WiFi in Puerto del Carmen, PicNic Lanzarote

The next place we wanted to try for our lunch and surf in Puerto del Carmen was the trendy looking frontline cafe PicNic Lanzarote.

PicNic LanzarotePicNic wifi

Although there aren’t any umbrellas for shade on the terrace area the tables one row back were out of the direct sunlight and benefited from the light breeze. There was a WiFi zone notice on the wall as well as within the menus and our waiter gave us the password when we unpacked our netbooks.

The range of food is right up our street with healthy salads, wraps, bagels and croissants but also sinful waffles, brownies and various dishes of Italian ice cream. We ordered fruit smoothies, I decided upon the red berries Frutas del Bosque and Miguel went for the orange, lemon, ginger and carrot option. I was torn between some kind of sandwich or a salad so when Miguel shouted out his order for the Wrap Mejicano I opted for the Ensalada Lanzarote.

PicNic Wrap MejicanoPicNic Ensalada Lanzarote

The timing was perfect, we surfed while we slurped our smoothies, taking a break to enjoy the food which was amazing! Miguel said the mexican wrap was perfect, the filling was cool whilst the wrap was warm and the ingredients were of the best quality with a balance of chicken, chilli, avocado, coriander, lettuce and tomato. Meanwhile I was munching through my salad, the portion size was very good, the Lanzarote salad included fresh goats cheese, dried figs, walnuts, lettuce and tomato with a delicious dressing.

PicNic WiFi ZonePicNic Interior

The internet was excellent, we had forgotten that we were using WiFi, the strength was as if we were plugged into the broadband in our office, we achieved loads of work and enjoyed a really healthy lunch whilst enjoying the frontline sea view and the occasional glance to people watch too. Sandwiches and wraps are €3.50, Salads €4.50 there were lots of people popping in ordering food to go as well as taking a table for some amazing looking ice cream sundaes. The only disappointment was the coffee, Miguel ordered a cappuccino which looked more like a cafe con leche and a bit pricey at €2.20 compared with the rest of the menu.

Highly recommended

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