Traditional Canarian Costume, Lanzarote

Los Dolores Pilgrimage

Each Canary island had its own traditional costume. The clothes worn were simple but you could tell a lot about a person, for example depending on the colour of the skirt, style of blouse or hat you would know just from sight if a woman was single or married!

Clothes of a Woman:
Blouse (la camisa) was white and could be short sleeved, similar to gipsy style or long sleeved.
Leggings (el calzónes) were white and worn under the skirt.
White underskirt (el zagaljo) worn long to the ankles.
Skirt (la falda) worn over the top.
Jacket (el saco) with long sleeves.
Apron (el delantal) worn over the skirt from waist to knees.
Shoes (los zapatos) were either canvas shoes or black boots.
Hat (el pañuelo) worn with or without a headscarf.

Clothes of a Man:
Shirt (la camisilla) long or short sleeved shirt without collar.
Trousers (el pantalón) full length and colours of grey, black, beige, cinnamon and navy blue.
Waistcoat (el chaleco) the front matched the material of the trousers.
Jacket (la chaqueta) matched the waistcoat and trousers.
Hat (el sombrero) made from felt and available in the same colours to match the trousers.
Shoes (los zapatos) normally black.

You can buy a typical Lanzarote costume from Arrecife, they appear in the shop windows at different times of the year, when the clothes are worn to celebrate fiestas such as:

Día de Canarias 30th May 2009 (Canarian Day)
Nuestra Señora de Los Dolores 15th September 2009 (Pilgrimage to Mancha Blanca, see photo)

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Los Dolores Pilgrimage