Islas Canarias Santa Pro 2010, News & Results

ASP_WaveThe Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) 6-Star PRIME Men's Event - Islas Canarias Santa Pro came to a close yesterday during phenomenal weather conditions, Lanzarote was on yellow alert for strong winds and waves. Surfers loved the epic conditions in the middle of the competition with day three of the event enjoying the wave at La Santa Right.

Day 1 San Juan 27/10

Waves in the 3-4ft (1-1.5m) range were on offer throughout the morning session of competition. With the afternoon cross-shore trade winds and the high tide, event officials were forced to call a halt to proceedings.

Day 2 La Santa 28/10

An overnight change in swell direction and a building swell in the 3-4ft range made for a promising outlook early this morning as camp was packed up and moved to the main back up site on the northern western side of the island. A series of calls were made throughout the day to no avail as the wind strength remained through the afternoon. Despite the increase in swell as the day progressed it was the strong, at times gale force winds, which made it impossible to surf the wave properly. The general comment from those who ventured out to test ‘The Right’ at La Santa was that the force of the wind coming up the wave face was too strong to be surfable.  read more »

Jazz, Blues & Swing Concert, 13th November 2010

Nia Lynn After the second, highly successful concert at the beautiful Puerto Calero Marina ( Vienna to Broadway), Maestro Music Management presents two top jazz artists: The unique Welsh singer, Nia Lynn and the great Nikki Isles on piano.

They will be performing a collection of their favourite standards from the American Song Book, featuring Gershwin, Rodgers & Hart, Hoagy Carmichael and others and originals and arrangements of the classics from the contemporary European and British scene.

Nikki IlesNikki Isles' beautiful, innovative piano voicings are reminiscent of the great late Bill Evans this, intertwined with Nia Lynn's fantastic and unique interpretations on famous lyrics, makes it a show not to be missed.

The Date is Saturday 13th November and the concert starts at 8.00 pm, but arrive early for a bit of a jam session with local jazz musicians.

Tickets are priced at 25€ (front rows) and 15€ (standard) and can be purchased online with Lanzarote Information as well as the usual outlets.  read more »

Video - Lanzarote Music Marathon 2010

We helped out as volunteers for Music Marathon, and what an amazing day it turned out to be. Hundreds of kids and adults competed, on their feet, skates and in wheelchairs, and the best bands and musicians on the island played all day and into the night.

Jules will be loading a full report and photos, but in the meantime here’s a short video from “Behind the scenes,” and it’s worth watching until the end for one of the funniest sequences of the day!

   read more »

What to take with you if you leave Lanzarote?

This is a guest post from Kieran

Jobs are hard to come by in Lanzarote at the moment. This means people are leaving the island and going “home” to the UK and Ireland. How returned emigrants cope with this repatriation depends on the memories they take with them from Lanzarote.

Autumn For anyone leaving the island, whether by choice or circumstance, it is important to get closure, as that annoying American phrase goes. This is especially the case if you have to depart because of financial or emotional causes which are not of your own doing. Otherwise, you may never properly settle back in the UK/Ireland and instead might forever dream of rose-tinted Lanzarote where the good times seemed to never end.

Naturally, there are truly great memories to cherish – days spent on the beach in Famara, nights out with fabulous food and craic by the bucketful – but there are also advantages to moving “home” too. Seeing trees turn from green to gold in Autumn or looking out onto a frosty lawn in Spring are sights you can’t get for love nor money in Lanzarote.  read more »

Free Spanish Lessons in Lanzarote

OMAE puerto del carmen The Oficina Municipal de Atención al Extranjero (OMAE) is a local office for assistance to foreigners and part of the Consejería de Bienestar Social y Familia of the Ayuntamiento de Tías.

Amongst their services they offer free Spanish lessons divided into 3 levels on Mondays & Wednesdays, either in the morning or the afternoon, as follows:

Beginner: 9-10 am or 4-7 pm

Intermediate: 10-11 am or 5-6 pm

Advanced: 11-12 am or 6-7 pm

They also offer beginner courses in other languages:  read more »

Mirador del Río, Revisited

We don’t live far from the spectacular view point Mirador del Río and have visited this Lanzarote attraction on a number of occasions with friends or family. Our original article on the Mirador del Río does not do this visitor centre justice so we returned recently to take a selection of photos and Miguel produced this video.

Mirador del Río sign Road from Mirador del Río

The visitor centre has been built into the top of the magnificent Risco de Famara cliffs close to the village of Yé on the Northern tip of Lanzarote.

Mirador del río traditional stone walls Mirador del río manrique style

When you arrive at this Centro de Arte, Cultura y Turismo, all you can see is the stunning coast road leading off to the left and a semi circular building made from traditional stone walls at the rear of the car park.

Mirador del rio water filters Mirador del río fire place

Typically  read more »

Water Rates in Lanzarote

Mary asked us recently if we could provide further information on the difference in tariffs from Inalsa for the water supply in Lanzarote. Mary owns an apartment in Lanzarote which they use personally for holidays a couple of times a year, their water bill has recently increased from €9 to €69 as they are no longer receiving the domestic rate.Tarifas_Inalsa_2010

The water tariffs for 2010 are published on the Inalsa website, the domestic rate is €0.60 cents up to 10 m3 but the tourist / industrial rate is €2.69 per m3 used which is a big difference in price.

Mary is questioning why non resident property owners are charged the tourist rate and not the domestic rate. I wanted to compare this information to water tariffs back in the UK and Europe to understand if we as residents were getting a discounted rate from the European average or were overseas property owners getting charged a premium.

I compared the rate per cubic metre to companies in the UK:

Southern Water charge £0.949 per m3 for metered properties

United Utilities North West £1.374 per m3 for metered households

I found some interesting information on they compared the price of a cubic metre in European cities, Lanzarote Industrial / Turístico rate was just above the rate for London at €2.49 and on a par with Paris at €2.62 per m3 at the time of their survey in 2007.

European_Water_Comparison_2007_ iagua tarifa-provincias

Iagua also had a comparison of the Spanish provinces, Las Palmas was shown at €1.84 per cubic metre, Santa Cruz de Tenerife at €1.87 compared to the Balearics at €2.65.  read more »

Lanzarote in Norwegian

Ola Kjeldstad is a regular reader of Lanzarote Information, and a member of Club Lanza Info. Originally from Trondheim in Norway, he has been in Lanzarote since 2000, and works as a guide for guests of local travel company Customer Travel.

Ola  read more »

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