Whats on Lanzarote: February 2017

Here’s our What’s On information for events taking place in Lanzarote during February 2017. This page will be updated daily as new events are announced.

Please visit our Facebook album for larger versions of the posters included below.

1-3 February: Fiestas Patronales en honor a Nuestra Señora de La Candelaria y San Blas de Tías

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Tías' Patron Saints Festivities involving a wide range of activities including music and children's activities.

1-8 February: Exhibition "Multidisciplinar"

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Pepe Vera's exhibition at the El Quirófano Art Gallerty, at the CSC La Vega in Arrecife. It can be visited Monday to Friday from 16h to 20h.

1-25 February: Jeff Doc Lausch at La Santa Surf

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The Californian shaper legend will be in our island until the end of next month. For more information or to place your order, please visit www.lasantasurf.es, email Manuellz@lasantasurf.es or call +34 608 591 904.

1-28 February: Exhibition"Lo que queda de un después"

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Paintings by Ceferino Franquis Garcés at the Art Gallery on T2 at the Airport. It can be visited until the end of February.

1-28 February: Sales

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At the Marina Lanzarote in Arrecife

1-28 February: Exhibition "Discover Tinajo"

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The participating photograpies that took part on the Photography Contest can be viewed until the end of February at Tinajo's Teatro Municipal, Monday to Friday from 9 to 14h and from 16 to 20h.

1 February: Minimal teather: "And the Oscar should go to" and "A fuego lento"

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Micro plays written Marc Egea and performed by Salvador Correa and Rafael Cedres. at El beréber in Playa Honda at 20:30h.

2 February: Conference: "Las postales históricas en la construcción de la identidad canaria"

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By Gabriel Betancort about the role of historical postcards bulding a Canarian identity. At La Casa Amarilla in Arrecife at 20h. Free entrance.

2 February: Presentation of the book "El secreto del trazo tradicional en el barco"

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Written by Agustín Jordán Romero. At the Biblioteca Municipal de Teguise at 20h.

2 February: Cinema: "La La Land"

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Cinema in English with Spanish subtitles at Cinemas Atlándita in Arrecife at 19:30h. More informaton on http://www.lanzaroteinformation.com/content/english-cinema-lanzarote-30t....

2-5 February: XX Torneo Internacional La Candelaria 2017 “Memorial Amigos del Magec"

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Basket tournament organised by the CD Magec, including a food collection on the 4th in aid of the charity Flora Acoge.

2, 9, 16 & 23 February: Milonga

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Argentinian Tango on Thursdays at 20h at Lively Lady Showbar in Costa Teguise. Organised by El Club de Tangueros de Lanzarote.

3 February: International Music Festival


The last concert from the FIMC is on the 3rd February at the James del Agua.

More info: International Music Festival Canary Islands

3 February: Star gazing

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Farewell to the winter sky with Astronomia Lanzarote at Castillo de San Cabriel in Arrecife on the 3rd at 20h. Free event.

3 February: XIII Encuentro de Timples

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Gathering of timple players at the Teatro Municipal de Tías on the 3rd at 20h.

3 February: Conference: "El consumerismo como nuevo paradigma económico"

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By Mario Sánchez Herrero Clemente on everything we need to know to put economy at people's service. At the Archivo Municipal in Arrecife at 19:30h.

3 February: Charity Race

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Organised by Colegio Arenas Internacional at El Charco de San Ginés in Arrecife at 10h. Distance to be confirmed.

3-5 February: Escuela Gospel de Canarias

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Gospel Choir and Vocal Percussion Workshops, 3rd to 5th of February in Lanzarote, organised by Rofe Producciones.

3 February: Free Style Football Exhibition

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With Airam Morín at Centro Comercial Deiland in Playa honda at 18h.

3 February: Chinidanza

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Dance exhibition from the students of the Escuela de Danza Acerina H. Toledo at the Centro Cívico in Arrecife on the 3rd at 19h.

4 February: Badminton

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Badminton at the Pabellón Municipal in Haría at 9:30h.

4 February: Volleyball

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Volleyball at the Pabellón Muncipal in Tahiche at 9:30h.

4 February: Charity Dinner Dance And Auction

Dinner Dance

Charity Dinner Dance and Auction at Amura in Puerto Calero on the 4th February. More info: Dinner Dance

4 February: International Day Against Cancer

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AFOL, the charity of families affected by cancer in Lanzarote, is organising a demonstration to get a radiotherapy unit to be implemente in Lanzarote. Meeting point at the Old Cabildo in Arrecife at 11h.

