Whats on in Lanzarote: July 2016

1 July: Noche Blanca

Noche Blanca 2016

The old capital of Lanzarote comes to life for this annual late night event, the Noche Blanca Villa de Teguise is on Friday 1st July. More info: noche-blanca-2016

1-8 July: Fiestas de San Marcial de Rubicón


The village of Femés are celebrating their annual Fiestas de San Marcial de Rubicón from the 1st to 8th of July.

2 July: Transajaches


The Transajaches trail run takes place in Femés on the 2nd July with 14km and 20km distances available.

2 July: Rallysprint Tomás Viera

Rallysprint Tomas Viera 2016

Motor racing event in Tinajo.

2-3 July: Summer Challenge Lanzarote

Summer Challenge

The Summer Challenge will be held on Playa del Reducto in Arrecife on the 2nd & 3rd of July.

2 July: Bon Voyage


It’s Showtime! Bon Voyage at the theatre in Tías on Saturday 2nd July at 20:00. Tickets €10 adults and under 12’s €5.

7-17 July: Fiestas del Carmen Villa de Teguise


Lanzarote’s old capital La Villa de Teguise will be celebrating their Fiestas del Carmen from the 7th to 17th of July. The solemn procession through the streets of Teguise will be at 12:00 on Saturday 16th July.

8 July: XXIII Festival Acatife

XXIII Festival Acatife

The folklore festival Acatife in at the Convento de Santo Domingo in Teguise on Friday 8th July at 21:00.

8 July: La Caja del Circo

La Caja del Circo

The circus is coming to Marina Lanzarote in Arrecife and can be found at Plaza Las Cruces from 18:30 on Friday 8th July.

8-17 July: Fiestas del Carmen

Fiestas Carmen Valterra

Valterra in Arrecife will be celebrating their Fiestas del Carmen from the 8th to 17th of July, the Eucharist procession through the streets is at 19:30 on Friday 16th, and the mass and maritime procession at 18_00 on Sunday 17th.

8 –18 July: Raíces y últimas Vibraciones

Raices y ultimas vibraciones

Exhibition of paintings and drawings “Roots and last Vibrations at the civic centre in Costa Teguise from the 8th to 18th July.

8-20 July: Fiestas Santa Margarita

Guatiza 1Guatiza 2

The village of Guatiza will be celebrating their Fiestas de Santa Margarita from the 8th to 20th July.

9 July: Cuarteto de Clarinetes y Percusión Classical Music Concert


The Orquestra Clásica de Lanzarote will be performing in Arrecife on Saturday 9th July. More info: OCL Concerts 2016

9 July: 12 Aniversario

AGH Anniversary

The Arrecife Gran Hotel are celebrating their 12th anniversary on the 9th July from 20:00.

9 July: III Maratón Norte de Lanzarote

III Maraton Norte de Lanzarote 2016 MTB

The 3rd edition of the North Marathon MTB is in Lanzarote is on the 9th July, organised by HTT.

9 July: Trail La Vegueta

Trail La Vegueta

The Trail La Vegueta run is on Saturday 9th July with distances of 5-14km available.

9 July: Lanzarote Arena

Lanzarote Arena

The Terreno de Lucha in Tías has been confirmed as the venue for the Lanzarote Arena mixed martial arts event on Saturday 9th June at 20:00. Tickets €15-€20 for over 13’s only.

9 July: Aventura Canina

Aventura Canina

Aventura Canina will be performed at the Teatro el Salinero in Arrecife on Saturday 9th July.

10 July: XVIII Prueba de Motocross Ciudad de Arrecife


A motocross competition will be held at Montaña Mina on Sunday 10th July, racing starts from 09:00.

10-17 July: Fiestas del Carmen Playa Blanca


The harbour of Playa Blanca is celebrating their Fiestas del Carmen from the 10th to 17th July.

11-24 July: Fiestas del Carmen La Graciosa

Graciosa 1Graciosa 2

The island of La Graciosa are celebrating their Fiestas del Carmen from the 11th to 24th July. The maritime procession is on Saturday 16th July at 17:00.

13-16 July: European Freestyle Pro Tour

EFPT 2016

Some of the world's best windsurfers will be competing in the EFPT competition in Costa Teguise from the 13th to 16th July.

15 July: Jameos Music Festival


The first of four Jameos Music Festival events this summer at the Jameos del Agua in Lanzarote on the 15th July. More info & tickets: jameos-music-festival-2016

15 July: Exhibition Opening

Stendhal invitacio?n tras

Stendhal exhibtiion opens at Nautilus Lanzarote on Friday 15th July at 20:30 with a performance from the Escuela de Danza Beatrice Senet.

15 July: 1st Anniversary

The V-Factor are celebrating their first anniversary in Arrecife on the 15th July at 20:00.

16 July: III Concierto en Vela

Concierto Vela

The popular candle lit classical concert will be held on the 16th July in Arrecife on the Charco de San Ginés at 22:00. More info: candlelight-classical-concert

16-17 July: Fiestas del Carmen Playa Blanca


The holiday resort of Playa Blanca will be celebrating their Fiestas del Carmen on the weekend of 16th & 17th July.

16 July: Triyaiza Run

Triyaiza Run 2016

The annual run in Playa Blanca organised by the Triyaiza triathlon club will be held on the 16th July.

16 July: Feria de la Salud

Feria de la salud

Marina Lanzarote are hosting a Feria de la Salud, (wellness event) on Saturday 16th July.

16 July: Violin Concert

Concierto Violin

The students of Iya Zhmaeva will be performing in a free concert at the Centro de Terepia Atroposófiea in Puerto del Carmen on Saturday 16th July at 17:00.

