Witness appeal for British tourist injured after a tree collapsed in Costa Teguise, Lanzarote

A British woman has been transferred with serious injuries to a hospital in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, after a drago tree fell onto diners at El Patio Canario in Pueblo Marinero, Lanzarote on Friday evening.

Drago Tree Incident Costa Teguise Lanzarote

One of our readers provided this image of the aftermath in Pueblo Marinero.

The young family were enjoying their evening meal at 19:40 on the terrace of Restaurante El Patio Canario, when a strong gust of wind caused a large Dracaena Draco tree to topple, a branch of which crashed down onto the family’s table. All members of the family were taken to hospital, the children were treated for scratches and shock, their father had a mild head injury and their mother was suffering from multiple injuries.

The family are appealing for witnesses who visited Pueblo Marinero on the evening of Friday 22nd July 2016, and may have taken photos that can help determine the condition of the tree before it fell, and after the incident. If you have any information that could help, please contact Rose in the first instance by email to rose@sandsbeach.eu. Any information provided will assist the family’s insurance company and the Guardia Civil to fully investigate the incident.


Medical staff from a local clinic responded to the emergency 112 call and attended to the injured, whilst local police secured the area and firemen freed the woman who was trapped beneath the tree. The family were then transferred to Hospital Docotor José Molina Orosa in Arrecife by ambulance, and the mother has since been transferred to Las Palmas for emergency surgery.

Earlier the same day the Ayuntamiento de Teguise published details of a 4 year contract awarded to Urbaser S.A. to maintain and improve the municipal gardens of Costa Teguise, La Villa de Teguise and Tahiche, with a budget of 824,039.76 euros starting in September 2016. It isn’t clear at the moment who is responsible for the drago tree that fell. Whilst the community have overall responsibility for the square, the council maintain some of the planting around the kiosk in the centre.

Friday night is the busiest time of the week in Pueblo Marinero, the evening market and buzzy atmosphere attracts residents and visitors to the bars and restaurants situated in the square.

Desite the mother's terrible injuries, both parents are conscious of how lucky they've been and that their children survived, another 5cm and it would have been a very different story. We hope that this family is reunited and back home soon.