Whats on in Lanzarote: June 2017

Here’s our What’s On information for events taking place in Lanzarote during June 2017. This page will be updated daily as new events are announced.

Please visit our Facebook album for larger versions of the posters included below.  


1 June: Canarian Day Choir Concert

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With the Arrecife Choir, El Cribo Canta Choir and San Bartolomé Choir at Sociedad Democracia in Arrecife at 20:30h. 

1 June: Presentación: La segunda revolución del agua

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Chat  by engineer Carlos Soler about the newly discovered water reservoir under the Timanfaya, at Centro Cívico in Arrecife on the 1st of June at 2h.

1 June: Cinema in English with Spanish subtitles

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"Guardias of the Galaxy vol. 2" at Cinemas Atlántida in Arrecife on the 29th of May and the 1st of June at 19:25h. More information on http://www.lanzaroteinformation.com/content/english-cinema-lanzarote-29t....

2 June: Fiesta Mojito

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Mojito Party with Ruymán González Dj as a guest and resident Richard Dj at MANDALA Original Club in Arrecife on the 2nd of June, free entrance before 1am.

2 June: Star Gazing 

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Astronomia Lanzarote at Castillo de San Gabriel at 21:30h. Free entrance. 

2 June: Noche de Bolero

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Bolero Night with "Los que nos escarmientan" at Sociedad Democracia in Arrecife  at 21:30h. 

2 June: Encuentro literario con J.R. Navas

18699424 10154680189642496 472618386054882880 o

Meeting with the writer where he will present his latests books and his next writting workshops at Centro Cívico in Arrecife at 19h. 

2 June Tibetan bowls, gongs and Yin Yoga 

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With Uli and Paola t YOGA Integral AMBA in Playa Honda at 19h. Fee €15. Bookings by calling 690 193 655 and 696 645 685. 

3 June: Un día en Sara 

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A different way to spend your Saturday morning with children games, market and food stalls to raise funds for the animals of the shelter. Starting at 10:30h. 

3 June: IV Maraton MTB Norte de Lanzarote

Maraton MTB CarteCopaMTBLz2017 724x1024

Haria Trail Team have a new course for this year’s marathon of MTB in the north of Lanzarote. For more information and to register visit www.hariatrailteam.com or follow their Facebook page Haria-Trail-Team. This is the final race in the III Copa de MTB Lanzarote.

3 June: "Designer for one day" Workshop 

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Create your own garments at Biosfera Shopping Center in Puerto del Carmen at 19:30h. Registration required on +34 629 818 455. 

3 June: La Noche de Ico

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Homage to Lanzarote folkroric singer Ico Arrocha at the Harbour in Puerto del Carmen at 22h. 

3-13 June: Fiestas de San Antonio de Padua

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Fiestas in Güime. 

3 June: Concierto Infantil

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Children's Concert at La Plazuela in Arrecife on the 3rd of June at 12:30h. With the Band of the beginner students from CIEM and the Children's Choir of the Colegio Antonio Zerolo. 

3 June: Wellness Day 

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Yoga, children's physical training and beauty treatments to get ready for the summer at Rubicón Shop & Fun in Playa Blanca from 11h to 17h. 

3 June 1-July: Exposición "Nuestros Fondos, Nuestro Patrimonio"

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Exhibition of submarine fotography by Jaime Romero at "El Aljibe" in Haría. It can be visited from Monday to Saturday from 10h to 14h. 

4 June: Concert Canela y Limón 

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With timpler player Germán López and guitarrist Antonio Toledo at Casa-Museo del Timple in Teguise at 12h. Free entrance. 

4 June: Yoga & Veggi Brunch 

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With Olivia at Shala Planetario in Tías at 10:30h. Bookings on 657 651 294. 

4 June: Wine walk Visit to Bodegas Tierra de los Volcanes

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Including tasting of their wines. Tickets 12€. More information on http://www.lanzaroteinformation.com/content/6-wine-walks-lanzarote-durin...

4 June: Mercado Agrícola y Artesanal

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San Bartolomé's monthly produce and artisan market at the Plaza León Castillo from 9h to 14h. 

4 & 24 June: Copa AA (open water swims)

Carte VIII Copa A A2017

04/06/2017 XIV Travesía a nado el Reducto 1600 m. (C.D. Nonadamos)
24/06/2017 XIV Travesía San Juan RCNA 1200 m. (Real Club)

More info: http://www.lanzaroteinformation.com/content/open-water-swim-races-lanzarote-2017

4-10 June: XXV Festival de Gimnasia - Isla de Lanzarote - "Lolina Curbelo"

18892980 10154726187927496 5631670595619539464 n

Gymnastics Festival at Ciudad Deportiva in Arrecife. 

