Transporting pets to Lanzarote


A pet's passport is recommended for any cats or dogs that are travelling abroad with you. This ensures that they can return to the UK once 6 months has passed and they have a valid rabies vaccination.

Details of the Pet Travel Scheme can be found on the Defra website.

Allow at least 6 weeks before your departure date to start this process with your vet. Your animal will have to be chipped and vaccinated and complete a health check before being allowed to travel.

We strongly recommend that you shop around when looking for a carrier for your pet and try to book a daytime flight. It is possible to book your pets on most airlines so that they can travel in the cargo section at the same time as you.

When you arrive at the Arrecife Airport and have collected your suitcases, you will need to make your way to the separate cargo building where a guardia civil officer will check your pets papers and that they are not on the local dangerous animals list. Payment for the flight and kennel has to be paid in advance and the local clearing agent will charge on arrival for customs and clearing if your UK agent has not prearranged this.

The travel kennel will be released with the animal, you can leave this at customs if it is not required or there is a charity organisation on the island (SARA) who will be grateful for the box if you can fit it in your car!

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