Wild Wonders of Lanzarote

Iñaki Relanzón is a superb natural and wildlife Spanish photographer and his work features on the websites www.wild-wonders.com & www.ilcp.com (International League of Conservation Photographers) as well as in publications such as National Geographic, he has published his own books, and has his own website www.photosfera.com.

Last week, the Wild Wonders of Europe website published his photographs from a recent visit to Lanzarote. Iñaki explains that as a child he grew up dreaming of exploring caves and becoming a speleologist, you can imagine his delight, when he got the opportunity to meet and photograph the endemic species of blind white crab ‘Munidopsis polymorpha’ found at the underground lake in the Jameos del Agua.

Iñaki found Lanzarote completely different to the other Canary Islands, he really liked the volcanic landscapes, so different from La Palma for example which is evergreen with patches of rainforests. He explained……”Timanfaya National Park is a stunning landscape. It is the most similar place to the moon to be in on earth. Craters everywhere, lava flows, black terrain with ochre, green and red colours from the different lava types… Not only the National Park but also the Volcanoes Natural Park and all over, Lanzarote is a volcanic landscape”.

Iñaki searched the wild and beautiful coast of Lanzarote for somewhere to photograph the waves at dusk, he took this beautiful shot at an undisclosed location, it took him three visits to get his perfect photo.

You can see more of Iñaki’s work on the links below from some of the other Canary Islands:

La Palma


The Canary Islands are a photographers dream, they have dramatic landscapes, combined with great light, and unusual wildlife. Please let us know if you’ve taken any photographs of Lanzarote, that you would like to see published on this site.