WiFi in Puerto del Carmen, Terraza Rocas Blancas

We were attracted to the terrace of Rocas Blancas as it looked a popular place to try for lunch and they advertised WiFi on their extensive menu boards on the pavement.

Terraza Rocas Blancas

We found a table in the shade and checked with the waiter that there was WiFi available, his response wasn’t encouraging, he told us “yes but try it as it doesn’t always work!” He left us alone to unpack our net books whilst we found the signal which was easy to spot from the few that were showing as it’s named after the place.

We were desperately thirsty and waited a long time for our drinks whilst nearby tables were served, paid their bill and left, in the end after almost half an hour had passed we managed to catch their eye and reminded them. We were having some issues with the connection too, the signal is weak, we had to reconnect a number of times, also because we were sitting outside it was difficult to see the screen in the bright daylight.

Rocas Blancas Pizza Rocas Blancas Prawn Sandwich

Our food arrived, Miguel had ordered pizza funghi and I had a prawn sandwich. I enjoyed my sandwich which was toasted, there was a good amount of prawns inside as well as salad and Marie rosé sauce and a few cheeky chips on the plate. Miguel’s mushroom pizza was OK but not wow, he described it as bland but nothing wrong with it.

The Terraza Rocas Blancas is a popular spot with passing tourists along The Strip in Puerto del Carmen, there is a wide variety of dishes on the menu from breakfast, snacks to lunch and evening dinner. Certainly the setting is attractive and directly opposite the beach, I don’t know if they were having an off day when we visited but we received poor service and for this together with the intermittent WiFi signal we wouldn’t recommend this as a place to surf or somewhere to stop if you have limited time.

Are we being fair, if you’ve been here what was your experience?

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