5-29 June: Fiestas de San Juan 

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Festivities in Haría. 

6,11 & 13 June: Mick James 

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Live music at the Craic n Ceol Puerto del Carmen at 22h. 

7-10 June: II Campeonato de España de Rescate de Accidentes de Tráfico A.R.T.E.

18920422 10154730481047496 2561188844385860519 n

2nd Spanish Championpship of Car Accidents Rescues. 

7,14 & 21 June: Conoce África

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Children's activities to learn about África, at Plaza Santa Elena in Playa Honda at 18h. 

8-10 June: Torneo de fútbol base - XI Memorial Francisco Bermúdez "Pancho"

18951138 10154730481077496 5890593075561695037 n

Football Tournament - Francisco Bermúdez "Pancho" Memorial at the Pabellón Municipal de Tías. 

8-13 June: Fiestas de San Antonio

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San Antonio Festivities in Tías

8-25 June: Exposición: "Nuestros mayores: toda una vida, una gran experiencia"

18951067 10154730481792496 9060144686912445061 n

Exhibition about the old people and their live experience. Inauguration on the 8th at 19h. It can be visited until the 25th of June from 10h-13h and 18h-21h. Held at the Sala de Arte Ermita San Antonio in Tías.

8 June: Summer Opening Party

18953106 10154730483002496 3202164878871528465 n

With Djs KL4U and Carl V at Mandala Original Club in Arrecife at 23:30h. 

9 June: Karate Suhari - Exhibición Fin de CursoEnd of Academic Year

19030333 10154730482192496 430019374842729134 n

Exhibition of the Karate Club in the Pabellón Municipal in Tías on the 9th of June at 18h. 

9 June: Show de Magia del Mago Joel

18921637 10154730481722496 253311675039936715 n

Magician Joel brings his magic show to the Teatro in Tías at 21h. Tickets, anticipated €12 and on the day €15. 

9 June: Gran Gala Benéfica Tri Rosas

18622216 10154680189127496 5769914817711469133 n

Charity Gala in aid of the charities AECC, Pequeño Valiente and Mararía at the Arrecife Gran Hotel on the 9th of June at 20:30h. Prices, rafles and live music from Treintaytantos. MC: Carmen Nieves. Menu by Francisco Galdón. Tickets €50. Reservations at Centro Cellulem Block in Arrecife, Club Santa Rosa in Arrecife and by calling 619 283 425. 

9 June: Lanzarote Digital Planetarium: "Fuerzas de marea"

18700508 10154697906182496 7433286314348362056 o

Astronomy chat entitled "Strenghts of Tide", aimed at children aged 8 onwards at the Escuela de Pesca in Arrecife on the 9th of June at 18h & 19:15h. Free entrance on registration on http://www.kosmos-lanzarote.com/. 

9 June: Risoterapia

18954972 10154726188352496 6635889908723291050 o

Laughter Therapy at Inside, Centro de Psicología y Neuroterapias de Lanzarote in Arrecife at 18h. More information and bookings on 682 720 331. 

10 June: Fiesta del Voluntario Ironman

18893285 10154726188067496 5540041659000781435 n

Ironman's Volunteer Party at Club La Santa at 13:30h. Lunch for the Ironman volunteers with prize rafles to be won. 

10 June: "El Bosque Mágico de Arte" 

19029333 10154726188132496 2780901774637341326 n

Dance show "Art's Magic Forrest" with Escuela de Danza with Tania Marcer  at Teatro El Salinero in Arrecife at 19h. Tickets €5. 

10 June: "Cuneta Deluxe"

18893180 10154726187932496 3667439469539194865 n

Abubukaka present their show in Calle Limones in Playa Blanca at 20:30h. 

10 June: XVIII Festival Gran Aldea

18951218 10154726411032496 6094180119524067426 n

Homage from the group Gran Aldea to the Asociación de Diablete de Teguise, part of the San Antonio Fiestas in Los Valles at 21:30h. 

10 June: Planet Love with Wally Lopez 

18951462 10154726188222496 4202646176911454785 n

At MANDALA Original Club in Arrecife. Tickets in advance €15, on the day €20.

10 June: Classical Concert- Popular Classics

17904456 10154583617627496 4685355192513814754 n

At 12h in La Plazuela - Petit concert, outdoor free concert as a teaser for the concert in the evening.And 20:30h the concert itself in Sala José Saramago FCM in Arrecife. Single ticket €15. Voucher for all five concerts €60.For members, prices are €12 and €45 respectively.

