Timanfaya National Park, Montanas del Fuego, Lanzarote

What is the Timanfaya Park?

Timanfaya was established as a national park in 1974 and covers a 51km area of volcanic landscape. The area was designated as a reserve so that it can be observed as time passes, you can see lichen on the rocks and an odd few plants that have seeded themselves amongst the lava fields.

What does Montañas del Fuego mean?

It translates as the mountains of fire or as we would say in English, Fire Mountains.

Does Lanzarote have a live volcano?

No its status is classed as historial / dormant but you can feel the heat measured at 400 degrees centigrade just 10m below the surface at Islote de Hilario.

Where does the heat come from?

The natural heat is a geothermic anomaly, there is a residual chamber of magma close the the surface.

When did Lanzarote last have an eruption?

The eruptions took place over six years from 1730, no one was killed but villages were lost as well as fertile land bringing hardship to the locals. The last one in Lanzarote was in 1824. You can read about the Lanzarote eruptions here.

What can you do at the park?

When you arrive at the park you should take a seat on the buses waiting, here you will be taken on a route around the area with plenty of opportunity to take photos of the dramatic landscape and listen to the notes made by the priest of Yaiza in his diary regarding the progress of the eruptions.

When you return there go and find the huge BBQ with chicken roasting on the volcanic heat. There are also demonstrations with water which is poured into a tube in the ground and it shoots a geyser up into the air a few seconds later. Also bushes are placed into a hole in the ground and they burst into flames!

There is a gift shop and a restaurant designed by César Manrique called Restaurant del Diablo that has great views over the park.


Can I ride a camel there?

If you fancy seeing the landscape of Timanfaya by camel then stop at the first opportunity on your left before the visitor centre, you can see the camels waiting.

Can I walk in the park?

There are two guided walking tours available in the Timanfaya National Park. The first is a 3km walk lasting 2 hours and classified as easy. This trek is available to a maximum of 7 people and concentrates on the flora and fauna of the area. The second walk is 9km in length and again can take a maximum of 7 people. The trek is classed as difficult and lasts 5 hours and is the only way to discover the coastline of the National Park and wildlife. Both tours must be booked in advance, please call the visitor centre on 928 840 839 to reserve your places. You can prebook your Volcano Trek on line before you arrive here.

What are the opening times?

The visiting hours are from 9am to 6pm with the last tour leaving at 5pm. The Restaurant del Diablo is open from midday to 4pm.

How do I find it?

There are plenty of tours available but if you have your own car then from Costa Teguise and Puerto del Carmen resorts head towards Playa Blanca until reaching Yaiza, look for the Timanfaya sign and a turning to the right, the road leaves Yaiza and is cut through the lava fields. Heading out from Playa Blanca the turning would be on your left after the salinas and El Golfo.

You can simply enjoy a drive through the area, the scenery is simply stunning and if you want more information about volcanoes and the area, you could always stop at the museum (entry free of charge) past the turn off for the Timanfaya visitor centre.