Visitor Centre for Salinas de Janubio

The Ayuntamiento of Yaiza have facilitated an investment of a million euros for the Salinas de Janubio.

Salinas de Janubio Lanzarote

The Casa de la Sal visitor centre will have  three buildings of 27 x 16.5 m separated by streets and a viewing balcony to provide a visitor’s reception, exhibition area and a bar  restaurant. Other facilities are planned including shops, offices, toilet facilities, storage area and parking.

The project has been received favourably by Servicio de Medio Ambiente del Cabildo de Lanzarote (environmental services), Área de Patrimonio de la Primera Corporación insular (heritage department) and the Oficina Técnica del Ayuntamiento de Yaiza (planning department).

One of the last working salt pans remaining from the 19th century industry in Lanzarote, the Salinas de Janubio situated on the coast between Playa Blanca and El Golfo already attracts photographers & birdwatchers to the picturesque area. The visitors centre will help promote awareness of this historic industry and offset the difficult economic situation faced by the traditional sea salt farm.

The area has already been declared a site of scientific interest.

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