UK Inland Revenue Chasing Spanish Taxes

I was quite surprised to hear from some readers that the UK Inland Revenue are sending out letters chasing payment of the Spanish non- resident property tax! Apparently over 300,000 of these letters have gone out.


Just to clarify, if you own a property here in Lanzarote (or anywhere in Spain) and you aren’t a resident of Spain, there is an annual tax you need to pay.

Your tax for 2011 is due this year, and can be paid at any time until 31st December.

We work with a locally based firm who offer an online service to both calculate and pay the tax for you, and Taxes On Line charge a very reasonable €49 to do so.

On their website, you can:

  • Calculate the amount of tax due
  • Set a reminder to pay it later in the year
  • Ask them to go ahead and get it paid for you so you can relax

Visit the website here: Spanish non resident property tax