Three Kings 2011

We watched the Three Kings Cabalgata in Costa Teguise yesterday. Normally we go to Arrecife to watch the larger parade at night but it made a very pleasant change to arrive in  beautiful warm sunshine and wait for the Kings who were leaving from the Gran Meliá Salinas hotel around 5pm. We found a table on the terrace of El Bocadito, ordered a round of drinks and waited for the procession. Our friend’s children were excited, this was the first time they would have been in Lanzarote for Reyes.

Reyes Batucada Reyes Baltasar

The start was later than planned, which is par for the course when you live in Spain, the police closed the road to traffic and we could hear the sound of a Batucada band in the distance. The kids started bouncing up and down with excitement as the procession made it’s way towards us, adults started to move to the rhythm of the drums and all of a sudden the Kings Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar were here, riding their camels and throwing handfuls of sweets to the crowds.

Reyes Bart Simpson Reyes Marge & Lisa Simpson

The children scattered in all directions grabbing the sweets quickly off the floor. There were a number of characters along with the procession, we saw Bart, Marge and Lisa Simpson, SpongeBob and Minnie Mouse who stopped to say hello to the kids and posed for photos. At the back of the parade was a float that had a bubble and ticker tape cannon on board which looked really pretty when they floated into the spectators.

Reyes Melchor Los Reyes Magos

Costa Teguise was only a short parade but it was traditional with the kings on camels.

Barbra Plunkett watched the Cabalgata in Playa Blanca and very kindly sent us these photos to share with you.

3 kings Playa Blanca 2011

3 kings Playa Blanca 2011 3 kings Playa Blanca 2011

Did you watch one of the Kings Parades?

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