16 July: Day & NIght Electronic Music Party

Day & Night Electronic Music Party

A 15 hour non stop electronic music party will start at 12:00 in Sala Agorá in Deiland, Playa Honda on the 16th July, with music right through to 3am.

16 July: Día de Colombia


The Columbian community in Lanzarote will be celebrating the Día de Colombia on Saturday 16th July at the Parque Islas Canarias in Arrecife, with events from 10:00 – 22:00.

17 July: VIII Travesía Bahía de Playa Blanca

VII Copa Natación AA Lanzarote 2016

The 7th edition of the open water swim Travesía Bahía de Playa Blanca organised by Club de Triatlón Vulcano takes place on the 17th July. More info: Copa AA

21 July: Yoriell Carmona

Yoriell Carmona

Yoriell Carmona in concert at the Castillo San José in Arrecife on Thursday 21st July at 21:00. Tickets €10.

21-31 July: Fiestas del Carmen Arrieta 2016

Arriesta Feista 2016Fiestas_del_Carmen_Arrieta_2016

The fishing village of Arrieta will be celebrating their Fiestas del Carmen from the 21st to 31st July.

22 July: Carrera Poopular La Santa


Run in La Santa on Friday 22nd July at 19:50.

22 July: Arrecife suena a Jazz

Arrecife suena a Jazz

Orquesta Jazz de Canarias will be performing at the Cine Atlántida for a Jazz spectacular on the 22nd July priced at €15.

23 July: Conciertos Casa Ajei


The final concert in the series. More info: casa-ajei-classical-music-concerts

23 July: TechnoAddicts


Techno night at Sala Noise in Arrecife with Club Kn0b on Saturday 23rd July from 23_30 to 6am. Entry €5

23 July: Canarias Jazz Concert

Canarias Jazz cartel_2016

Free Jazz concert on the 23rd July at the Plaza El Almacén in Arrecife with live music from Creen Jeans, Jose James & Carolyn Wonderland at 21:00. Free entry.

23 July: V Slalom Tinajo

cartel v slalom tinajo 2016

Motor racing in Tinajo from 12:15 on the 23rd July for the V Slalom Tinajo.

24 July: IV Carrera Solidaria Fiestas Santiago Apostol y Santa Ana

Carrera Solidaria Tahiche

Trail run in Tahiche on 24th July.

24 July: XV MTB XC Rally Los Dolores 2016


Mountain bike race in Lanarote on Sunday 24th July.

25-31 July: Fiestas de Nuestra Señora del Carmen in Puerto del Carmen

Fiestas del Carmen PDC 2016 ProgrammeFiestas del Carmen Puerto del Carmen 2016

The holiday resort of Puerto del Carmen will be celebrating their Fiestas del Carmen in the old town harbour from the 25th July to 7th August.

27 July: Hawaiian Party

Hawaiian Party

Hawaiian Party at Jungle in Playa Blanca on Wednesday 27th July.

29-30 July: Tasting Menu La Bola

LILIUM La Bola Tasting Menu

Award winning Chef Jorge Bosch from La Bola in Tenerife, will be serving a tasting menu at Lilium in Marina Lanzarote for dinner on the 29th & 30th July plus lunch on the 30th. Priced at €35 per person.

29-31 July: World Press Photo Exhibition


Press photo exhibition at the gallery by Charco de San Ginés in Arrecife from 29th July 2016.

30 July: Slalom de Tinajo

cartel v slalom tinajo 2016

Motor racing event in La Santa from 12:00 on Saturday 23rd July. More info: v-slalom-tinajo-2016

30 July: Carrera Popular del Quiquere

Carrera Popular Barranco del Quiquere

The annual coastal path 5-10km run Carrera Popular del Quiquere from Puerto del Carmen is on the 30th July at 10:00.

30 July: II Arrieta Acuatrail


Swim run event on Playa La Garita in Arrieta on the 30th July.

30 July: Concierto Lirico Camilla Paulsson

Soprano Camilla Paulsson and pianist Ekaterina Mihaylova will be performing at the Centro Antroposofico in Puerto del Carmen on the 30th July at 20:30. Including songs from Edvard Grieg, Manuel de Falla and piano music from Chopin. Tickets €10.

30 July: KM Cero Gastronomy Event

KM Cero 2

Special gastronomy event at the Princesa Yaiza hotel.

30-31 July: Mar en Calma


Fiesta on the beach for Mar en Calma in Playa Honda on Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st July.

30 July: Romería Virgen de las Nieves

Romeria Nieves Teguise

Annual pilgrimage walk from La Villa de Teguise to the church of Las Nieves on the Risco de Famara above Los Valles. Departing at 18:30 from the football ground on the 30th July.

30 July: Batucada

 Chimbay Batucada

Chimbay Batucada at 18:00 (drum band) as part of the Fiestas del Carmen in Puerto del Carmen.

30 July: Zumba

Zumba Arrieta

Zumba Fitness with the best of Lanzarote’s instructors at Arrieta beach car on Saturday 30th July at 18:00

30 July: Bargain Dale 9Lives Lanzarote

9lives sale

The feral cat charity 9Lives Lanzarote are holding their bargain sale on Saturday 30th July from 10:00 – 13:00 in the sociedad at Guime.

31 July: Spinning Competition

Concurso de spinning

A spinning fishing competition will be held on Sunday 31st July in Puerto del Carmen as part of the Fiesta del Carmen event. Limited to 40 fishermen, registration €10.

Event calendar for the Pool & Bar in the Arrecife Gran Hotel during July

AGH July

Event calendar for El Chupadero in La Geria during July


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