10 June: Malvasía Volcánica Weekend

18010622 10154583617232496 4567286133229843246 n

Sonidos Liquidos 2017 final concert in La Geria with "Love of Lesbian" as the main act. 

10 June: Manu Sarabia Trophy 

18814671 10154703698342496 1459929230017167824 o

Charity gold troply at Costa Teguise Golf. Information and reservations on 928 590 512 and info@costateguisegolf.com. 

10 June: Postres saludables

18953008 10154730483012496 6673159013889816207 n

Healthy desserts workshop, including custard, yogurt, biscuits, energy bars and truffles at Green Tara in Playa Honda at 16:30h. Cost: €25. 

10 June: Live music with Mompas

18952620 10154730483902496 2293546364667299757 n

Rock and international musit at Alchemistry Molecular Cocktail Bar in Puerto Calero on the at 18h. 

10 June: XXI Encuentro de Música Popular El Pavón

18920470 10154730483767496 8288690872618993348 n

Popular Music Gathering "El Pavón" in Terrero de lucha in Tías at 21h. Free entrance. 

10-11 June: Ajedrez "Ciudad de Arrecife"

18670970 10154680242412496 1024614095651872668 n

III Canarias Chess Championship at Sociedad Democracia in Arrecife. 2,000€ in prizes. 

10-23 June: Fiestas de San Juan

19030685 10154742539897496 847203930855315181 n

Festivities in Soo. 

11 June: Family excursion 

18010108 10154583617917496 1558914215613516037 n

At el Reducto in Arrecife at 10h. Free but registration required with Senderismo Lanzarote by calling 690 053282 or by email senderismolanzarote@gmail.com.

11 June: Domingo gastronómico

19059372 10154730485982496 6722994789435313556 n

Gastronomic Sunday by chef Luis León from Restaurante el Toro in Casa Seño Justo in Tías at 10h. It includes a healthy breakfast for children and showcooking for adults. 

11 June: I Open Internacional de Ajedrez "Atlántico Oriental"

18921915 10154726225312496 624031595065618572 n

Chess Tournament in Sociedad Democracia in Arrecife. With more than €10,000 in prizes. For more information call 620 000 508 or email cial.siglo21@gmail.com. 

11 June: "Encrucijada" 

19055487 10154726225702496 1638850392221734451 o

Domingo "El Colorao" leads this show with many other musicians in Sala Teatro Atlántida in Arrecife on the 11th of June at 21h. Tickets from €15. 

11 June: Jornada de la náutica y el medio ambiente 

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Eco-nautical fun for all the family in Puerto Calero. A great opportunity to try (for free!) sailing, kayaking, diving, SUP, free-diving and boat excursions. Learn more about the amazing local marine life and how best we can reduce our human impact on their environment. Bookings by emailing info@caleromarinas.com.

12 June: Encuentro Medio Ambiente y Sociedad

19030223 10154726411312496 6964649500089359148 n

Medio Ambiente Arrecife organises this environment and society gathering at the Centro Cívico de Arrecife on the 12th of June at 19h. 

12-25 June: Puertas abiertas

18920536 10154730485747496 7343864674898515041 n

Open doors at The Nature Gym in Puerto del Carmen with the first training free. More information and bookings by calling 928 511 337.

12 & 15 June: Cinema in English with Spanish subtitles

19060213 10154742539912496 5823271792936761889 n

"Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales" at Cinemas Atlántida in Arrecife at 19:25h. More information on http://www.lanzaroteinformation.com/content/english-cinema-cine-lanzarote-12th-15th-june-2017. 

14 June: Concierto del Conservatorio de Música

19146258 10154745961147496 7527028098562379478 n

Music Conservatory Concert at Convento de Santo Domingo in Teguise at 20h. Free entrance. 

15 June: Crímenes a la moda

19224845 10154745961862496 6451932413060673919 n

Theatre directed by Elena Martín at the Teatro Hermanas Manuela y Espranza Spínola in Teguise at 19h. Free entrance. 

15 June: Festival de Fin de Curso Celia Medina Studio Danza Emocional

19030293 10154745961712496 1155804733217673108 n

End of the Academic Year Dance Festival of the Celia Medina Dance Studio at the Teatro Municipal in San Barolomé at 17:30h. Tickets €4. 

