted fugitives is on tour around British ex-pat hot spots in Spain.

It’s the latest push by crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers and the National Crime Agency (NCA) to track down the 18 remaining individuals wanted as part of Operation Captura.

The fugitives are wanted by UK law enforcement agencies in connection with crimes including murder, rape, indecent assault of a child and drug trafficking.

And they are believed to be hiding among British communities in popular ex-pat areas – including Benidorm, Malaga and Puerto Banus.  read more »

Things That May Surprise You If You Visit Rural Lanzarote

Life in rural Lanzarote is quite different to the way things are in the resorts. The pace of lifer is slower, and things haven’t really changed much over the years. Here are a few things you can expect:

Cars Stop In The Middle Of The Road


It’s perfectly acceptable to stop in the middle of the road in a village to have a chat with a neighbour. Don’t stress, don’t toot, just relax and wait until they’ve finished!

Complete Strangers Say “Goodbye” As They Pass You In The Street

Haria Market_2

Here in Spain, we don’t say “Hello” as we pass people,  read more »

Summer Festival in Costa Teguise

Teguise council would like to know what month residents in Costa Teguise would like to hold their summer party.

 Costa Teguise FiestaVoting

Oswaldo Betancort, the mayor of the Ayuntamiento de Teguise has invited residents of Costa Teguise to vote for their preferred choice of June or September on the council’s website.

At the moment, the voting is equal after 224 votes.

The campaign "Queremos celebrar contigo. Ponle nombre y alma a tu fiesta" came after a request from a group of representatives from Costa Teguise who approached the council, as they are the only place in the municipality, that does not have a date for a traditional summer festival.

The suggestion of mid June or mid September were  read more »

Speeding Surveillance In Lanzarote

The Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) have published the location details of speed cameras, which will be monitoring vehicles during their summer road safety campaign.

Nuevos Radares 2008

The Spanish traffic department have identified 1,500 sections of intercity roads which are considered particularly dangerous. The criteria for identifying where to place the mobile radars is as a result of analysing the number of serious accidents, fatalities or injuries that have required hospitalization, the general number of accidents and the average velocity in these black spots.

The locations have been made public so that drivers can use caution and adhere to the speed limits in these areas. The speed at which a vehicle is travelling determines the severity of impact in a road accidents, particularly here with our volcanic landscape. The higher the speed in a collision, the worse the injury, or even death for the accident victims.

For the island of Lanzarote the following roads will have increased surveillance  read more »

A Trip To The Beach

I love beaches, and the great thing about living on a small island is that you're never far from one. The smell of the sea, the sand between your toes, and the seagull trying to steal your picnic are just a few of the reasons that draw me to coast. Not fans of lying around and sunbathing however, my girlfriend, her son and I are more likely to be found surfing, snorkelling or looking for crabs in the rock pools, and we take great pleasure in the relationship we have with our natural surroundings. Crabs, parrot fish, octopuses, cuttlefish, sardines, stingrays and angel sharks are just some of the many creatures you might find swimming around or hiding amongst the rocks and sandy bottoms of Lanzarote's shores. For the nervous amongst you, don't be alarmed, if you don't bother them, they won't bother you!

Ole with baitball

There is something about beaches that bothers me however: plastic. It's an unfortunate fact, that for all it's benefits (and there are many), plastic has become so prevalent as to be a problem. It doesn't break down into anything that the can be  read more »

Lanzarote News In Brief - Week 27

Arrecife Unemployment Alarmingly High


The municipality of Arrecife is among the ten worst in Spain, with unemployment at 38.4%. It also  read more »

easyJet Connect Belfast & London Southend To Lanzarote

The budget airline easyJet have announced the opening of three new flight connections.

Easyjet taxiing for takeoff from Lanzarote

The three new routes include a connection from Belfast to Lanzarote schedule which will start operating from the 7th November, London Southend to Lanzarote from the 6th November and Tenerife South with Amsterdam from the 15th December.

Lanzarote’s new easyJet routes will be operating twice a week throughout the year, whereas the Amsterdam connection from Tenerife will be operational during the winter months.

Belfast - Lanzarote

There are flights departing Belfast on Saturdays at  read more »

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