Tias Tapas Week

Last week was the fifth annual “Semana de la Mini Tapa” in Tías which is eagerly awaited by the locals and foreigners alike.

Tapa Week Leaflet  Tapa Week Leaflet 2

For those of you who have not attended one of these events, which also happen at various other towns around the island during the year, the idea is that participating bars and restaurants create a special tapa dish for the event. You visit each of the venues and ask for “tapa especial” and your choice of a glass of wine, a small beer or a soft drink, which are great value at 3€.

20151110_185514-r50  20151110_204316-r50

The establishments will stamp your leaflet and when you have tried them all you can vote for your favourite tapa and post your leaflet in the boxes provided. Some lucky participants will be drawn at random and receive prizes ranging from 200€ worth of vouchers to a meal for two.

Also, during the week, some shops offer discounts from 5% to 20% on presentation of your leaflet with at least one stamp in it.

20151111_151914-r50  20151111_155714-r50

This year the event began on Friday 6th November with two rock bands playing in Plaza Iglesía de San Antonio. Boulevard kicked off the evening with rock classics in both Spanish and English and they were followed by Treintytantos, who are obviously very popular with the mostly local crowd, with their brand of Spanish rock. It was a great start to the week.

Boulevard  20151111_180533-r50

In the following days we sampled all of the tapas dishes on offer, mostly accompanied by a lovely variety of red wines. As you can see from the photos the participating locations really pull out all the stops for this occasion and there is no skimping on the portions as they try to gain the kudos and acclaim that goes with creating the winning dish.

Some of the tapas had names which didn’t give us much of a clue as to what to expect; La Mar Serrana, Carne Fiesta and the intriguing Tías “50” kept us guessing until they arrived on the table, but they were all lovely. The hardest part is deciding who to vote for and everyone will have their own favourite. For us it came down to a close call between the last two that we tried – Mesón El Pueblo with Salteado de Pollo Strogonoff and Hamburguesería “Cuco” with the Tías “50”, which was actually a mini burger stuffed with cream cheese. I’ll keep our final decision a secret!

If you see one of these events advertised, and they are always announced on Lanzarote Information, I can recommend taking part. You’ll have some great food, a few drinks and you’ll meet like-minded people doing the rounds.

Tías council have announced the winning tapa as the Salteado de Pollo Strogonoff, from Mesón El Pueblo. Plus Lucía Cuevas was the winner of the €200 for completing the ruta de tapa.