4 February: Concert of Alexis Lemes Socas and Javier Infante

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These two timple players will perform at the Teatro Municipal of Tinajo on the 4th at 20:30h. Tickets 5€.

5 February: "Lanzarote's Adoptive Son"

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Award Ceremony Ildefonso Aguilar will be awared the title of "Adoptive Son" of the island at Jameos del Agua at 12:30h. Free entrance with an invitation (with a máximum 4 per person) that can be pick up at the Cabildo de Lanzarote in Arrecife. The act includes the projections of the artist's audiovisual "Metamorfosis" and the musical performance of "Landscape Project".

4-7 February: 4 Stage MTB Lanzarote

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Mountain Bike races at Club La Santa with distances ranging from 21k to 75k. More information and registration on http://www.clublasanta.com/es/deportes-y-ejercicio/eventos/4-stage-mount...

4-28 February: Exhibition "Hug of Lanzarote lights"

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Drawings and paintings by Rafael Cuartielles. Inauguration of the exhibition on the 4th at 12h. It can be visited until the 28th, from Monday to Saturday from 10 to14h at El Aljibe in Haría.

5 February: Arrímate Ar Aqué

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Music from this band from Granada at El Patio Creperie in Teguise from 14 to 17h.

6-14 February: "Teguise te enamora"

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Valentine's comercial campaign to promote business in Teguise.

6 February: Yoga classes

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First class free at Alquimista Comercio Justo, Arrecife with a morning session at 09:15h and an afternoon one at 18:45h. Registration required.

6 & 9 February: Cinema in English with Spanish subtitles.

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"La La Land" in English with Spanish subtitles at Cinemas Atlándita in Arrecife at 19:30. More informaton on http://www.lanzaroteinformation.com/content/english-cinema-lanzarote-6th....

8 & 9 February: "L'aveniraka"

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Cinema in French, German & English, subtitled in Spanish CIC El Almacén in Arrecife at 21h. Tickets 3€.

8, 9, 15 & 16 February: Free course on how project management for social associations.

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Registration required at http://yaiza.es/curso-sobre-desarrollo-de-proyectos.

9 February: Inauguration of the exhibition "Visto y no visto"

16649038 10154386877317496 7657510777352286734 n

By Bego Izarra at the Sala de Exposiciones El Quirófano of the Centro Socio Cultural La Vega in Arrecife at 20h. It can be visited until the 8th of March, Monday to Friday, from 16h to 20h.

10 February - 10 March: Fátima Lemes Suárez's Exhibition

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A selection of this local artist's paintings can be viewed at Pablo Ramos Baldi Gallery in San Bartolomé.

10 February: Conference about Los Ajaches as natural heritage

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At Casa de la Cultura Benito Pérez Armas in Yaiza at 19h. Organised by Somos Lanzarote.

10 February: Zombie Love and iMtiMa

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Live music with these two bands at the Bunker Rock Bar in Arrecife at 23:55h.

10 February: Concert of Arrímate AR QUERÉ

16700286 10154386878122496 7696477626475589528 o

In Casa Planteario in Tías at 21h.

10-12 February: Course on dynamic biological agriculture

16387888 10154362493347496 6941281465662839880 n

A 3 days course, level 1. Cost: €90. For more information, pleasse call Carolina Roiris 695560505 or 928944661.

10-14 February: Valentine's Menu

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At the Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa Special menu to celebrate the ocassion at €42 per person:

Iberian pork shoulder carpaccio, three citrus fruit vinaigrette and creamy herb mustard ice cream with goats´ cheese foam

Leek stuffed with cod brandada on a toasted spine soup

Stone bass with green pea curry and parmentier potatoes with king prawn

Fillet of beef on pepper juice and Antigua cheese

Mars & Venus in the same orbit

Petit Fours by our Chef

White wine: Condesa de Leganza (Verdejo)Red wine: Finca 10 (Rioja)

Water, beer or soft drinks

11 February: Jorge Drexler in concert

15977371 10154319514557496 1750515433350916114 n

Award winner Uruguayan singer / song writter will perform at the Teatro El Salinero in Arrecife on the 11th at 21h. Tickets €20.

11 February: Books signing

16603152 10154386877272496 5197892406419347113 n

By the authors of editorial siete islas Miguel Aguerralde and Ismael Lozano at Centro Comercial Deiland in Playa Honda at 17h. The perfect occasion to get your loved one a lovely romatic novel in time for Valentine's Day... if they read Spanish, that is.

