Fiestas del Carmen, Puerto del Carmen 2015

The dates for this year’s Fiestas del Carmen in the holiday resort of Puerto del Carmen have been confirmed as being celebrated from the 30th July to 9th August 2015.  read more »

English cinema in Lanzarote 20th & 23rd July 2015

There is a new movie available in English at the cinemas in Lanzarote for next week on Monday the 20th and Thursday the 23rd of July.


Multicines Atlántida in Arrecife at 19:35 : Terminator Genesis.  Once more Arnold Schwarzenegger takes up the role of Guardian in the latest Terminator movie.  read more »

Jobs in Lanzarote, Kitchen Assistant

A hotel restaurant based in Puerto del Carmen is looking for a kitchen assistant to join their team.

Lanzarote Jobs

The position is offered with a 40 hour per week contract, the chef is looking for someone who is passionate about food, a team player and a desire to progress.  read more »

Recycling In Lanzarote

Following on from Jules' recent article Squash 5 times more space, and my own blog entry of a couple of weeks ago A trip to the beach  I thought that I would add some information about the recycling system here on the island.

landfilll entrance

A little while ago I joined a very informative tour of the landfill site between San Bartolome and Tahiche. For those who've never driven past it, this is the processing centre, or final resting place for our  read more »

Lanzarote Restaurant Review, Turkuaz

Finally something new and different in Lanzarote, Turkuaz is a Turkish & Mediterranean restaurant situated frontline to Playa Los Pocillos in Puerto del Carmen.

Turkuaz Dining

Turkuaz only opened at the beginning of July and the owners are brand new to Lanzarote. Whilst we were enjoying our lunch, we chatted with Yasemin running front of house who explained that her husband is the Chef and they have a 12 year old daughter. The family want to enjoy a better quality of life, after working very long hours in their Cambridgeshire takeaway.

The restaurant is beautifully decorated, with a cream and turquoise theme, there is a full menu plus daily specials listed on the blackboard.  Stuck for choice as lots of dishes were tempting us, we asked Yasemin what she would suggest, which was a meze to share with homemade bread and a mixed meat kebab platter.

The restaurant has strong Turkish roots, Yasemin’s father is Turkish and her mother English, she also spent some time in Germany which gave her fluency in 3 languages, plus her husband (Chef) is Turkish. We can vouch that the food is very authentic and the fabulous coffee is from Izmir.

Turkuaz Meze

The meze was a lovely selection of 8 different dishes, we love this style of eating, it’s tapas Turkish style, and  read more »

Seven Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting A Business In Lanzarote

Many people have the dream of moving to Lanzarote, and that dream often includes the prospect of working for yourself in a new business. There are many business opportunities on the island which have yet to be exploited, but there are also traps for the unwary. Here are 6 questions which, as an absolute minimum, you must know the answer before you commit to anything.


Can I get the necessary licences to start my business?

To run a business in Spain, you need a licence to trade, and that must specifically state what activities your business can carry out. Whatever you do, don’t invest in product, marketing or anything else until you’ve established that it is possible to trade doing what you plan to do. How easy it can be varies massively according to what you plan to do.

Who is my target market?

You need to be pretty clear about who is going to buy your product or service. Is it island residents? That’s an audience of about 145,000. Is it English speaking residents? We’re down to about 10,000. Is it visitors? A big market – 1.8 million,  read more »

SARA Lanzarote - Adoption and Neutering Campaign & Open Doors Day

It is nearly a year since I wrote about adopting a dog in Lanzarote and since then I have started to realise how serious the issue of abandoned animals, not only dogs but cats also, is in the island.

Sara 2014

SARA works very hard on a daily basis by giving educational talks in schools, informing the media, the public administrations and people in general while attending the many, many animals that pass through their doors every year.

In 2014 SARA attended a total of 1,326 animals. They took in 803 animals (507 dogs and 296 cats) whereas 742 adoptions took place (502 dogs and 240 cats). A total of 1,094 sterilisations  were done, out of which over 500 of them were stray cats.

This year, from January to June,  357 animals were taken in (201 dogs and 156 cats) with 334 have been adopted (209 dogs and 125 cats) and 569 sterilisations have been carried out.

As off the 30th of June, they gave shelter to 200 dogs and 182 cats, a total of 382 animals.

It needs to be pointed out that this year SARA has less  read more »

The Seduction Of Sailing To Lanzarote

Lanzarote is a fantastic place for sailing with the consistently windy conditions, year-round sunshine, stunning scenery and the other Canary Islands to explore further afield.

Bounder in Lagos

Some friends of mine, Will and Jane, decided to take advantage of these benefits by sailing their new boat here from the UK and basing it at Puerto Calero. Both being retired they were in no hurry and intended to stop and explore many places along the voyage down the coasts of France, Spain and Portugal.

However, when telling me their plans, they said the only part of the journey that concerned them was the last leg from Portugal to Lanzarote which would involve four or five days at sea with no land in sight. If anything happened to either of them they could be in trouble and a long way from assistance. Without hesitation I offered to join them for that stage.

We had met when Will and I were doing our skipper courses and my wife, Sally, and I had  read more »

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