15 June - 15 September: Historia de un incidente

19441913 10154775862767496 5226061421999724778 o

Exhibition about the origins of the MIAC, the only museum of comtemporary art in the Canaries, since 1976. It can be visited at the Museum itself in Castillo San José in Arrecife from the 15th of June until the 15th of September from 10h to 20h. 

15 June: Maridaje - Cata de quesos a ciegas

18922123 10154730486902496 25395478916258900 n

Pairing - Cheese blind tasting by Vor Microbrewery from Asturias (mainland Spain), Queso Project and Territorio Sibarita at the Arrecife Gran Hotel on the 15th at 19:30h. 

15 June: Jueves de Lokura

19146021 10154753581902496 5423916889065676411 n

Thursday Madness with Dj Carl V at Mandala Original Club in Arrecife at 23:30h. Free entrance. 

16 June: Fiesta del Mojito

19105513 10154753581927496 8838088090295590468 n

Mojito Party with Dj Dj Ruymán González at Mandala Original Club in Arrecife.

 16 June: Concert "La Semilla" 

17973920 10154583618202496 6557135904429303438 o

With Duende Josele and guests at Casa-Museo del Timple in Teguise  at 21h. Tickets €10. 

16 June: Gran Gala de Baile Benéfica

18671052 10154682104942496 2451780813673883159 n

Charity Grand Gala Dance in aid of Asoc Tinguafaya with Marqueses De Valterra in Ciudad Deportiva in Arrecife at 20h. 

16 June:  Presentation of the book "Hasta que salga el sol" 

18955034 10154726226087496 9142826540739514537 o

Spanish writer Megan Maxwell presents her last book at Centro Comercial Deiland at 18:30h. 

16 June: Cantando te voy contando

19105982 10154745962052496 2926120117478633498 n

Musical story-telling by Por Arte de Magia at the Biblioteca Infantil in Arrecife at 18h. 

16 June: Guided tour of Cerveza NAO 

19146293 10154745962277496 5572821821698606743 n

Craft brewery tour starting  at 19:30h and it costs €10 per person. Bookings by emailing hola@naobeer.com.

17 June: Sendero Isla de Lobos

19114067 10154745976807496 2189799219506047058 n

Isla de Lobos excursion departing from Playa Blanca at 10h. Return at 17:30h. DeportClinic clients, €35; non-clients €40; kids 3-12 years old €30. Copy of DNI/NIE required. 

17 June: Yoga & Veggie Brunch

19059650 10154745976822496 7327370089726359530 n

At Shala Planetario in Tías at 10:30h. To book call Olivia at 657 651 294.

17 June: Taller de sushi vegetal

19113907 10154745977187496 3295656799702496027 n

Vegetarian Sushi Workshop at Naturalmente in Arrecife at 11h. Cost: €18. 

17 June: Las aventuras de Lola

19059562 10154745976767496 8807584400390975949 n

Story-telling by La Hada Patricia  at Biosfera Shopping Center in Puerto del Carmen at 19:30h. 

17 June: Concierto de la Banda Municipal de Teguise 

19105837 10154745976597496 1135586508999999414 n

Teguise's Municipal Band Concert at the Convento de Santo Domingo a 20:30h. Free entrance. 

17 June: "40 años y más" 

18920189 10154726225567496 4800120499271293341 n

Taburiente present their show at Plaza de El Almacén in Arrecife at 21h. Free entrance.

17 June: Wine Run Kidz

18589012 10154680247052496 4752015784153440541 o

The children's version of the popular race in Uga at 17h. Ages 5 to 16. 

17 June: ZumbaDogs

19113644 10154742540142496 6559386019846934192 n

A fun afternoon with Zumba and Bellydancing masterclasses, live music, food and drink afterwards. €5 per class to raise funds for two local charities: Huella a Huella and Creciendo Yaiza. At Shopping Center El Pueblo - Las Coloradas in Playa Blanca at 19h

17 June-29 July: Exhibition: "Animalalia"

19030218 10154742540797496 5784309160120743531 n

A collective exhibition with the animal themed works of ten different artists: Roberto Batista, Cindy Batsleer, Romana Brunnauer, Bruno N. Chiarenza, Richard Ellis, Jorge Isaac, Ricardas Milukas, Francisco Montelongo, Arianna Ornetti and Dominga Santana at Galería de arte ENMALA in Mala. Inauguration on the 17th at 18h and closing on the 29th of July also at 18h. In between it can be visited Friday to Sunday from 12h to 18h. 

17 June: Concierto de Fin de Curso

19105880 10154753582372496 2880683677291784512 n

End of the Academic Year Concert of the Escuela Toñín Corujo in Arrecife at 11h. 