11 & 12 February: Official Competitions

16602851 10154386878057496 2892284655980107566 n

Fixtures for the official competitions at Ciudad Deportiva Lanzarote in Arrecife.

11 February: Coming from 50's

16252367 10154351030497496 2532241109445773583 o

Concert with singer Esther Alfonso and pianist Augusto Baézat Casa-Museo del Timple in Teguise at 21h. Tickets €10.

11 February: Dasoul in concert

16508075 10154381629527496 8529430675932119929 n

Latin music at IBIZA DISCO Lanzarote in Puerto del Carmen on the 11th, doors open at 23:30h. Tickets €10.

11 February: "50 shades of Grey" Party

16473934 10154362492152496 2316798806103289006 n

Themed party at KOPAS Lanzarote in the Marina Lanzarote in Arrecife on the 11th.

11 February: Concert: "Encuentro de dos mundos"

16602069 10154381629672496 8817812219573923912 o

With Dúo Castañera Soria at El Aljibe in Haría at 12h. Free entrance.

11 February: Speed dating

16462980 10154364478292496 3863848329869056180 o

With Valentine's Day around the corner, this sound like a fun and different way to meet people! At Centro Comercial Biosfera Plaza in Puerto del Carmen at 20:30h. Registration required: http://www.biosferaplaza.es/citas-rapidas/.

11 February: Forgiveness meditation

16602270 10154381629692496 2369750705259967437 o

Meditation done on a swing, including a healthy breakfast, at Shala Planetario in Tías at 10:30. For more information and reervations please call Olivia on 657 651 294.

11, 12 & 14 February: All you need is love

16602321 10154381629982496 3844407674196073314 o

Special lunch and / or dinner menus to celebrate Valentine's Day at these CACTs: - At Jameos del Agua, €32 pp- At QuéMuac Restaurant at the Castillo de San José in Arrecife 42€ pp with an optional wine pairing option for €55 pp. - At Monumento al Camperino, €28 pp. For more information and for reservations, please go to reserva en el enlace http://www.cactlanzarote.com/calendario-eventos/ or call 901 200 300.

11 & 25 February: FC Puerto del Carmen

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Support the local football club in Puerto del Carmen, visitors and residents welcome at home games.

11 to 17 February: Valentine's Special

At Sushi Bar Minato in Puerto Calero, every couple gets their favourite dessert complimentary. Reservations by calling 928 944 19.

12 February : Family excursion in Argana Baja in Arrecife

16142585 10154351029457496 9209092375393349899 n

To learn about the history of water and lime in the area at 10h. With story telling by Isabela Cabrera. Free but registration required with Senderismo Lanzarote.

13 & 14th February: Course on growing and looking after olive trees

16463345 10154362493072496 7324662892702889896 o

At the Cabildo de Lanzarote's Experimental Farm from 16:30 to 19:30h. Cost €5. More information and regitration at 928 83 65 90 or 91, or by email at agrolanzarote@cabildodelanzarote.com.

13 & 16 February: Cinema in English with Spanish subtitles at Cinemas Atlántida in Arrecife

16601692 10154397265342496 4651874910785904593 o

Cinema: "Live by Night", in English with Spanish subtitles at 19:30h. More informaton on http://www.lanzaroteinformation.com/content/english-cinema-lanzarote-13th-16th-february-2017.

14 February: Special Valentine's Menus

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Different prices, courses and locations to suit all budgets. - Africa Bar in Puerto del Carmen. 3 courses + champagne. €12 per person- Club Santa Rosa in Costa Teguise. 2 courses + dessert. €25 per person- Restaurante Hespérides. 12 (yes, 12!) courses. 58€ per person

14 February : Trío Otenami - Live Music

16730331 10154399624127496 7381030373291213361 n

Bossanova, Latin Jazz & Japanese Fussion at Vintage Lanzarote at 20:30h.

15 & 16 February: "Toni Erdmann"

16142713 10154345029112496 8052239134702648454 n

Cinema in German, English and Romanian, subtitled in Spanish at CIC El Almacén in Arrecife at 21h. Tickets 3€.

15 February: Free chat about natural sweeteners

16266272 10154345029377496 8486036333982177010 n

By nutricionist Viki Frau from Alquimia en tu plato at Naturalmente - Tienda Ecológica in Arrecife at 17h.

15 February: "Every day little super heroes"

16508763 10154386877412496 2244044892068164044 n

Activities to celebrate International Day for Children with Cancer at Parque Islas Canarias in Arrecife on the 15th at 17h. Organised by AFOL, the Lanzarote charity for families affected by cancer.

