Top 7 places to drink Guinness in Puerto del Carmen

Everybody knows that Puerto del Carmen is the Irish capital of Lanzarote and since St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner, the black stuff is bound to be flowing in copious amounts soon enough.

Guinness with a viewPatiently waiting for the Guinness

The whole serving ritual has had me mesmerised for years and I admit that it certainly was an acquired taste for me.  For the un-initiated, or the occasional Guinness drinker like myself, all pints might taste the same. "Sacrilege!" I hear the Guinness lovers' say.

So I decided to ask my regular Guinness drinking friends where you can drink the best pint in town. The answers varied considerably as the choice of Irish establishments is numerous.

Bearing in mind that I am no expert and that this was a quite unscientific approach, here are the top 7 places for a good pint of the black stuff in Puerto del Carmen (in alphabetical order):

1. The Blarney Stone. The sister pub of the The Blarney Grill. Located in the Hoya shopping centre in the Old Town, I have been told that Guinness is at it's best when the Dublin City Ramblers are playing.

2. Craic n' Ceol. Located literally between The Old Town and the Avenida, by the Biosfera Plaza shopping centre. My personal favourite, not only because it's my local, but because they have music seven nights a week... and they happen to be some of my favourite musicians too.

3. Gallaghers' Beachview Sports Bar. Well, the name says it all about the sister bar of The Island. They serve food, show most main sports' events and early evening music gigs. Because it's on second floor on the Strip you get the sea views. It's hard to beat a pint of Guinness with views like that.


4. The Hogan Stand. Located in The Old Town, you might miss it altogether unless you know where you are going or you happen  to pass it by. As you go up Calle Reina Sofía, it's on a corner on the left hand side. They also serve food during the day.

5. Paddy´s Bar. Located in a little u-shaped square in the Old Town, it's a sport bar and it's the only one I must admit I don't know at all. We'll have to remedy that somehow!

6. Ruta 66. Again, back to the Strip, that initially it seemed an unusual choice as it's the only one that it is not an Irish pub as such. But I have been assured that the consistency of the Guinness there, day or night, busy or quiet is worth mentioning.

7-. Last but not least...

I'm leaving the seventh position blank because I would like you to mention which one is your personal favourite one in the comments below. We'll call it the "Readers Choice Pint of Guinness  " in Puerto del Carmen, why not?

Sláinte and Happy Paddy's Day, everyone!

(Please remember to drink responsibly too!)

Update 15/03/2016
Based on all the comments on our Facebook page from publication of this article until today, the "Readers' Choice Pint of Guiness" is… (drum roll) the Brendan Behan Bar - congratulations!

Thank you everybody for your contributions!"