17 June: Exhibición Crossfit Timanfaya

19105737 10154753582927496 4652179776132053121 n

Exhibition by Box Callero- Crossfit Timanfaya at Rubicón Shopping Centre in Playa Blanca at 11h. 

17 June: Rosa Shocking

19105566 10154753582687496 7127867204187552573 n

Bass and voice unplugged at Alchemistry Molecular Cocktail Bar in Puerto Calero at 18h. 

17 June: Miss Mandala

19225072 10154753582322496 5872746915835226441 n

With Richard DJ and Dj Ruymán González at Mandala Original Club in Arrecife at 23h. Tickets 10€. 

17 June: Butterfly Sensation

19059752 10154753582312496 769898977398625910 n

With Dj Celine Szrama and Vanne Dj at NoiseClub in Lanzarote at 23:30h. Tickets €5. 

18 June: Month of the grain

Nuestros Sabores Generico

The last of the six tasting sessions at the Teguise Sunday market, this month it’s the turn of the grain, to taste our local produce.

18 June: Lanzarote Wine Run

Wine cartel

The popular annual Lanzarote wine run and food fair takes place in Uga on Sunday 18th June in 2017.

18 June: Día Internacional de Yoga

18582533 10154680246722496 5323694338871391361 n

At the Football Stadium in Puerto del Carmen from 10h to 14h. Free entrance. Organised by the Hindu Community of Lanzarote. 

18 June: Campeonato skate

19114019 10154745992512496 1925083912423078142 n

Skate Championship at the Extreme Center in Playa Honda at 14h. Registration 3€, free for San Bartolomé residents. 

18 June: Día de la Moto

19145905 10154753583067496 3813587778129715048 n

Bikers gathering at the Recinto Ferial in Arrecife at 10h with a free test of the following motorbikes:- "Nnew" Honda Rebel 500cc - Honda África Twin 1000cc and- Honda X-ADV 750ccfollowed by a route around the island. 

18-20 June: X Canarias - Una ventana volcánica en el Atlántico

19105931 10154745992507496 7937705961869622987 n

10th edition of the programe that aims at raising awareness of what it means living on a volcanic island and its risks. Conferences helt at the Teatro Municipal in Tinajo. Free entrance. More information by calling 928 840 552.

19 & 22 June: Cinema in English with Spanish subtitles

19397104 10154766092387496 7595079908909422321 n

"Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales" at Cinemas Atlántida in Arrecife at 19:25h. More information http://www.lanzaroteinformation.com/content/english-cinema-cine-lanzarot....

20 June:  Casting del Festival de la Canción

19059276 10154745992867496 5509125621535989185 n

Casting for the Song Festival at the Convento de Santo Domingo in Teguise at 18h. 

21 June: Music Day

19224902 10154766092392496 3559563613761982212 n

With Monster Radio in the street at Plaza Santa Elena in Playa Honda from 18h onwards. 

21 June: Disco Party Summer

19275062 10154766092957496 3905873735473183280 n

Party at Kabongy in Playa Blanca at 17:30h. 

21 June: Llibert Fortuny in concert 

19023426 10154726282842496 5235446391119739169 o

To celebrate International Music Day at Parque José Ramírez Cerdá in Arrecife at 21h. 

21-24 June: Taller Educativo: "Sin Miedo a los Ruidos" 

19224992 10154753582172496 1307749489582171691 n

Free dog training to deal with fear caused by loud noises at Recinto Ferial in Arrecife. There are 3 shifts: 10h, 18h and 20h. Registration required at https://urlurl.typeform.com/to/IwD5Oh. More information on http://saraprotectora.org/eng/evento-489-taller-educativo-sin-miedo-a-lo....

22 June: Exhibición de crossfitt infantil

19224911 10154766097597496 4290501248658687548 n

Crossfit Lanzarote will be at Centro Comercial Deiland in Playa Honda with a Children's Crossfit Exhibition at 18h. 

22 June-8 September: Campamento de Verano

18700001 10154682105092496 7130362984879803532 n

Summer Camp at JUNGLA GYM in Arrecife. Fees: 1 day €7.50; 1 week €35; 1 month €120.More information and bookings on 628 419 413. 

22 June-30 July: Exhibition of the students of Pincel y Pintura School 

18671420 10154682105507496 8136213276893814608 o

The students of Virginie Jourdant's painting school will show their works at the T2  Terminal at the Airport,  The inauguration on the 22nd of July will start at 19h.

