The Secret To Getting The Best Suntan In Lanzarote

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One of the things everyone wants from their Lanzarote holiday is to go home with the best possible sun tan. And with our high UV levels and desert climate, there aren’t many better places on the planet to deliver.

The secret to a good tan is to use the right products to protect yourself from burning, whilst allowing tanning to take place and then to use an aloe based conditioner & hydrator in the evening to help ‘prolong’ your tan..

Suncare Central has been looking after clients in Lanzarote, and all over the world for many years, helping them to avoid sunburn and other sun related conditions, while promoting a long lasting tan.

They only sell and recommend lotions specifically designed for our climate. All their products are 100% Natural, Organic, Biodegradable and don’t use heavy wax or mineral oil as a base, which can cause prickly heat, blotches, blisters and peeling

Their range of products includes tanning lotions with various sun protection factors, the essential Rosehip Aloe skin conditioner & hydrator, which is the key to a good tan, as well as a tanning enhancer, for those who want the ultimate sun tan. They aren’t greasy, and will leave your skin feeling clean and in good condition.

But you can’t buy those products in the shops - they are always brought to you by a Suncare Advisor, who will visit you at your accommodation, and advise you on what you need specifically for the family, based on their age and colouring.

You can arrange for a Suncare Advisor to visit you at the start of your Lanzarote holiday. Just complete the form, and they will get in touch with you to arrange a time to suit you. Suncare Advisor Meeting