15 February: Minimal teather: "Planeta" and "¿Ser o no ser?"

16640834 10154399624077496 5279497793087311128 n

Micro plays written Alan Rejón and Graffiti performed by Salvador Correa and Rafael Cedres at El beréber in Playa Honda at 20:30h.

16 February: Tony Zenet in concert

16105645 10154319515182496 7804710665582806189 n

Presenting his latest disc "Si sucede, conviene" at the Castillo de San José on the 16th at 21h. Tickets €10.

16 February: Tasting of wine and cheese

16603106 10154386877542496 6791082713019624537 n

Pairing of 5 wines and 5 cheeses exclusive to the Canaries at Strava Tapas & Café in Arrecife at 19h. 34€ per person. Organised by Territorio Sibarita and Queso Project.

17 February: Initiation to wine tasting

15977316 10154319514487496 5507162016105284173 n

Including the tasting of 6 wines. Tickets €18. Event held at Territorio Sibarita in Arrecife at 20:30h.

17 February to 18 March: Fiestas de San Leandro in Teseguite

16830955 10154417717522496 3564148549443092021 n

Teseguite's Patron Saint Festivities. For more information, check the poster.

17 February: Concert "Timplefonías"

16422356 10154359918407496 9215572747371015227 o

Concert with Lanzarote timple players Adrián Niz, José Vicente Pérez y Alexis Lemes at Bodegas El Grifo at 19:30h. Tickets €15.

17 February: San Valentín

16298449 10154359918122496 8938084403367602217 n

At Living DISCO In Arrecife on the 17th. Tickets from €20 to €40.

17 February: Inaguration of the exhibition “Cinco creadoras en busca de Arozarena"

16684127 10154399624477496 673062433909071040 n

Works of Margarita Amat, Mariola Acosta, Macarena Nieves Cáceres, Ángeles García and Rosa Vera at CIC El Almacén in Arrecife on the 17th at 20h. It can be visited until the 29th April, Monday to Friday from 10h to 21h and Saturdays from 10h to 13h. Free entrance.

17 February: Documentary "Vikingland"

16683810 10154399624137496 7198358288069616417 n

Shown in original language (Gallician) at CIC El Almacén in Arrecife at 21h. Free entrance.

18 February: Clown Master Class

16425743 10154370173882496 2346524557676133208 n

With Totó el Payaso at the Casa del Miedo in Arrecife at 10h. Tickets €25.

18 February: Workshop on natural sweeteners

16195132 10154345029967496 2621881615045227373 n

By nutricionist Viki Frau from Alquimia en tu plato at Naturalmente - Tienda Ecológica in Arrecife at 11h. Price: €25.

18 February - 3 March: Carnival in San Bartolomé

16298662 10154352294292496 4341700790049062211 n

Carnival in San Bartolomé from the 18th of February to the 3rd of March.

18 February: Workshop on natural vision - Bates method

16298448 10154345028867496 7653025441486530479 n

Introductory and practical workshop on how to improve your vision so you don't have to use glasses or contact lenses. By Silvia Valiente at Surf Sup & Yoga School3S in Puerto del Carmen at 11:15h. More information & registration at info@school3s.es or 628410602.

18 February: Wine walk Visit to Bodegas Vega de Yuco

16402474 1304171892959351 6698173360918081515 o

Including tasting of their wines. Tickets 12€.

18 February: Totó, the Travelling Clown

16298766 10154364478147496 8539504024264147268 n

Family theather at Teatro El Salinero in Arrecife at 18h. Tickets €6.

18 February: Workshop: Yoga for the whole family

16722450 10154397265782496 3070171962789898859 o

Organised by Pilates & Yoga Lanzarote at Mi Universo in Tahiche on the 18th at 10h. €15 per family.

18 February - 1 March: Arrecife Carnival 2017.

16806663 10154406587087496 4121796356088116249 n

Plenty of parades, music and fun. Full programme on http://www.lanzaroteinformation.com/content/arrecife-carnaval-2017.

18 February: 2nd Meeting regarding the electric connection between Lanzarote and Fuerteventura

16806713 10154406587042496 9074011909171929946 n

At the Centro cultural in Femés at 11h.