22 June: El Arte de la Danza

19030279 10154745998307496 4999161718141015461 n

End of Academic  Year Festival of the Dance Schools of Tías including Top Catz Dance and Hanna Falkwoska Dance School with Baila Conmigo as guest schools. Teatro Municipal in Tías at 20.30h. Free entrance. 

22 June: La Noche de San Juan

19059815 10154753581952496 8847542867364197912 n

Flamenco show with Antonio de la Rosa and Flamenco Fusión with guest artist Tony Cantero from Chambao at the Teatro Municipal in San Bartolomé at 21h. Tickets €10. 

23 June: Asadero de San Juan

19030480 10154742540177496 7106174977749009216 n

Traditional fish barbecue with dancing with Parrandas "Pal Porrón" and "El Geito" in Calle Bajamar in Puerto del Carmen on the 23rd of June at 21h. 

23 June: Quema de Facundo y La Danza del Fuego 

19025194 10154742615402496 4246826321925772234 o

Bonfire night in Lanzarote, the best place to see this traditional fire dance on the island is in Haría at 23:00 which is followed with a firework display at 23:30 and fiesta in the plaza from midnight.

23 June: Hoguera de San Juan y Mercadillo de Verano

19060093 10154745992972496 610947917132743081 n

San Juan Bonfire and Summer Market, including a chat and theatre, at La Casita de Luz in San Bartolomé at 17h. 

23 June: Ruta Motera

19225479 10154766092952496 1990898590709385170 n

San Juan's bikers route with Nómadas Lanzarote departing from BP Valterra at 20h. 

23 June: V Feria Intercultural del Juego San Juan 2017

19366443 10154766097877496 3901941529837622541 n

Fifth edition of San Juan's Intercultural Fair at the Avenida in Playa Honda from 18:30h. 

23 June: The Skatoons Concert

19397035 10154766093237496 7904797108643023741 n

Skatoons Lanzarote gig at The Spinnaker Bar & Retaurant in Puerto del Carmen at 21:30h. 

23 June: Presentación de PitaGin

19396770 10154766098912496 7692784349954775441 n

PitaGin, Green Aloe Vera, is a new Gin made in Lanzarote and it will be presented in  Chiringuito Tropical in Playa Blanca at 19h. With DJ Elvis and a charity sandine barbequeue in aid of Creciendo Yaiza. 

23 June: Fiesta de San Juan

19397138 10154773076797496 5208966226215729612 n

Live Music with Gianluca Greco and Damiano De La Torre. Meat barbaqueue with one drink included. Tickets €8. 

23 June: Noche de San Juan in Arrecife

Arrecife San Juan

Free sardine barbequeue and concert by La Pachanguera in La Rocar in Arrecife at 20:30h. 

23 June: Noche de San Juan in Playa Blanca

Noche San Juan

A concert will be held on the town beach in Playa Blanca with lanterns released for San Juan from 21:00.

23 June: Noche de San Juan at Mandala Original Club in Arrecife

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With Richard DJ and DJ Ruymán González. Tickets €5.

23 June: Activity Funk

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Special perfomance with Delafunk vs Ulive at NoiseClub in Arrecife at 23:30h. Tickets €5. 

24 June: Zumba Masterclass

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With Yolanda from Aerodance Studio and Tatianta from MT Dance at Rubicón Shop&Fun Shopping Center in Playa Blanca at 11:30h. 

24 June: Face2face

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Music perfomance with Luca de Tena vs Ulive at NoiseClub in Arrecife at 23:30h. Tickets €5. 

24 June: Km0 Experience

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It includes a visit to Finca de Uga to pick the products  that you willl enjoy at the evening dinner in the Restaurant Isla de Lobos in Playa Blanca at 19h. Bookings at +34 928 519 222 or info@princesayaiza.com.

24-25 June: Curso Iniciación Fotografía

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Photography Basics Course at Hispania Lanzarote in Puerto del Carmen on the 24th & 25th of June from 11 to 15h. Cost €70. 

24 June: "Niños del Tercer Mundo" Midsummer BBQ 

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Don't let longest day pass you by join us to celebrate at Costa Sal Aparments in Matagorda at 16h.  The Children's Club will be open, you can swim and relax in Costa Sal's lovely pool and enjoy the BBQ on the poolside. Tickets are only available from Bookswop 2, Costa Luz Shopping Center near San Antonio Hotel on the Avenida in Puerto del Carmen and they are open Monday to Friday from 9:30h to 16h and Saturdays from 9:30h to 13:30h. Tickets: Adults 20€, children under 12 years old 10€ and under 2s free.

