Lanzarote Weather Statistics 1981 to 2010

Lanzarote is blessed with a wonderful climate.

Playa Dorada in LanzaroteRain in Tabayesco

The following data has been collected from a weather station based at Lanzarote Airport. The following statistics were collated over 29 years from 1981 to 2010 so they give a pretty good indication of what to expect when visiting the island in any one month of the year.  read more »

English Cinema in Lanzarote 20th & 23rd April 2015

There will be two movies in English at the cinemas in Lanzarote on Monday the 20th and Thursday the 23rd:

VO 20 & 23 April

Remaining unchanged at 19:35 at Multicines Atlántida in Arrecife: Insurgent. the second instalment of the cinematographic adaptation of the Veronica Roth Divergent trilogy. Beatrice Prior must confront her inner demons and continue her fight against a powerful alliance which threatens to tear her society apart with the help from others on her side. Starring Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Ansel Elgort, Naomi Watts and Kate Winslet.

And newly introduced at  read more »

Whats on in Lanzarote: June 2015

4th June: Corpus Christi

Salt carpets in Haria

Traditional salt carpets are created in the old towns of Lanzarote for the religious procession of Corpus Christi. Teams work for several hours to create some stunning designs, best seen in Arrecife and the old capital of Teguise.

7th June: V MTB-XC Ajei


The 5th edition of the MTB-XC Ajei will be held on Saturday 7th June, this mountain bike race is part of the Canarian championships, it starts at 10:30 by the Casa Mayor Guerra in San Bartolomé.  read more »

Playa Honda Vibra!!

There’s a special event in Playa Honda this Saturday called Vibra!!


As you can see from the map above, there are different zones set out along the Avenida de Playa Honda promenade with activities and entertainment from 11:00. It’s a nice stroll or bike ride from Puerto del Carmen, along past the airport runway to Playa Honda and there’s plenty of nice bars and restaurants to enjoy along the front too.

There’s lots of beach fun with paddle surfing, soccer, inflatables, climbing wall and zip line. Market stalls will be set up along the promenade and there’s live music.

Sara Lanzarote, the animal shelter will also be there, they’ve organised an adopted dog competition to crown the Miss & Mister Can.

Playa Honda Vibra Programme

10:30 Sara information stand with vet and dog grooming (Zone Marilyn)

10:30 Market & Brunch (Zone Marilyn)

11:00 Start of children’s activities and workshops  read more »

Papagayo Campsite 2015

The campsite at Papagayo in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote is expected to open for 4 months this summer.

Papagayo Campsite

Pitches should be available from the 29th of May, right through until the 30th of September for 2015. The campsite must be booked in advance through the Cabildo, the same system as last year. Previously the campsite has had 155 pitches, this has been expanded to 230 pitches for the new summer season. Demand is high as this is the only official campsite for campers and caravans in Lanzarote, there is a second one for tents on the beach at La Graciosa.

The price for a caravan is €7 per night, and a tent €4 per night. The Cabildo are covering the maintenance costs of the campsite this year.

Reservations are expected to open in  read more »

ASOLAN Raise Concern Over Modernisation Plan Delays

The Business Association of Hotels & Apartments in Lanzarote (ASOLAN) recently highlighted the shortfall of projects completed in respect of the Modernisation Plan.

La Galea Renovation

The issue was raised by Susana Pérez, the head of ASOLAN to Paulino Rivero, the President of the Canary Islands.  Only a third of the forty seven projects planned to modernise tourist facilities in Lanzarote have been executed to date.

There seems to be a particular problem in the municipality of Teguise, as only 3 of 13 modernisation projects approved for the holiday resort of Costa Teguise have actually been implemented. These three projects include the swimming pool at Santa Rosa and renovation of the Oasis and La Galea hotels.

Puerto del Carmen on the other hand have implemented  read more »

Sports Tourism in Lanzarote 2014

Lanzarote has experienced a boom in sports tourism over the past two years according to a report published by the Cabildo’s Data Centre.

Evolution_of_sports_tourism_in_Lanzarote_2006_to_2014Tri122 Cyclist

This data was collated by the Instituto Canario de Estadística (ISTAC) as part of the Tourist Expenditure Survey 2014. A sports tourist is defined as someone who participates in sporting activities during their holiday including hiking, golf, water sports, multi adventure & other sports.

Lanzarote received 166,745 sports tourists in 2013 and 192,092 during 2014. The nationality of our sports tourists are predominantly from the UK (38.3%), followed by Germany (15.7%) and Spain (8.9%) which accounts for 62.9% of the 192,092 figure in 2014. Other nationalities of importance included Denmark (8%), France (5.2%), Holland (4.4%), Ireland (4.1%) and Italy (3%). If these figures are compared to the overall tourists from those countries, 50.7% of Danes visit Lanzarote for sport, where as only 6.9% of the Brits coming to Lanzarote are here for a sporting holiday.

The average profile of our sports tourists showed that 67% are men, aged around 42 years old. Sports tourists generally have higher incomes than non sports tourists, 18.6% reported earning the highest income bracket of over 84,000 euros per year.

The average daily spend of a sports tourist is  read more »

Looking For Matthew Deakin

A concerned friend is looking for Matthew Deakin. Originally from Bournemouth, Matthew lived on the island in the early part of 2014 and was offering a service providing 360 degree panoramic videos for properties here through his website It’s thought he may have moved to Gran Canaria or another island.

Matthew Image from Facebook Profle.

A friend has contacted us to ask if we know of his whereabouts – we’ve spoken to them to ensure there’s nothing untoward about their enquiry, and we’re assured they simply want to know that Matthew is safe and well.  They haven’t heard anything from him since June 2014 when they had a meeting planned with Matthew. We don’t want to invade anyone’s privacy, so we won’t pass on any details to either party unless  read more »

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