18 February: Fundraising event in aid of The Kennel Klub

16807647 10154406587747496 8017814796088820897 n

Live music with Rory, Albert, Pedro, Ian and Bry at The Island Bar Lanzarote in Puerto del Carmen Bar on the 18th at 10pm. All proceeds and donations will go to the animal association The Kennel Klub. Raffle prizes to be won. In case you can attend but would like to help, donations can be done online at https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/DoggyStyle.

18-28 February: Collective exhibition

16422351 10154364479192496 8681739320927095775 o

To mark the Galería de arte ENMALA's 3rd anniversary, four artists will exhibit their different works:Mick Gonnel (Bretagne, 1959), Moisés Gutiérrez (Lanzarote, 1987), Alfredo Montaña (Asturias, 1945) and Manolo Perdomo Ramírez (Gran Canaria, 1958). In Mala from the 18th February till the 26th March, Monday to Friday, from 12 to 18h.

19 February: Vegetales y hierbas aromáticas

16825740 10154417720432496 9010427739202188227 o

Teguise celebrate the month of Vegetales y hierbas aromáticas at Teguise Sunday Market from 09:00 to 14:00 in the “Zone Agricola" by the children’s park, where visitors can taste our local vegetables and aromatic herbs.

19 February: III Children's Murgas Contest

16807245 10154406587772496 7651359289829024604 n

With the performaces of Murga Los Bambones, Comparsa Cumbacheros and the participating murgas: Retoñitos, Chau Chau, Guacimetitos, Gorfinijos, Noveleros and Intoxicaditos. At Recinto Ferial at 17.00 h.

20 February: Canarian Literature Day - Homage Rafael Arozarena Doblado

16473657 10154381629582496 3148530413690030328 n

Readings of fragments of the writer at the Biblioteca Insular in Arrecfe at 20:30h.

20 & 23 February: Cinema in English with Spanish subtitles "Lion"

16648988 10154417717602496 703846158824812764 n

At Cinemas Atlándita in Arrecife at 19:40h. More information on http://www.lanzaroteinformation.com/content/english-cinema-lanzarote-20t...

21 February: FIJI Feast

16603149 418680521804279 5228117405692154563 n

Charity menu at Almacen Bar in Arrecife at 19h. 29€ per person, 20€ of which will be donated to help the Fiji islanders after 2016's cyclone 'Winston’. By reservation only.

21 & 25 February: Furniture Painting Worshops

16640709 10154397265287496 3843809960372179501 n

On the 21st from 9 to 13h and 25th from 10 to 14h. Learn the basics of painting a small item of furniture with the range of paint from Frenchic. €45 per person, tea, coffee and cake included. at Odd and Imperfect in Tías.

22 February: Exhibition of historical photographs of Lanzarote's Carnival

16707317 10154406588217496 5303374158406170519 o

At Centro Comercial Deiland. Inauguration on the 22nd at 18:30h. This exhibition can be visited until the 8th of March.

22 & 23 February: "I, Daniel Blake"

16195409 10154345028922496 5858844942292967382 n

Cinema in English, subtitled in Spanish at CIC El Almacén in Arrecife at 21h. Tickets 3€.

23 February Homage to Rafael Arozarena

16826117 10154423969807496 3937746626634418394 o

Readings of fragments of works by this author from Tenerife at the Biblioteca Municipal de Teguise at 20h.

23-26 February: XIII MiniBasket Tournament

16804061 10154426452317496 6809712811074648196 o

Children's basketball competition at the Pabellón Municipal in Teguise.

24 February: Inauguration of the exhibition of paintings of Inge Koetzier van Hooff

16700519 10154399625192496 8076870764369242812 o

At La Palmera Teguise at 20:30h. It can be visited until the 1st of April.

24 February: Destilados y licores

16806862 10154417717767496 8752376812882966057 n

Francisco Rosado will talk about the liqueurs he makes in his distillery in Arrecife. The presentation will take place at Cebolla Salvaje - Estudio Bar in Teguise.

24 February: Areo yoga workshop

16904771 10154423969917496 984291118568760540 o

Introduction to this practice of yoga on a swing. At Shala Planetario in Tías on the 24th at 10h including tea and vegan carrot cake. Inscriptions on 657651294.

25 February: The Fairy Queen

16298465 10154359918097496 2420428118719760911 n

Opera by H. Purcell in concert version at the Convento de Santo Domingo at 18h. Tickets €12.

25 February: Concert of Arístides Moreno and Ciempiés Ni Cabeza

16835875 10154426452297496 3785526750914003342 o

Free concert in Calle Limones in Playa Blanca at 20:30h.

