Tougher Penalties For Lanzarote Dog Owners

Councils from two municipalities in Lanzarote have announced that tougher actions will be imposed on owners of dogs who let them loose in the streets or allow them to foul public areas.

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San Bartolomé announced that they were imposing new sanctions last week, the news from Antonio Rocío the councillor for the Local Police said that denuncias would be issued for dogs found defecating in public spaces and stray dogs. The council appreciate co-operation from those citizens who take the time to report incidents so that animals are controlled and public spaces are kept clean. Thirty different penalties have been imposed depending upon the offence which includes allowing your dog to exercise on the beach.

Likewise Eugenio Robayna the councilor for the Municipal Pound and Beaches in Teguise announced they are tightening the control of animals along the coastal areas of the municipality. Dog owners could be fined 150 Euros for their pets leaving a mess in public areas and up to 750 Euros for dogs found out of control or straying. The council state that these stricter measures have been brought in due to the continuous demands of residents. They also categorically state that dogs are not allowed on the beach at Famara. The zones within the municipality of Teguise to have increased vigilance are Costa Teguise, Los Cocoteros and Caleta de Famara, these will he patrolled by municipal officers on quads.

Costa Teguise started a clean up campaign in June last year with the installation of forty special bins for the disposal of dog’s mess around the resort.

Dog mess is not pleasant to see left on our pavements and unhygienic for children when found during their playtime on the beach or in the park. These stricter regulations will not affect responsible dog owners who refrain from taking their animals to the resort beaches and clean up after them.

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