Winter Walks in Lanzarote

Lanzarote is popular with walkers, especially during our winter months when the weather is cooler and the volcanic landscape comes into bloom.

La Corona & flowersWalking in Haria

The first flush of winter flowers are blossoming on the hills in the North of the island at the moment. It’s a great time to enjoy some of the treks available in Lanzarote, you can look for the various signposts across the island or join a small group for a guided walk where you can learn so much about the flora, fauna and history of the island.

Two of my favourite walks where you can find lots of wild flowers start in Haría. Fitter walkers can enjoy the climb up to the beautiful viewpoint and hidden picnic area of the Bosquecillo, alternatively there is a circular walk up to a viewpoint overlooking Famara and a footpath down the barranco Elvira Sánchez which leads back into the village.

Barranco TeneguimeBosquecillo

Other places to explore for views and flowers include La Corona in Yé, the Risco de Famara and the Barranco de Tenegüime. Here are links to some of our suggested walks in these areas:

Malpaso way


Barranco Tenegüime

The island of Lanzarote is keen to attract more walkers and have increased the number of official footpaths in the last few years. There are many signposts in place now, however there still isn’t an official map available which you can carry just in case you miss one and lose the footpath.

You can find a photo album of wild flowers in Lanzarote on our Facebook page.

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