25 February: Carnaval Porteño

16649077 10154381629862496 9000685947665160349 n

Day Carnival including a parade from Charco de San Ginés to Parque Islas Canarias and "Feria de la Tapa" with tapas at 1€ and live music at Parque José Ramírez Cerdá on the 25th from 12h onwards.

25 February: 1st MTB-XC Championship

16716228 10154406588247496 1124040567364412128 o

Arrival and departure at Casa Mayor Guerra in San Bartolomé on the 25th at 16:30h. First of three competitions for children up to 16 years old. Organised by C.D. El Aljibe "Al Golpito".

25 February - 4 March: Charter Week

16387146 10154351029872496 4396142480116163663 n

Charter Week Islas Canarias with ECC yacht charter.

25 February: Conference: "Cuevas planetarias desde las profundidades de la Tierra hasta la Luna y Marte"

16730340 10154423969757496 5016889873806126614 n

Chat about the caves on Earth, the Moon and Mars By Francesco Sauro (European Space Agency) y Robbie Shone (National Geographic photographer) at the CSC La Tegala in Haría at 20h.

26 February to 4 March:POINT-7

16640747 10154397265382496 6930606216264353126 n

Black Junior Pro Training in Lanzarote from the 26th of February to the 4th of March in Playa de Las Cucharas in Costa Teguise. For windsurfers aged between 14 and 17. For more information, please email info@point-7.com.

26 February: Bola Canaria

16806844 10154426452127496 1694864610330111693 n

2nd competition day of the Juegos Insulares de Promoción Deportiva at Club Ajei in San Bartolomé at 9:30h.

27 February: Stoke City FC Soccer Camp

16252165 1795499977142788 8909513465543145433 o

Football camp with FC Puerto del Carmen in Lanzarote. Cost €85 for the week, call 670 806 223 or email jacktalbot6@gmail.com

Starlight Open Air Cinema Films February 2017

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UD Lanzarote Football Fixtures February 2017

04/02 Buzanada – U.D.Lanzarote
12/02 U.D.Lanzarote – C.D.Vera
19/02 Marino – U.D.Lanzarote
26/02 U.D.Lanzarote – Arucas

Canarian Rugby League Fixtures February 2017


2-28 February Entertainment at the Arrecife Gran Hotel

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All acts starting at 21h, unless otherwise stated.

On Thursdays at 20h, After work with Dj Syl kas (Blues, Deep house, Jazz)

3,12,19 & 26 February: Trío Cubano (Latin music)

4 & 18 February: Davinia Báez & Lourdes Guadalupe (International pop)

7 February: Soul Killer Seal (Soul)

8 & 22 February: Aaron Bruyning (The prince of soul)

9 & 23 February: Colleen Meje (Soul, jazz, r&b)

10 February: The Millsy Brothers (Versions of the 70's, 80's & 90's music)

14 & 28 February: Elvis by Cisco King (Tribute to the King of Rock n' Roll)

21 February at 21:30h: Millennial Show (The best classic songs)

24 February: The Millsy JukeBox (Songs through the decades)

25 February at 22h: Lanzarote Big Band (Versions of Frank Sinatra, Michael Bublé)

27 February at 20:30h: Axe Brasil (Carnival Show from Brazil)

6-24 February: ISO courses

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Several ISO courses with ISO in the Sun.

February: Children Games

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Aimed at children aged 3 to 16 years from the 1st at the Park in Haría on Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays from 16:30 to 19h.

2-23 February: Tiemar's activities

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2 February - Awareness Stand Against Domestic Violence at Deiland SC

6,13 & 20 February - Applying Cochineal in Art & Crafts

13,20 & 20 February - Soft Yoga Workshop (stretching)

1,8 & 15 February - Selfawarenss Workshop (meditation and relaxation)

2,9,16 & 23 February - Chess Workshop for Children

2,9,16 & 23 February - Agüita de los jueves

23 February - Feminist workshops.

All the activities are held at Tiemar's premises in Playa Honda, unless otherwise stated.

4-28 February: Gran Casino de Lanzarote

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4: Poker Texas Hold'em Tournament - main event at 21h
18: Poker Texas Hold'em Tournament - parallel event at 21h
20: Jackpot Night - Fortune Wheel at 20h
Tuesdays - weekly Super Tuesday Poker Texas Hold'em Tournament at 21h
Thursdays - weekly Super Thursday Poker Texas Hold'em Tournament at 21h

If you've got an event in Lanzarote that you'd like to add to this page, please email the details to jules@lanzaroteinformation.com

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