Tides in Lanzarote

tides4fishing If you’re looking for the tide information for Lanzarote, we’ve got just the website for you!

Tides 4 Fishing is an excellent resource for fishing in Lanzarote, as well as the tide tables they also have the solunar fishing calendar which is essential for knowing when the fish are going to be at their most active. No more guessing, you can plan your fishing or diving down to the best hour of that day.

The tide chart details the low and high tides of the day together with sunrise and sunset, tidal coefficient and solunar activity.Tide Timetable Lanzarote

If you would like this information but in Spanish then the same website is available at Tabla de Mareas. When living on an island its essential to know the tide timetable so that you can enjoy our water sports such as scuba diving, surfing, sailing and sport fishing in Lanzarote.


The solunar fishing calendar details the hours through the day when the fish will be at their most active. For example today 3rd January 2011 the fish activity forecast is very high, optimum times for fishing are at sunrise 7-8am and sunset 5.30-6.30pm but also lunch time from midday to 2pm.


You can also find links to some really useful information such as the minimum fish sizes this fish chart covers the Canary Islands so you can look up your catch and make sure if you can take it home for supper or return the fish to the sea for another day.

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