A Magic Night, Classical Music Concert

At 8.30 pm on Saturday, 19 March, a benefit concert Una Noche Mágica will be held in La Casa de la Cultura Benito Pérez Armas in Yaiza to raise funds for SARA who are delighted that three exceptional musical artistes from Lanzarote, Sheyla Rizo, soprano, Iya Zhmaeva, violin, and Javier Díaz, piano, will be performing familiar and popular pieces including works by Grieg and Piazzolla.

SARA concert

This concert follows the highly-successful SARA fund-raising concert given by  read more »

Your Lanzarote Health Questions Answered

We’re often asked about health issues for visitors to Lanzarote, so we thought we’d put together a list of the most common ones, together with our answers:

Health Centre

Is the tap water safe to drink?

We don’t have any natural water in Lanzarote, so it all comes from desalinated ocean water. It’s high in minerals and can be pretty heavy in chlorine. It’s normally safe to drink, but doesn’t taste great. We all use it to cook with and brush our teeth, but almost everyone here uses bottled water for drinking. It’s very cheap and comes in handy 5 and 8 litre containers.

Should I ask for my drinks without ice?

No! The ice here is fine – its made by specialist companies, using filtered water who deliver it all over the island to bars and supermarkets.  read more »

Lanzarote News In Brief - Week 11 2016

Five arrested following death of assault victim


Four men and a woman have been arrested in connection with the violent attack on a San Bartolomé carpenter earlier this year. The man died last week from a blood clot resulting from the beating he received. Guardia Civil are saying that the people arrested were a criminal group from Tenerife, who have carried out similar violent robberies. At the time of their arrest a 12 gauge shotgun and various burglary tools were recovered. The four are being held in prison pending a hearing of their case.

Restaurant awards for Tapas in Arrecife


The App “Tapas in Arrecife” allows users to vote for their favourite meals throughout the year. Awards will be given next Thursday 17th March to the winners of the best dishes of summer and autumn 2015. The winner of the summer award was La Bulla at Charco San Ginés, for their mini beefburger, and the autumn award was won by Naia for their Arroz cremoso de setas – creamy rice with mushrooms.

Lanzarote Christian Fellowship

Avenida Central, Tias

A new Christian Fellowship is due to open in Tias this coming Sunday (Palm Sunday), 20th March.   The service starts at 11.00am and will meet at Camino La Vega No.13, Tias. The fellowship will be led by the Rev. Adrian Hallett, a retired Anglican vicar, who moved to the island 18 months ago.  For more information, contact Adrian on 928 346 465 or 609 542 206.

New works in Costa Teguise

Costa Teguise Bars and Restaurants_2

The first stage of the plans to improve parts of Costa Teguise has been approved with a budget of €240,000. The aim of the works is to prevent accidents and includes improving road surfaces, widening sidewalks, pedestrian crossings with ramps, speed bumps, improving accesses to roundabouts, car parks, bus stops and bus shelters, as well as new street lighting.

Complaints about quads and buggies


A meeting at The Cabildo will take place to discuss the effects of quad and buggy tours on the island’s agriculture, following denuncias made by famers in the Mancha Blanca area. The farmers are complaining that the tracks in their area are becoming dangerously rutted and that the dust generated is causing problems with their planting.

No risk of Zika virus in Canaries

Meme 1

Two women from The Canaries, who recently travelled to South America, have been confirmed as having “mild” symptoms of the Zika virus. It was stressed that there is no rick of transmission of the disease here.

Lights going off in Puerto del Carmen for Earth Hour

The Strip 2

As part of Earth Hour, Tias Ayuntamiento has announced that street lights will be turned off in Puerto del Carmen in an area from Calle Timanfay to Avenida Italia from 2030 until 2130 on Saturday 19th March.

Property Of The Month For March From K.C. Properties

This month the property of the month from our friends at K.C. Properties is a two bedroom apartment right in the centre of Puerto del Carmen. Ideally located, its very close to The Strip, but far enough back to avoid noise.

Apartment 1

The apartment is on a complex with a pool, and is being sold fully furnished, so the new owners can start enjoying it straight away.  read more »

English Cinema in Lanzarote 14th & 17th March 2016

"Spotlight" is back next week and it will be shown on Monday and Thursday in Arrecife's Multicines Atlántida this time, at 19:35h:

VO Lanzarote

In 2002 the Boston Globe uncovers a massive scandal of  read more »

BBC Could Be Coming To Lanzarote To Film Programme About Brexit

We were contacted by the BBC this week to ask for our help in putting together a one hour programme for BBC2. The current affairs programme, which will be hosted by Mishal Husein will combine the most reliable national statistics on the effects of EU immigration on big issues such as housing, education, the NHS etc. with powerful human stories from those most impacted. The programme will also examine the truth of widely held assumptions on this issue using both national economic stats and personal experiences.


One section of it will focus on British immigrants who live in other EU countries, and will examine the potential impact of Brexit on those people, their pensions, healthcare and right to live and work in the EU. The idea is to get a group together and then film them as they debate the issue at a local venue.

Its not certain that Lanzarote will be chosen for this, as the production team are also looking at other parts of Spain,  read more »

Orquesta Clasica de Lanzarote Concerts 2016

Lanzarote’s classical orchestra (OCL) have announced a series of concerts entitled “I Ciclo de Conciertos Clásicos Arrecife” which will take place each month from March to July 2016.


The five concerts will be performed at 20:30 on Saturdays in the Sala José Saramago FCM, with a petit concert given earlier the same day at 12:00 in La Plazuela, Arrecife.

La Plazuela is an open air venue in the centre of the capital, these free taster concerts held at  midday are to promote classical music within Arrecife to the residents and visitors of Lanzarote.  read more »

Holiday care and assistance in Lanzarote

Lanzarote is a destination that attracts people of all ages and abilities, especially during the winter months when our warm climate is particularly of benefit to the older population or those suffering with health issues.


CuraVital is a local company who have expanded their residential care home and mobility aid hire service to include a holiday care and assistance package aimed at visitors to Lanzarote. So if you are a person in need of assistance whilst on holiday in Lanzarote, or a carer than needs support on the island, the friendly team at CuraVital are here to help.

Support can be provided across the island, within your own holiday accommodation, it doesn’t matter if you are staying in a hotel, apartment or villa. We’ve met the team at  read more »

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