24 June: ColorsTribe Lanzarote

Colorstribe Lanzarote ColoursTribe Lanzarote Programme

The second edition of the ColorsTribe Lanzarote event will be held in Playa Honda on Saturday 24th June 2017 from 16:00 - 00:00. Advance standard entry is €12 including a bag of colour! VIP entry is €25. Tickets can be purchased online at http://colorstribe.com/entradas

24 June: Fiesta del Mar

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A Sea Party with loads of water activities, Zumba, Beach Volley, Regata Rookie Cup, introduction to Stand Up Paddle, Catamaran, Windsurf, Skimboard, Hawaiian Kayak, Pool Dance, Waterpolo, music and loads of fun. At Playa Las Cucharas in Costa Teguise at 11h. 

24 June: We love Earth Workshop

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Children's workshop creating with recycled materials at Biosfera Shopping Center at 19:30h. Registration required at 629 818 455. 

24 June: Concert with the Coral Polifónica "Villa de Teguise"  

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With the participation of the Children's and Adults Choir of the Chamber and Symphonic Orchestra "Isla de La Palma" at the Convento de Santo Domingo at 21h. Free entrance. 

24 June: Concert with Treintaytanos and Los Magnéticos 

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At Charco de San Ginés at 22:30h. 

24 June: Monakesi

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International Live Music and DJ Set at Alchemistry Molecular Cocktail Bar in Puerto Calero at 18h. 

25 June: Ruta "Galerías de Famara"

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Famara Galleries Walk with Senderismo Lanzarote, departing from Caleta de Famara at 9h. 3 hours long walk approximately, low difficulty. Registration 5€ at the Gimnasio Municipal in Tinajo until the 23rd of June, telephone number 928 838 170. 

25 June: Pocoyó's Birthday 

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The beloved children's character celebrates his birthday with a concert of "Conecta Kids" and the appearance of "Pocoyo and his friends" at Sala Teatro Atlántida in Arrecife on the 25th at 18h. Tickets €12. 

25 June: Ladies Only Sailing Course

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With an all-female sailing course in the Marina in Puerto Calero, Endeavour Sailing seek to create a relaxing and non-competitive environment so that women can obtain the maximum benefit from their boating experience.

26 June-1 September: Bilingual Summer Camp

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Camp presentation on the 17th of June at 11h Hispania in Puerto del Carmen. Aimed at children aged 8-13. From 9h to15h, including mid morning snack and lunch. Fees: €95 weekly; €330 monthly.   

26 & 29 June: Cinema in English with Spanish subtitles

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"The Mummy" at Cinemas Atlántida in Arrecife at 19:35h. More information on http://www.lanzaroteinformation.com/content/english-cinema-cine-lanzarote-26th-29th-june-2017. 

27 June: "Mácher homenajea a sus antepasados"

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Exhibition of old photographs as a homage to past generations at the Centro Socio Cultural in Mácher at 20:30h. 

27 & 29 June: AquaZumba 

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Free lessons  in Marina Rubicón in Playa Blanca at 11h, compliments of Caribe Lanzarote.

28 June: Teatro "Carbono 14"

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As part of the San Pedro Festivities, theatre at Sociedad Democracia in Arrecife at 21h, performed by Grupo de Teatro Somos. 

29 June: Cata-Maridaje

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Tasting-pairing of Lanzarote Cheeses selected by Celso Pérez from Donde Celso and NAO Craft Beer at Cerveza Nao in Arrecife at 18:30h. €15 per person. Bookings by emailing hola@naobeer.com. 

29 June: X Encuentro Memorial "Braulio de León"

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Also as part of the San Pedro Festivities, Music Memorial with the performances of the young pianist Lorenzo Poggi and the Orquesta Municipal de Pulso y Púa, the local string ensemble en la Sociedad Democracia in Arrecife at 21h. 

29 June: Lokura

19510122 10154794800382496 3732629893775361999 n

With Carl V, resident DJ at Mandala Original Club in Arrecife at 23:30h. Free entrance. 

29 June: Mrs. 'O's Tombola Marathon

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All proceeds will go to the Kennel Klub. At Highlander Two in Puerto del Carme at 10h.

30 June:  "Un paseo por La Habana" 

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Gran Canaria Big Band concert at Sala Teatro Altántida at 21h. Tickets €15.

30 June: Primer Concurso de Grafitti

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First Grafitti Contest at El Pueblo - Las Coloradas Shopping Centre in Playa Blanca at 17:30h. 

