Canarian Firebird Tours With Campo Phoenix

We had a fabulous day yesterday trying out one of the new trike tours with campo Phoenix, and judging by the interest in the pictures we posted on our Facebook page, many of you want to know more, so here goes!

Campo Phoenix in Yaiza  Christiane & Christian with Miguel

Campo Phoenix is run by Christian and Christiane from their offices in Yaiza. As well as the tours, they sell some fabulous merchandise there, and it’s well worth stopping to see some of Christiane’s amazing designs on T- Shirts, baseball caps and cycling and running gear.

But let’s talk about the roadsters!

DSC_0008  Jules & Miguel ready for the off

These machines are two seaters  read more »

Lanzarote News In Brief - Week Three 2016

New Cycle Path For Playa Blanca

cycle way

Yaiza ayuntamiento has started work on a new cycle path at the entrance to Playa Blanca. It’s in the section that joins the industrial estate area to the windmill roundabout. Work includes cleaning up the surrounding land to “beauify” the entrance to the resort, which had the highest occupancy of official tourist beds in 2015.  read more »

Amura Restaurante, Puerto Calero

Amura in Puerto Calero is one of Lanzarote’s fine dining restaurants, offering fabulous food and exceptional service.

Amura Front  Amura night

The building itself is interesting – looking “colonial” in style, with a large outdoor terrace, and the indoor section raised up  read more »

Playa Blanca Carnival Programme 2016

Playa Blanca’s carnival will be held in the South of Lanzarote from the 4th to 6th of March 2016.

cartel Carnaval Playa Blanca 2016

This year’s poster was designed by Begoña Buchón and entitled ‘Playa Blanca tiene un color especial’.

The theme behind the poster and carnival is the Feria Andaluza with reference to the residents born in Andalucía who have chosen to live in the municipality of Yaiza, according to Javier Camacho, councillor for fiestas in Yaiza. The carnival celebrations will be held in the Plaza del Carmen in the centre of Playa Blanca.  read more »

Watching Television In Lanzarote

We don’t really watch television – aside from the odd programme which we watch on Netflix, TV doesn’t really feature much for us. But we know that many of our readers who are resident on the island want to stay up to date with television from their home countries. It used to be relatively easy – you had a big satellite dish fitted, and got the appropriate box, and away you went. But in recent years, the satellite companies have moved their footprint and made it pretty much impossible to successfully view foreign television in that way.

The answer these days is to watch television online. There are any number of “free” services you can use to stream TV, but they have two big issues for most people:

1/ The software keeps changing, which means you have to keep updating the computer or Android box to continue watching. It’s not just a time sink, for some people it’s beyond their IT skills.

2/ The quality and reliability are poor. At the end of the day, the TV companies don’t “give” their signal away free of charge. So most of the “free” streams are illegal – they basically rely on someone taking a legal satellite feed and then uploading it to a server. If they suffer a power cut, or flaky internet, the stream pixelates or crashes. The end users suffer at best a poor image and buffering and at worst, lose the channel altogether.

TV box  read more »

UD Lanzarote 3 CF Union Puerto 0

The Rojillos have now gone 32 home games without defeat and are just one home game away of equalling their best home form since the mid 90¨s.

UD Lanzarote Toñito-with-two-assists-in-the-glorious-sunshine

This may not have been Lanzarote at their best and the score does not paint the whole picture. The Fuerteventura side fought well but to be fair only had one good chance to score whereas Lanzarote made the most of the few opportunities that came their way.

The stats don’t lie. The league’s top scorers, one defeat all season, stunning home form has all led Lanzarote to top spot and are clear of second placed Las Palma B side by six points, though one rival  SD Tenisca has a game in hand which could reduce it to four points.

The newly promoted opponents have struggled in this higher category but with two wins and a draw in their last three games they have moved out of the relegation positions.

With Louis Kennedy suspended and Brad Cockerill out with injury there was still a British person on the pitch. Ex Lanzarote player Ryan Macphee had  read more »

Lanzarote ceramic class with Juan Brito

I spent a fascinating morning with Juan Brito, one of the Lanzarote’s artisan craft workers who is passionate about the traditional Mahos / Guanche method of producing ceramic pots.

Juan Brito demonstrating the right kind of rock

There were six students in our class, which started with the explanation of the preparation required in order to produce our local ceramic. The first stage is to go out and collect the special stone found on the Risco de Famara, the alfarerias have special permission from the Cabildo to harvest the stone, the restriction being that the land has to be covered over again once the stone has been removed, to protect the natural landscape. This stone is then bashed by hand to reduce it to fine particles, then water is added to create the modelling mud. Thankfully Juan had already prepared ours to this stage for us!

Juan Brito ceramic mix

Next a layer of black sand was spread out on the work surface, on top of that a layer of fine brown dust, then the stage 1 mud was added and kneaded to mix thoroughly. Juan made this look easy, but when we volunteered it was hard even to dent the mixture, never mind knead it, the mixture didn’t move unless you knew the technique!  read more »

Lanzarote Restaurant Review, Beijing Chinese Restaurant

We love finding restaurants that offer good food at great prices, our latest discovery we’d like to share is the Beijing Chinese Restaurant, situated in C.C. Las Cucharas in Costa Teguise.

Beijing Chinese Restaurant LanzaroteBeijing Menu

As there are so many Asian restaurants in Lanzarote, it can be difficult finding the best ones to visit. We were delighted to find the Beijing, instead of a cheap buffet, they offer an all you can eat menu and it’s cooked fresh to order.

On arrival, the waitress takes your drink order and then asks for your dishes for starters. Their sesame prawn toast is amazing, I love this and their crispy fried seaweed for my choice of starters. The dishes are perfectly sized for 1-2 people sharing, it’s like Chinese tapas!

Beijing Crispy Fried SeaweedBeijing Prawn Toast

When you’ve finished the first round of food, you  read more »

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