What's Happening At The Lanzarote Gazette?

Rumours are rife on the island and we’re being asked by our readers about what appear to be some changes at Lanzarote’s English language magazine, The Gazette. These centre around:


  • The current issue being marked as “Issue number one"
  • A change of name of the publishing company
  • Some copies carrying a cover price of €2
  • The website that belongs to the magazine being out of action for more than a month

We contacted The Gazette and asked them to let us know what was happening so we could pass news on to our readers.

Owner Rosemary Nightingale explained it all to us:

1/ The company name has been changed as part of a planned restructure

2/ The Gazette are printing an additional 2000 copies each month, which will be available for sale in supermarkets – this is because those types of businesses don’t usually allow free publications to sit alongside paid ones, and will therefore increase their coverage. Rosemary has told us that 10,000 free copies will still be produced. This is also the reason for the current edition being marked “Issue one."

3/ The website has been subject to virus issues, and a new safer version is being created with the hope it will be online in May

So there you have it.


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