What is RSS?

You've probably seen the RSS feed button on this site and many others, and wondered just what it is. So here's a handy guide to it and how it works. Trust me, once you start using RSS, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it!

In the old days, if you wanted to keep up with what was happening on a website, you needed to bookmark it or add it to your favorites. Then you had to remember to check your favorites every now and then, to see if there had been an update or change.

RSS changes all of that, and will save you so much time - it literally "feeds" any new content posted onto a website at the moment it is placed on line.

RSS stand for "Really simple syndication" and it delivers new content into your RSS Reader, usually in the form of a shortened version of the content. You can then scan your reader each day and pick out the topics you are interested in, click the link and it will take you directly to the article. It's almost like subscribing to a magazine!

To use RSS, you need to get a reader, but there are many available to download free. Just search at www.google.com using the term "RSS Feedreader" and you'll be presented with a huge choice. Personally, I use the Feedly, which I find easy, clear and simple. You can download Feedly Here

Once you've downloaded your reader, you can either search within the reader for sites to add, or when you're surfing and find one you like, simply click the Orange RSS feed button (on the right sidebar), and the site will be added to your reader. You can unsubscribe from any site whenever you want, and none of your personal details are sent to the site.