Fiestas Nuestra Señora de la Caridad 2016

The wine harvest celebration of the Fiestas Nuestra Señora de la Caridad will be held on Monday 15th August in La Geria, Lanzarote.


Visitors to Lanzarote are invited to visit Bodega La Geria on Monday 15th August from  read more »

Where to watch the Perseid meteor shower in Lanzarote

Eyes up this week, for a chance to catch the most spectacular meteor shower expected in the last 20 years.

The prime time is tomorrow night of the 11-12th August, when the experts are expecting to see up to 150 shooting stars per hour!

For the best chance to see The Perseids you need to find a  read more »

How To Cope When It's Really Hot In Lanzarote

Over the last ten days or so, we’ve had very high temperatures in Lanzarote. Last week, the island recorded the highest temperature in all of Spain at 42,6 degrees, or 108 Fahrenheit. As I write this, the temperature outside our office in Haria is 38 degrees, and it’s climbing.

Punta Mujeres 1

The island is also much closer to the equator than any other part of Europe, so we have extremely high UV at this time of year, which means you can burn very, very quickly.

Temperature 2

The obvious thing to do to stay cool is to keep jumping into the pool, or the ocean, of course! But here are some tips for when you have to wander away from the cool water.  read more »

Lanzarote News In Brief - Week 32 2016

British Tourists Put Up in Haria After Aircraft Issue


200 mainly British visitors were put up in the village of Haria, at the residencia, normally for school children. In total, 400 people were affected when two flights to the UK had to be cancelled. In normal circumstances, they would have been put up in hotels, but there is no available accommodation on the island. Most remained at the airport, but 200 with young families were bussed to Haria for the night. 

The Hunting Season has Started In Lanzarote

Bella Podenco Sara

Sunday 7th August saw the start of the carefully controlled hunting season in Lanzarote. Rabbit hunting using dogs and ferrets will run on Sundays until 6ht November in rural areas. Groups of between three and five licensed hunters are allowed to hunt for a maximum of 4 rabbits per hunter.   read more »

Lanzarote Restaurant Review, Namaste

We’ve enjoyed a few curries at the Corner Restaurant in Costa Teguise, when we heard the same owners were opening up a new Indian on the front we had to try it.

Namaste Costa Teguise

Namaste Indian is on the promenade by Playa Las Cucharas beach, the local was previously known as Shutters and is situated by the huge totem poles, it has a lovely view over the bay.

Namaste Prawn PuriNamaste Bundi Jeera Raita

We received a warm welcome and were offered a table of our choice either on the terrace or inside the restaurant. It was a warm night, so we opted for a table on the terrace which is sheltered from the breeze by a glass screen. We asked for some papadums whilst we browsed the menu, we had a choice of spiced or plain with pickles. Miguel ordered the prawn puri for his starter, I thought I’d try something new and asked for the  read more »

Update On Freddy The Cat Charity

Regular readers will recall I met with and interviewed Freddy three years ago, and you can read that article here.

Since then, a great deal has changed for the organisation, and last week I met with Freddie and Michelle, who is the president of the charity.

Screen Shot 2016 08 02 at 11 06 37  read more »

Watch All Of The Olympics With Ex-Pat Television

We’ve written about Ex-Pat TV before and you can find out all about it here: Watching television in Lanzarote


We use the service ourselves to enjoy occasional TV programmes from the UK, and we were delighted to hear that to help celebrate The Olympic Games in Rio, all their subscribers are being given access to the whole the Olympics, whatever package they have!  read more »

Bus service to Jameos del Agua

From Monday 8th August the number 9 bus departing from Arrecife to Órzola will stop at the visitor attraction, Jameos del Agua.


Previously the closest the public transport stopped was in the village of Punta Mujeres, but there is no footpath along the  read more »

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