Subida de Haría Rally 2017

The 39th edition of the motor racing event Subida de Haría takes place in Lanzarote on Sunday 25th June 2017.

Cartel Haria 17 p

This is a popular rally, attracting drivers from other islands to compete in the demanding climb from Tabayesco up to the Mirador de Haría in the north of the island.

Lista Oficial de Inscritos

Fifty four drivers have registered for the event the current favourites include Enrique Cruz, Yeray Lemes and Luis Monzón. The event starts in the plaza de Haría at 08:00 with the technical verification. From there the drivers will head to Tabayesco village to line up for the start. The test run is at 10:30, followed by 2 timed distances. The trophies are expected to be presented around 14:00 in the plaza of Haría.

There are plenty of spectators to be found along the switchbacks, the biggest crowd tends to gather at the crossroads of the LZ-10.