Variety Is The Spice Of Lanzarote Tourism

Playa Flamingo Beach

I picked a random date in August to look at the options for a week’s accommodation here in Lanzarote. The span is tremendous, at one end a couple will pay the best part of £4,000 for a two bedroom suite with jacuzzi, and at the other, they could self cater in an apartment for under £300. In between, there are rural hotels, “Glamping,” villas and even boats you can stay aboard.

It’s not just the accommodation here that varies, either. Some people come to the island for days on the beach and nights in a Brit bar, others come to trawl the rural villages and walk through our epic scenery. Others enjoy a sporting, parascending, diving or golfing holiday, or they might come here to study our volcanos and wildlife. Each year more and more come to the island to celebrate their marriage, or renew their vows with friends and family. 

In terms of eating and drinking, the island offers everything from self catering, to all inclusive “plus,” with everything in between, and of course we have several world class restaurants, superb wines and a growing micro brewery scene here.

The choice is amazing for an island that covers an area of just 850 Square kilometres - or around 80KM long from one end to the other. 

The beauty is that Lanzarote can offer everything as visitor’s needs change. When the children are young, the resorts offer everything a family could possibly want. As they get older, they’ll enjoy visiting other parts of the island, and when they’re grown up mum and dad can enjoy the island for the things they want from a holiday.

We know many of our readers have been coming to the island for 30 years or more, and it’s a testament to the breadth of options which are available here, and something that is unique to Lanzarote.

We can help with booking any type of holiday to Lanzarote - we have experience in booking large groups for weddings or sports events, and we’re really good at finding the best options for couples or families, because nobody knows Lanzarote like we do. Do get in touch to get our advice about your next holiday to the island: Lanzarote Holiday Enquiry