Walk, Puerto del Carmen to Puerto Calero

I was surprised at how easy it was to walk from Puerto del Carmen to Puerto Calero at the weekend. Normally I don’t think twice about how to get there as I just drive but for tourists staying in Puerto del Carmen without a hire car I wondered how they would visit the marina. From Puerto del Carmen, they could catch the Arrecife Bus, take the water taxi, arrange a free transfer if booked on the Catlanza or Submarine excursion or they could walk!

1 Promenade start2 Puerto Calero in the distance

I started my walk from Playa Chica next to the Fariones Hotel in Puerto del Carmen, look for the promenade that takes you through to the old harbour area which currently has some major work in progress, gone is the lovely square and children’s play area for the time being. You can see our destination from the start point, where the sun is shining!

3 Puerto del Carmen Old Harbour4 Steps

The old harbour area of Puerto del Carmen has a great atmosphere, there are some good restaurants and tapas bars with spectacular sea views. From the old harbour look for the steps to the side of Island Watersports Diving Centre and follow the tiny puzzle of side streets along the side of the harbour.

5 Decking Harbour Area6 Switchback slope

Peeking between the tiny houses that were once fishermen’s cottages you can see a brand new wooden decked area, the access points are still blocked off but at some point in the future you will be able to walk along this section. The climb up to the coastal path looks hard, but the path slopes gently back and to, there’s a great view if you need to stop to catch your breath.

7 View Forward8 Lovely pathway and seating

At the top there are some wonderful places to sit and enjoy the view, benches with bougainvillea trailing over pergolas offering shade if its a hot sunny day.

9 View back to the harbour10 Smooth off road surface

Looking back you can see the new harbour wall extension now in full use, going forward the pavement stops but the path is smooth and accessible for pushchairs or mountain bikes – just don’t take this corner too fast, there were a few skid marks and a fair drop.

11 Lovely coastal path12 Femes mountains

At the end of the built up area around the harbour there is a lovely coastal path marked out with stone walls and wooden posts, again benches have been installed so you can sit along the way and enjoy the views.

13 Stairs to the sea14 Fancy a dip

Although high above the water there are steps leading down to the rocks offering easy access for those seeking to cool off with a swim or a spot of fishing.

15 Puerto Calero in view16 curvy path

The path twists and turns along the coastline, I passed joggers, walkers and families out for a stroll, you’d need to keep an eye on young children as there are some open sections with steep drops to the sea in places.

17 Barranco Quíquere steps18 Fish farm in view

There is a series of steps leading down into the Barranco del Quíquere and up again which can be a bit awkward with a pram but passable.

19 Back up again20 Looking back

The fish farm is visible just off the coast here, a blue oval shape with two yellow buoys marking its position.

21 Just around the bend22 Another chance for a dip

Just around the corner the marina of Puerto Calero comes into plain view, here the sea is only just below the path offering another chance for a swim.

23 Looking down on the marina24 path down to the marina promenade

Once you reach the marina you can’t access the car park area, the path leads down past the security gate and back up again.

25 Lovely view over the yachts26 Start of the path from marina

The path ends (or starts if walking to Puerto del Carmen) at the security hut in the middle of the road as you drop down into Puerto Calero.

Café La Perla Rosa palm treesNext walk

The walk had taken less than an hour and I had stopped frequently during that time to take photos and admire the view, it’s lovely and would recommend everyone to try it! I just fancied a cup of tea and knew where to get the best ……Café del Plaza are situated in the plaza just below the end of the path, where you will find a fantastic selection of homemade cakes as well as free wifi if you need to get online.

The path continues on paved up to the Hesperia Hotel and then dirt tracks to Playa Quemada and through the Monumento Natural de Los Ajaches to Femés, that’s for another day. The start of this walk connects with the end of the promenade walk in Puerto del Carmen. If you've walked enough, you can always take the taxi boat back.

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