Survey - Your thoughts and questions

On the survey we sent out to our subscribers we asked for any comments or suggestions about how we can improve Lanzarote Information. And as promised, here’s a selection, with some answers from me.

Between October and April there are about 60 000 Scandinavians on the island. Is there a chance for a Scandinavian column with news and especially What's on during those Scandi months?

We’d love to – can you recommend anyone to write a Scandi column?

I find the way the picture loads when a page opens rather annoying.

It can be annoying as many of our posts have a lot of images, and server load can be high at certain times. We’re always trying to balance quality against load speed – if you click the photos you’ll see they get much larger. We’ll try them a little smaller and see if that helps.

Info. on walks

Opinions on restaurants & bars
Links to English radio stations
An excellent site!!

Thanks! We already have all of those:

Restaurants and bars.  English radio stations.  Info on walks.

You are doing a great job!

Thank you!

Would like to be regulary updated on events that are taking place on the Island

Plenty of you said this, and it’s so hard to get information from everywhere. But now that we are so well established, we are getting more and more directly from ayuntamientos and the cabildo, sometimes even before the events runs!  :)

Seriously though, we will continue to improve this – don’t forget to check our calendar all the time here: Lanzarote calendar.

More info on how the world is affecting the island and reports on how Lanzarote is fighting recession and motivating people to visit.

Good point! It’s easy for us to forget to cover stuff like that. We’ll do it!

would like to see more job opportunities

So would we – we have to work harder to get employers to tell us about them.

value for money flights, accommodation etc

We’re pretty good at these already, Check out flights and accommodation.

I prefered it when there was more to read in the body of the email instead of all the hyperlinks that I actually have to click on to get to the information.
I think it's a great website on the whole, very informative and keeps our interest in Lanzarote when it comes time to book the next holiday. (Have just booked two weeks end of July, can't wait!!)

We did send out full posts in the body of the emails, but some people said the emails were too long, and they preferred just the links. I’ll put a poll up and we’ll go with the majority. Have a great holiday!

I like to go to typical canarian restaurant with canarian food and music, that feels good. I like to see different .restaurants/bars in Lanzarote information.

We do too, so keep reading and we’ll be covering plenty of Canarian restaurants.

I think the site is just right although a few holiday hotels would be very useful

You’re right, we are light on hotels. We’ll get to work on that.

Last year was my second visit 2 Lanzarote - my first was a basic beach holiday in Puerto del Carmen and I was aware that the island had many amazing features but I was unable to explore them. So, for my second visit I wanted lots of information and your website was by far the best. I will need to return because we didn't get to eat in any of the Sociedades - which sound fantastic. Also, we never got to watch any wrestling.
I'd like to see a more advanced search tool.

The wrestling (Lucha) is great fun! We are planning a feature on sociedades, so keep reading. If you use search, once you have searched for something, you can then switch to advanced search if you haven’t found what you are looking for. You make a good point though – we now have over 2000 pages of information, and we need to find ways to make it more accessible, so we are working on that.

More collaboration with other similar ventures would be good. There are quite a few "pro-Lanzarote" sites and companies about. Trying to get all the info in one place would be good. More Job info for people would be good as well. As well as trying to integrate the English & Spanish communities more.

I’m not sure how collaboration with other sites would work to be honest. I’m sure the writers of the other sites believe theirs is the best as passionately as we do, and at the end of the day the readers decide whose style and direction they prefer. The thing is we all publish publicly, so we can each read what the others are writing about and benefit from that. Job info – I totally agree, the whole job market here needs to become better organised. And the same with nationalities, not just English and Spanish, but South American and others as well. We do our best on that score and carry a lot of news and events on activities across the nationalities.

i think your doing just "tickytyboo" (great.) my family love lanzarote,we know people who live there ,we know people who own property the minute we are just gathering as much info as possible such as,relocation,schools property as we would love to stay in lanzarote 1 cater for that and sooo much more.the team seems very helpful,before ,during and after the move is ive said before in emails it is just a dream for now,but i look on your sites mostly everyday.keep up the good work gang! p.s see the highlander bar up for grabs again ! if i came into money id buy that only i would change the sign back from the union jack to the saltire,it just doesnt look right lol.

I hope your dreams come true soon!

The rules seem to change or get updated quite regularly, information regarding any changes NIE applications, changing driving licenses, or other types of official paperwork would be appreciated.

This is where we post that kind of stuff: Legal and paperwork in Lanzarote

I would like to see more links to active webcams & also when reviewing bars/restaurants more direct links to websites (although this is obviously linked to the actual establishments being persuaded of the benefits of having decent websites of their own)

Watch this space for more webcams – we are in the process of negotiating something which will give us the best webcam coverage on the island – we agree the current ones are rubbish! We always link where places have their own website, but so many don’t!

If you could give dates of the fiestas on lanzarote.

We do here and also in our calendar!

It would be nice to have a feature now and then on any of the articles you cover, and if you picked one particular supplier from your members, they could do a piece relative to their experiences

Good idea! We’ll do it!

Add Link to the airport website and Bus time tables

We already have those: Live airport arrivals and general airport information (with a cool video!) and buses are here.

I think it's great as is... I hate those "forums" where all people do is moan. Personally would love to see more info on Playa Blanca, most reviews seem to be centred around PDC.

We agree about those forums – they are a terrible advert for the island. We’re based in the north, so don’t really focus on PDC, but a lot happens there. However, we are aware that we need more from Playa Blanca, and we’re currently advertising for a writer based there.

The site is fine the way it is, congrats to all involved your doing a great job.

Thanks so much! 

Would like to read more from Miguel

And so you shall!

Thank you all so much for your comments – they are appreciated. We’re committed to continue building Lanzarote Information and to make it better and better, and we’ll do our best to incorporate everything you have suggested.

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