30 June: African Rhythms Zumba 

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A Zumba masterclass with African music at MacroFit in Arrecife at 19:30h. 

30 June: Maridaje Especial Canarias: 7 platos, 7 quesos, 7 vinos

19275069 10154766098627496 4862344783935127907 n

Cheese and Wine Pairing with 7 courses, 7 cheeses and 7 wines from the seven Canary Islands at Restaurante Esencia in Nazaret at 20:30h. €60 per person. Organised by Territorio Sibarita and Queso Project.  

30 June: Festival de Circo de Calle Circundando

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Street Circus Festival at Plaza San Francisco Javier in Arrecife on the at 19h. Free entrance. A show for the whole family with clowns, acrobats, trapeze artists. 

30 June: Welcome Summertime

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Concert by Bosco Díaz with the participation of the A.M.E. (Experimental Music Classroom), the students of the Music School in Tías and the collaboration of the singer Borja Molina. At the Ermita de San Antonio in Tías at 20:30h. Free entrance

30 June: Guided tour of Cerveza NAO 

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Craft brewery tour starting  at 19:00h and it costs €10 per person. Bookings by emailing hola@naobeer.com. 

30 June: Fiestas de San Pedro

19598608 10154794800942496 389085244943258975 n

With Parranda Janubio, from Las Breñas, and Asociación Folklorica Gaida from Tías at Sociedad Democracia in Arrecife at 21h.

30 June: Gran Final Senior de la Copa - XXXII Fundación La Caja de Canarias de Lucha Canaria

19511437 10154794800647496 6962557883399448550 n

Canarian Wrestling Final with Tinajo competing against Yaiza at the Terrero Ulpiano Rodríguez in Tías on the 30th of June at 21h.

30 June: Our Oceans

19437784 10154794832572496 1628604883301924154 n

Hosted by Markus "Momo" Mutter and Liz Motler, this is an evening that explores our relationship with the oceans from different perspectives such as sailing, photography and diving. At the Auditorium in Puerto Calero at 18h. Free entrance. 

30 June - 31 August: Especial Rebajas en San Bartolomé

19429904 10154794801082496 1186578765199059342 n

Summer Sales in San Bartolomé with a special inaugurational day on the 30th of June from 10h to 20h with many promotions, vouchers and instant prizes. 



Starlight Cinema Film Schedule June

Starlight Cinema June 2017


1-30 June: Entertainment at the Arrecife Gran Hotel in June

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All acts starting at 21:30h, unless otherwise stated. 
1,15 & 29 June: Colleen Meje (Soul, Jazz, R&B)

2 & 16 June: The Millsy Brothers (Versions of the 70's, 80's & 90's music)

3 & 10 June: Trío Cubano (Latin music)

4,11,18 & 25 June: Flamenco (Flamenco dancing and singing) 

5 & 19 June: Agrupación folklórica Rubicón (Canarian Music)

8 & 22 June: Aaron Bruyning (The prince of soul)

13 & 27 June: Argentina Fusión (Tango Show)

23 June at 22h: Toñín Corujo Quartet 

24 June at 22h: Lanzarote Big Band (Versions of Frank Sinatra, Michael Bublé)

30 June at 20h: DJ Syl Kas (Deep House, Jazz…)


1-29 June: Events at Casino de Lanzarote in Puerto del Carmen during June 2017

All events start at 21h. 

3 & 4 June: Liga de Poker Texas Hold'em - Main Event

6,13,20 & 27 June: Poker Texas Hold'em "Super Tuesday" Tournament

1,8,15,22 & 29 June: Poker Texas Hold'em "Super Thursday" Tournament

16 June: Jack Pot "Fortune Wheel" Night

16-18 June: Super Deep Stack Tournament (Summer Edition) 

4-30 June: Deiland's June activities

19029472 10154742616587496 5697661205460285878 n

4 June at 11:30h: Children's recycling workshop, registrations by calling 629 818 455

9 June: Premier of "La momia" (in Spanish)

9 June at 19h: Poledance exhibition

11 June at 11:30h: Plants workshop

16 June at 18:30h: Megan Maxwell's book signing

16 June: Premier of "Baywatch: Los vigilantes de la playa"  (in Spanish)

18 June at 17:30h: Acrobacies by "Trio Lezzy"

23 June: Premier of "Wonder Woman"  (in Spanish)

25 June: Lego games

30 June: Premier of "Gru 3: mi villano favorito"  (in Spanish)


If you have an event in Lanzarote that you’d like to add to this page, please email jules@lanzaroteinformation.com