Private Chef in Lanzarote

Danielle Gimenez is an International Chef with ten years of experience of working in 5* hotels and Michelin star restaurants, now you can book her for your private events in Lanzarote.


Imagine having a chef create a fabulous meal to be served in the privacy of your own home or holiday villa. If you’re not a culinary genius, don’t stress about dinner parties, Danielle and her team of chefs can create a special menu for your guests according to your budget and food preferences.  read more »

San Bartolome Shopping 2015

The 6th edition of the San Bartolomé Shopping event takes place over 2 days in Lanzarote this Friday & Saturday.

triptico Curvas 1

This shopping event is about highlighting our local shops with discount shopping & entertainment in a special festival prior to Christmas. The warm up is on Friday afternoon / evening in Playa Honda, although the big day is on Saturday in San Bartolomé.  read more »

7 Reasons Now Is The Right Time To Buy A Property In Lanzarote

Have you ever dreamed of having your own bolt-hole here in Lanzarote? A place where you can leave your stuff, and fly in for long weekends on hand luggage only, or spend several weeks at during your holidays? Maybe you’re more interested in making an investment here, and seeing the capital value increase while you take a rental income to cover the costs – there’s a real shortage of long term rental accommodation here right now.

Whatever your motive, we think now is as good a time as any in the last ten years to go ahead and fulfil your dream.

The Market Has Bottomed….

Market Bottomed

Property values plummeted in the recession that started across Europe in 2008. A huge number of properties were also re-possessed by the banks, which then lead to a glut of property on the market, which further softened prices. Those fire sales are pretty much over now, and during 2015, we’ve seen prices stabilise and start to creep up.  read more »

….But There’s Still Plenty On The Market

Christmas Programme Arrecife 2015/16

The Ayuntamiento de Arrecife have confirmed their Fiestas de Navidad y Reyes programme of events for Christmas and New Year in the capital of Lanzarote.

Arrecife NavidadLion King & Supercalifragilistico

Highlights include:  read more »

Lanzarote - Duty Free, VAT And All That Stuff

It’s easy to be confused with the tax status of Lanzarote and the other Canary islands. Although we have been part of Spain for 500 years, we’re an autonomous region, which means we have a high degree of self government.

We also have some quirks in our fiscal system which are interesting:

We are outside the EU in terms of customs allowances


That means when you buy goods like cigarettes and booze here, you are limited to how much you can take home. Here are the  limits.  read more »

But we’re duty free!

Eating Like A Local In Lanzarote

So you want to eat like a local when in Lanzarote? Both the times and what is eaten tends to be quite different to the pattern in northern Europe.

Although restaurants in the resorts will cater for you, If you turn up for lunch at 1200 or dinner at 1800 in a locals restaurant, don’t be surprised if they aren’t ready for you!

Breakfast – Before 0800


Breakfast before work always involves coffee, and often is just coffee, although it may involve a croissant or some churros.

Second Breakfast – Around 1100


This is when breakfast (Desayuno) really happens – mid morning, and often described as “going for coffee.” Once again,  read more »

Whats on in Lanzarote: January 2016

1-31st January: Colectiva Desconcierto


A new art exhibition was opened at Artenmala on the 27th December which will be exhibiting at this art gallery in Mala during the month of January. Open to view Thursday to Sunday 13:00 – 18:00.

1st January: IV Quedada de Natación

New Year's Day Swim

New Year’s Day swim from Playa del Reducto in Arrecife at 16:30.

2-4th January: Rastro Joven de Navidad & IX Malab Haría


The youth second hand & craft market for Christmas will be held in the Plaza de Haría from the 2nd to 4th January 16:30 – 20:00. This co-incides with the Festival Internacional de Circo y Teatro de Calle “MalabHaría 2016” which is a street & circus performers festival, some performances will be held in the plaza, others at the lucha ring in the football grounds.

2nd January: Concierto de Año Nuevo

New Year Concert

New Year Concert with Acuarti Banda de Música de Tías at the municipal theatre on Saturday 2nd January at 20:00. Free entry.

3rd January: Carrera de Ilusiones

Carrera de IlusionesThe First Wish Race

A charity run in Costa Teguise on Sunday 3rd January at 10:00. Entry is a donation of a toy or payment of €5.

4th January: Circuito de Villancicos

Arrecife Concerts

A circuit of carols will be performed by the Coral Polifónica San Ginés, with Grupo Alborada Peñas del Lentisco and Coros y Danzas in Arrecife at 19:00.

4-5th January: Disney Dreams

Disney Dreams

A children’s musical Disney Dream will be performed twice in the municipal tent in La Villa de Teguise on Monday 4th January 18:00 and Tuesday 5th January 17:30. Tickets €5 available from the tourism office in Costa Teguise or cultura deparment in Teguise.

5th January: Reyes / Kings

Kings Parade Arrecife Tias Kings

Details of where to watch  read more »

Three Kings Processions in Lanzarote 2016

The three kings processions with Melchor, Gaspar & Baltasar riding camels will take place in Lanzarote on Tuesday 5th January.

Kings Parade ArrecifeRoscon de Reyes

It’s lovely to watch these traditional processions on the Víspera de Reyes, the children are so excited to see the Kings and beg for candied sweets to be thrown to them as they pass.  read more »

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