Outcry as the Spanish Government proceed with oil prospecting in the Canary Islands

Last week the Spanish Government gave Repsol the definitive green light to go ahead and prospect for oil in the Canary Islands.


The decision was published in the official state bulletin on Wednesday, despite all the opposition and environmental arguments raised to date. Repsol have confirmed that they will comply with all of the government requirements which include a fund of €20 million to cover any environmental costs and a €40 million civil responsibility policy. 

Our local Government, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, WWF, Ecologistas en Accion and SEO Birdlife are all appealing the decision, as they believe the process has been plagued with irregularities.

Repsol now have three years to carry out surveys, the company is required to stop all activities in the case of any seismic activity registering over 4.5 on the Richter scale and in the event of any kind of accident, they also have to allow access for inspections over the course of the exploration process.

To recap, Repsol have been given a  read more »

Corazon de Mujer 23rd August 2014

Six of Lanzarote’s best female artists will be performing music from the heart at the Corazón de Mujer charity event in Costa Teguise on Saturday.


Artists include  read more »


I was out in our garden one morning in July watching the sunrise when my attention was drawn to something squeaking. On closer inspection I found it was a tiny hedgehog who had clearly lost it’s mum as they shouldn’t be out in the open during daylight.

hog hand feedingSleepy Hoglet

After observing the hedgehog for a while it was just rocking back and too, squeaking in the picón,so  I wrapped a towel around it and brought it inside. I didn’t have a clue what to do next! Unlike the UK, there’s no hedgehog rescue centres in Lanzarote, so I put the baby in a cardboard box with a towel whilst I carried out some research on the internet.

It was not good news, hoglets are hard to rear. This little mite was obviously hungry and distressed, still emitting pitiful squeaks I read that the rescue centres in the UK give them puppy formula, goat’s milk was also mentioned as a short term solution. I thought finding a goat’s milk source locally would be easy, but after asking in the village, short of trekking up to one of the goat farms there was none for sale that day, it could only be ordered in for tomorrow. I drove down to our local vets where to my surprise they had a tin of the formula recommended in the UK – Royal Canin Babydog milk.

Despite my best efforts on day one, I could not get the hedgehog to drink the milk, it just ignored it, walking through the dish, taking no interest.  By day two I was really worried  read more »

Cycling Tragedy In Tinajo

Tragic news from Tinajo today – a 52 year old Danish woman was killed when she was struck by a car, and her husband was seriously injured.

IMG_3536      IMG_3538

The accident happened near Grillen restaurant on the road from Tinajo to La Santa. An eye witness said that the car was travelling at high speed and hit the cyclists before swerving into the fields, and then flipped over several times.  read more »

Playa Blanca Harbour Extension Update

The harbour extension for Playa Blanca in the south of Lanzarote looks likely to become a reality from 2015.

Playa Blanca Promenade & harbour

Cotmac (Comisión de Ordenación del Territorio y Medio Ambiente de Canarias) confirmed that the environmental impact report was favourable for the project to amplify the port of Playa Blanca in a meeting with the Cabildo at the end of July.

The project is for an expansion of 75,000m2 of which 37,000m2 is land. Construction of the extension will cost somewhere in the region of 55 to 60 million Euros with at least 85% of the funding from Europe.

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English Cinema in Lanzarote 18th & 21st August 2014

These are the two movies in English that will be shown in Lanzarote on Monday the 18th and Thursday the 21st of August, both of them shown at Multicines Atlántida in Arrecife:

VO 18 y 21 agosto

At 22:05 Transformers: Age of Extinction When Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg), a mechanic and his daughter Tessa (Nicola Peltz) rescue an old banger of a truck they soon realise that is no other than Optimus Prime, they become the target of a bounty hunter from another world, leading -surprise, surprise- to a worldwide battle. The 4th movie of the Transformers saga hasn't received great reviews, but I'd give it a go just to hear Optimus Prime's voice again.

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Lanzarote Nightlife 14th-17th August 2014

Friday is an national holiday so it’s a long weekend in Lanzarote to celebrate the assumption of the virgin. Arrecife’s Fiestas de San Ginés have just started plus San Bartolomé, Tinajo, Órzola and Nazaret are celebrating their local fiestas. We’ve already published details of the Fiestas de la Caridad on Friday to celebrate the wine harvest in Lanzarote.

Here’s what else is on around Lanzarote this weekend.


Festival Rock San Gines 2014

Venue: Parque Islas Canarias, Arrecife, Lanzarote

Date: Thursday 14th August 2014

Time: 20:00 – 03:30

Details: Festival Rock San Ginés 2014 with Los Enemigos, Hendrik Röver y Los Míticos GT, The Soul Jacket y Smoking Stones amongst other groups.

Gran Hotel August

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The sunbeds are back in Costa Teguise

Sunbeds have been spotted on Playa Las Cucharas beach!

Sunbeds Playa Las Cucharas

A big thank you to Angie Appleton from Holistic Therapies Lanzarote who sent us these photos showing that a new delivery of sunbeds is currently being stacked on Playa Las Cucharas beach in Costa Teguise.

Sunbeds on Playa Las Cucharas

Hopefully the  read more »

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