Lanzarote Restaurant Review - Emma's Cantina Mexicana

I admit it. I'm something of a Lanzarote snob.

I don't know when or why it happened, but at some time in the dim and distant past, despite numerous good reviews, I wrote off Emma's Cantina Mexicana as a tourist trap, and therefore not a place to visit.

Emmas   Emmas ribs

Imagine my delight then when my wife announced that she would like to enjoy her birthday meal there! Through gritted teeth, I replied “Of course, my darling!”  read more »

Lanzarote Bodegas, La Geria

The Bodega La Geria is the first wine bodega situated on the road from Uga through the La Geria wine region in Lanzarote.

Bodega La Geria La Geria Church 

This large impressive building is set behind the tiny church with views out over the fields of vines and Timanfaya. We entered the bodega, there was an information displayed that explained this bodega produces 300,000 bottles of wine per year. The Malvasía Volcánica, Listán Negra and Moscatel grape vines are planted 3 metres deep with a diameter of 8 metres to shelter the plants from the wind.

Bodega La Geria Wine Barrels Bodega La Geria wine tasting

Eager to sample their wines (degustación), we selected the Manto, Moscatel and Tinto for tasting. You get a really good measure for €1 per glass!  read more »

Bliss in Playa Blanca

Cathi Hart moved to Lanzarote last year, settling in the southern resort of Playa Blanca

Bliss Pedicure Cathi is a UK qualified beautician and has re-opened her business called Bliss over here in Lanzarote. The range of beauty treatments available include waxing, manicures, pedicures, tinting and facials which can be booked either at Cathi’s or in the comfort of your own home / holiday accommodation.

As my feet were in desperate need of a pamper I booked a pedicure earlier this week. Whilst I lay relaxing with Cathi massaging all kinds of potions into my feet we chatted generally about life in Lanzarote.  I must try Sebastyan’s Greek Restaurant next time I want to eat out in Playa Blanca.

I wanted to know more about Bliss  read more »

St Valentine's Events in Lanzarote

There are a variety of special events to celebrate St Valentine’s Day with your loved one in Lanzarote from Friday 11th through to Monday 14th February.

Friday 11th February

D&R San Valentín

Discoteca D & R, Puerto Naos, Arrecife

A night of love with free entry and drinks 2 x 1


Saturday 12th February

 Cafe del Carmen Fiesta San Valentín

Club Restaurante Cafe del Carmen,  read more »

Lanzarote Weather, January

The first week of January was just perfect, crisp bright mornings and hazy sunny afternoons with no wind to speak of. The evenings were cool as there was no cloud cover, we recorded a temperature of 12.8 degrees overnight.After The Rain

We had a forecast from the 7th of some cloud and an odd chance of showers creeping in the following week, we actually had simply stunning weather until Saturday 22nd January then some sudden showers. The other Canary Islands had a calima from the 18th but it never really reached this island.

The heavens opened on  read more »

Ryanair Leave 100 Belgian Students In Lanzarote

A group of 100 students from the Open University in Brussels were refused entry to a Ryanair flight regarding a dispute over excess baggage charges on Saturday.Lanzarote Airport

The flight that had been due to leave Lanzarote airport at 10:15 for Cherleroi in Brussels actually departed at 13:51 with only 66 passengers on board.

The students had spent the week holidaying in Puerto del Carmen, two large groups had arrived from the university two days apart on the 27th and 29th January 2011.  The situation arose because several of the students had refused to pay the excess luggage charges when they were over the allowance of 10kg as allowed by Ryanair.

The Guardia Civil were called to intervene and evacuate the students from the plane so that the pilot could ensure the safety of the flight and other passengers. According to the police the students protest was peaceful, there was no fight and no one was detained. Ryanair issued a press release stating that  read more »

Enduroman 2011, Playa Blanca, Photos & Results

Lanzarote’s Triathlon season got underway on February 5th with the Enduroman Festival of Triathlon which took place around the Calimera Royal Monica hotel, Playa Blanca. The festival consisted of 4 separate but co-ordinated events. Starting at 08:00 was the double triathlon comprising a 4.8 mile swim, (8 Km) in the Atlantic ocean just off the beach in front of the hotel, Followed by a 224 mile, (360km) Bike ride on a road circuit from the hotel , up to El Golfo and back, and finishing with a double marathon 52 mile (84Km), run from the change over area to the lighthouse and along the Avenida Marítima. Competitors have a maximum of 40 hours to complete the double.

Starting at 09:30 was the full triathlon of 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and 26 mile run.

Starting at 12:30 was the half triathlon of 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride and 13 mile run.

Finally Starting at 14:00 was the Olympic triathlon of 1.5km swim, 40k bike ride and 10.2km run.

The double Enduroman was won by Paul Thompson in a total time of 24hrs 14min and 35sec. 1hour 5 minutes and 7 seconds ahead of second placed Rudi Van Aelst. The leading female contender, Vicki Grunicke from Saltzburg completed the swim stage in 2hrs 45min 15secs.

The full Enduroman was won by Ugo Fabbri in a time of 14hrs 6Min 42secs. just 15min 53secs ahead of David Miles.

Enduromen David and Ugo

Above David Miles and Ugo Fabbri still smiling as they finish their Enduroman Triathlon.

20 athletes contested the half enduroman event with Mark Edward Loveday finishing in 4hrs 47mins 15secs with Tom Newman some 4min 12sec behind. The top female athlete was Mareen Hufe in a total time of 5hrs 9mins and 44secs.

Enduroman Mikel Garcia

Casting a long Shadow  read more »

San Bartolomé Agricultural Stores

After the rains of last week I noticed my garden and veg patch were quickly becoming a sea of green weeds and this has prompted me to have a garden tidy up and get some vegetable seedlings planted.

lettuce seedlings packets of seeds

A great garden supply shop is located in San Bartolomé. I have used it for years but had to ask the lady in the payment kiosk what the store was called as there is no sign up!

The name is Cordovez y Morales SL but commonly known as “Chalin Almacen”

It is one of those very old fashioned warehouses which I love to have a poke around in. You’ll find tools, chopped wood for your burner, seeds, plants and animal supplies including chicken feed, hay, and rabbit food. The rabbits wouldn’t be treated as pets by most of the customers of this warehouse though!  read more »

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