WiFi in Playa Blanca, Wax Bar

I was in Playa Blanca to meet some clients, and decided afterwards that I needed some food and a chance to catch up on emails. I headed onto the front to find somewhere that could provide me with something good to eat and a decent WiFi signal.


Sadly, none of the interesting looking bars along the town beach were offering the latter, so I kept walking until I reached Playa Dorada, where I found Wax Bar in CC Papagayo. Wax Bar is well known on the island, and I’ve always heard good things about the place, although this was the first time I had ever ventured in.

It’s smaller than I imagined, but with most people choosing to sit outside, there was plenty of room for me to set up. The tables are high, but actually very comfortable for working with a lap top. Lin really looked after me while I was there, quickly giving me the code for the internet connection and even taking the trouble to arrange the food and drinks around my “desk."

It was Ascot day, and she was running a sweepstake with the customers, offering free shots to the winners. It made the atmosphere full of buzz, and it also meant that she was making a note of everyone’s names. I can’t tell you how much difference it makes in a bar or restaurant when people use your name – you feel both important and like a friend.

I ordered a chicken mayonnaise sandwich, which tasted great and was simple and good value. I followed that up with a Cappuccino which looked good, but which didn’t really have the taste kick that I like.

The Wi Fi signal was excellent, and I was able to work comfortably and efficiently.

For what I needed, Wax Bar was perfect on the day, and I suspect that it’s also a great night time venue – it has a cosiness, which when combined with the really friendly service makes it feel like a place where everyone is a “local."

Here’s a link to their website: Wax Bar Lanzarote

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