No Lack Of Talent In Lanzarote

We called into one of our favourite restaurants last night – La Cantina in Teguise. Benn and Zoe have used the features of the fabulous traditional Canarian building to create a gorgeous atmosphere which really complements the varied and interesting food they offer.

The Boneshakers Talulah y Jake  read more »

Día Internacional de los Pueblos, Costa Teguise, 20th November 2010

III Semana Cultural The Lanzarote resort of Costa Teguise has been celebrating their III Semana Cultural this week organised by the Asociación Cultural Cortijo del Majo, culminating in a day of events for Día Internacional de los Pueblos on Saturday 20th November 2010.

The event on Saturday opens at 11:00 with lots of typical food, arts and crafts from a whole host of countries including Spain, Columbia, Rumania, Venezuela, Ecuador, Germany, Belgium, Cuba, Argentina, Senegal and Bolivia. The stalls can be found in the car park in front of the Celeste Apartments on Avenida Islas Canarias.

Event Programme

11:00 a 12:00: Folclore canario, La Gran Aldea (Canarian Folklore)

12:00 a 12:30: Exhibición de tango (Tango Exhibition)

13:00 a 13:30: Exhibición de pasodoble (Pasodoble Exhibition)  read more »

I Festival Enogastronómico Lanzarote 2010, Teguise, 28th November 2010

Festival Enogastronómico Lanzarote 2010 The first Lanzarote wine and gastronomy festival will be held in conjunction with the famous Sunday market in the old capital of La Villa de Teguise on the 28th November 2010.

The I Festival Enogastronómico Lanzarote 2010 will be held in the big tent known as the Carpa Municipal located in the square, Parque La Mareta situated behind the distinctive church Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe. Entrance into the festival is free, inside you will find  read more »

MagiAventuras, 19th November 2010

David Sucar MagiAventuras A night of magic with the illusionist David Sucar and his theatre show “MagiAventuras”. The show will be held at the Teatro Municipal in Tías at 19:00 this evening. Tickets cost €12 and are available from the Departamento de Cultura in Tías.

For more information please visit his website: David Sucar

David has been performing magic since the age of 8 with more than 2000 appearances. There is audience participation in his MagiAventuras show calling both children and adults to the stage to assist with his magical illusions.  read more »

Important For Non Resident Property Owners!

If you are not a resident of Spain and own a property here, you are obliged to pay an annual tax which is based on the Valor Catastral of the property. The return and payment for this tax for 2009 must be made before December 31st 2010.


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Petrol Stations in Lanzarote

For first time visitors to Lanzarote, you may be wondering how to fill up your hire car at a petrol station.

I remember when we first arrived on the island we had no idea of how to say what we wanted in Spanish or what to expect when we drove on to the forecourt – we still laugh about it now, we had picked up a hire car for 3 days and asked for twenty pounds worth of fuel at the rate in pesetas back then, it was full at less than half this amount much to the amusement of the petrol attendant.

We recommend Plus Cars for hire cars in Lanzarote, they don’t have any hidden charges on top of the rental price such as fuel surcharges, the car is supplied with up to a 1/4 tank of fuel and you are asked to return it about the same level. There is now a petrol station at the airport so if the fuel gauge is showing nearly empty, stop here before driving on to your accommodation.

When you arrive at the petrol station, make sure you know which side of the car the fuel cap is located, where the release button is and if your car is petrol (green pump) or diesel (black pump).

Check before you fill up if the petrol station takes debit / credit cards, this facility is more common now but for some it will be cash only. ¿Puedo pagar con esta tarjeta? = can I pay with this card?

If late in the evening you may be required to pay first before being authorised to fill the car. Typically petrol stations are open from 08:00 to 22:00 each day.

Road La Geria to Uga The majority of petrol stations in Lanzarote have a fuel attendant, they will walk around to the drivers window and ask how much fuel you want to put in the car and take your keys if they required to open the fuel flap. Very few speak English, the easiest way is to ask for them to fill the tank, this is simply “lleno por favor” (pronounced: yeno por fabor). You simply sit in the car and enjoy the service.

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Just Fabulous!

I love this video – I dare you to watch it without getting a lump in your throat, especially if you’re living abroad.  read more »

Calor y Café

After a clear out at home recently, I had a couple of large sacks of out grown children’s clothes and old bedding and towels. I had heard about the charity cafe in Arrecife, Calor y Café and went to take our unwanted items there. 

The charity has been in operation for the last 13 years primarily to provide basic hygiene and food to homeless people with drug abuse problems.

Calor y Cafe Sign Calor y Cafe bin

Its objective is to reduce risk and provide a “normal” daily contact which can promote healthy behaviours and offer support to stay away from drugs.

There is a community of homeless people in the capital who rely on these services to survive but there is also a wider reaching community of families who are now in quite desperate need who also rely on the food and support they receive at Calor y Café.

The cafe moved to larger premises this year when it was apparent the current economic crisis was affecting so many regular people and families who now also needed food and aid. The cafe now provides a very necessary service to many of the most under privileged people living in Arrecife.

It is situated in one of the large warehouses in the industrial area of Arrecife, on Calle Escotilla, no 27.  It is directly opposite the “Electrisol” warehouse which is on the street perpendicular to “Chacon” Butchers.

Calor y Cafe clothes Calor y Cafe donation

The warehouse, water and electricity are paid for by  read more »

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