UD Lanzarote 2 CF Arucas 1

The Rojillos have now mathematically guaranteed themselves a spot in the Playoffs to try and achieve Segunda B (League 1) status following this win in a pulsating match.

A-guaranteed-playoff-spot-brings-out-the-Champagne-and-beers UD Lanzarote

This was a tough game and huge credit must be given to the Gran Canarian side. After a superb second half of the season Arucas had pushed themselves to within two points of the playoffs and were mindset in becoming the first side to defeat Lanzarote at home this season.

To be fair Lanzarote had qualified for a playoff spot the week they won in Fuerteventura and maintaining a 10 point gap to the team in fifth spot who will miss out on the playoffs.

The game began at a fast pace with the Conejeros (Locals) dominating however the visitors caught the Rojillos off guard on the break in the 10thminute. The Lanzarote defence were on the backfoot as winger Tati centred and striker Ayoze showed no mercy blasting home from around the penalty spot to give his side a 0-1 advantage.

Lanzarote then carried on as they had began, dominating possession and looking the more threatening. Ten minutes later and the home side were level. Louis Kennedy took a short corner to fellow winger Toñito and  read more »

Now Is The Time To Buy A Property In Lanzarote

All through the recession, people were asking us how the property market was doing, and if we felt it had bottomed. We watched property prices drop fast initially in 2009, then more slowly in the following years. Few people were buying, and most of the places being sold were bank repossessions being bought by investors.

But towards the end of last year, and more so this year, we’re seeing much more action on the property front. We get this information anecdotally – we’re in touch with almost everyone who comes to the island, and many are telling us they are buying here, and through our currency exchange partners – we see how many of our readers are exchanging large sums for their purchases.

Property Prices

Lanzarote Complex

I decided it would be interesting to look at what’s about and to compare prices to how I remember them from 2009.

There are some real bargains out there!

San Jacinto 2 bed and Las Corona 1 bed Costa Teguise – these apartments were on the market at €180,000 a few years ago, and I have found one of each priced currently at €125,000!

I also found a 2 bed bungalow in  read more »

Sunbeds On Playa Flamingo - Still No Resolution

Yaiza Ayuntamiento still hasn’t had any takers for the tender for providing beach services at Playa Flamingo in Playa Blanca, which means the beach still doesn’t have any sunbeds as we head into summer.


The contract to provide beds, disabled access ramps, cleaning services and umbrellas has now been offered out three times. Initially, the town hall were asking for a sum of €644,800 for the period 2014 until 2018. When that failed they reduced the figure in February this year to €473,000 for 2015 until 2019, and most recently announced a price of €332,000 last week.

Mayor Gladys Acuña expressed surprise that no company has come forward  read more »

Mercado Diecisiete

A new restaurant in Costa Teguise has caught our attention, it’s called Mercado Diecisiete and situated in Pueblo Marinero.

Mercado DiecisieteMercado Diecisiete Equipo

The restaurant’s name translates to Market Seventeen and they opened on Monday 20th April. Minato Sushi Bar from Puerto Calero is behind the new project, together with Juan Serra and Simón Pazo. Sky, air, sea, fire and earth are the elements behind the design and concept of Mercado Diecisiete, the restaurant interior is modern and creative with wine bottles buried in the floor, an open kitchen, market style food displays and  read more »

Lanzarote Beaches: Playa de la Canteria

The beautiful beach of Playa de la Cantería can be found to the left of Órzola at the foot of the Risco.

Playa de la canteriaDangerous Beach Orzola

This isn’t a beach for swimmers, there is a sign placed at the entrance to the beach prohibiting swimming, sadly lives have already been lost on this beach. It’s a lovely beach, one we particularly enjoy for walking around, there is a path above the beach to Valle Chico which has been excavated in the past for fossils, and a stone pathway to the right which follows the coastline around to the harbour and village. We’ve found some interesting items washed up here if you like beachcombing.  read more »

Lanzarote Restaurant Review: Hamburgueseria de Famara

We’ve eaten at a few places in Famara,  on our most recent visit we went looking for the Hamburguesería de Famara, don’t dismiss it for the name, this is so much more than a burger bar!

Hamburgueseria FamaraPatio Hamburguseria Famara

The restaurant can be found in the centre of the village nestled in the side street between C/ San Borondon and Avenida el Marinero, there is a selection of tables on the patio offering sun or shade as required. Apart from the recommendation from a friend, we were drawn in by the look and feel of the place, there were lots of dishes chalked up on the menu boards tempting us too.

MenuBermejo vino blanco seco

It was Sunday lunch and we’d walked 8km exploring the village and full length of the beautiful Playa Famara beach to work up an appetite, so we ordered a glass each of Bermejo dry white wine while we perused the menu and specials board. We decided on a  read more »

Lanzarote Wine Run Holiday Offer

One of the best mid summer events in Lanzarote is the wine run and gastronomy fair which takes place on the 13th & 14th of June this year.

Lanzarote Wine RunWine Run Lanzarote

The wine run attracts over a thousand athletes and walkers of all abilities plus foodies who can enjoy a fantastic range of food and wine during the weekend. The finish line and food fair will be in Uga for 2015 and the start in Mancha Blanca, as the course alternates in direction each year.

The Lanzarote Wine Run has a long course of 23km for runners, plus a short course of 10km for runners and trekkers. The trail run is set in the beautiful wine region of Lanzarote and the wineries have aid stations including wine & water along the route. It’s a special event with a great atmosphere and definitely an excellent excuse to visit Lanzarote during June.

Offers from UK departing London Gatwick on Thursday 11th June for 7 nights

Hyde Park Lane Bungalow3* Self catering bungalows:

THB Corbeta in Playa Blanca 1 bedroom bungalow self catering £321.77 per person (pp)

Hyde Park Lane in Puerto del Carmen 1 bedroom bungalow self catering £324.53 pp

4* Bed & Breakfast hotels:

Los Fariones in Puerto del Carmen double room with sea view bed & breakfast £446.15 pp  read more »

Spanish Bank Account Blocked

If your Spanish bank doesn’t have a digital copy of your identification on file, your bank account is likely to be blocked from the 1st May 2015.


You may have noticed the queues lengthening in the local banks recently as worried residents pop into their branches to check if they will be affected by this legislation. The deadline for banks to collect and digitalise current identification documents for all account holders is the 30th April 2015.

This is all part of the money laundering legislation Ley 10/2010 de 28 abril which was introduced back in 2010, lenders had five years in which to contact their clients and request an up to date copy of their identification documents. For company bank accounts additional paperwork is required regarding your commercial activities to prove you are not funding terrorism or money laundering.

This situation is a potential problem for any non-residents with a Spanish bank account who aren’t due to visit Spain within the next three months and  read more »

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