Sailing with Catlanza

We couldn’t think of a better way to start our Christmas holiday than to go sailing with Catlanza on Christmas Eve.

Catlanza Catamaran Catlanza Fernan

The Catlanza catamaran is moored in the exclusive marina Puerto Calero, we arrived in good time to collect our boarding cards from the office before we met up with the rest of the party. Owner, Roisin was there to personally wish everyone a good trip and Chloe captured the moment with small group photos before we took our places for the safety briefing.

We were introduced to our crew for the day there was Francis our captain, Roberto our chef, Ferran our jet ski pilot, Dietmar and Karl who were our guides. Karl is excellent, he has this way of presenting what could be a boring but necessary safety briefing in a very entertaining way, there was lots of laughs and clapping during his presentation!

Puerto Calero Santa Powerboat

We all made ourselves comfortable, slipped the mooring and motored into open water where to our surprise Santa appeared on a powerboat circling the yacht. He had a sack full of presents for all the kids, a great photo opportunity for the mums and dads whilst they sat on his knee. There were three birthdays being celebrated on board too – Josh (5) and Grace (1) are brother and sister amazingly they share the same birthday on Christmas Eve 4 years apart! There was also Emma who was celebrating her 18th and was presented with a bottle of champagne.

Santa Roisin Karl Santa Time

The main sail was hoisted and we sailed South along the coast passing the quaint village of Playa Quemada and along the protected landscape of Monumento Natural de Los Ajaches, the scenery was stunning with clear blue sea, striking mountains and sunny blue sky.

Rocky Coastline Sail

The bar was open, we were offered unlimited beer, wine or a special sangria punch or soft drinks.

 Catlanza Sailing Puerto Muelas Playa Cangrio

The rocky coastline softened, we had reached Papagayo, we passed the first golden sandy beach and campsite of Puerto Muelas, then the longer beach Caleta de Congrio, around the point where the view stretched out along the resort of Playa Blanca to the lighthouse El Faro. It was lovely to look at these beaches from the sea, Playa de Papagayo with the tapas bar / restaurants perched on the cliff top, Playa del Pozo, we anchored off my favourite beach of Playa Mujeres.

View to Playa Blanca Playa Mujeres

After singing Happy Birthday, Karl gave us a quick update whilst the crew lowered the steps, slide and jet ski into the water. We had a couple of hours now to relax and enjoy, the bell would sound when lunch was ready in the meantime we could take advantage of the snorkel kit to have a swim or queue for a go on the jet ski.

Happy Birthday to you Emma Josh Grace View to Montaña Roja

Ferran was kept busy on the jet ski, his enthusiasm never waned, taking one or two passengers at a time they paused for the “missing persons photo” before racing off across the sea, the occasional scream drifting back on the breeze. Almost everyone had a go, there were lifejackets for all sizes so that the youngest and the oldest could participate. All of them came back beaming, this was the talk of the trip for most of the kids who were pleased that they’d had the courage to have a go.

Fernan Missing Persons Photo Jet ski fun

The slide was the popular choice of entry into the water from the catamaran, you could also use the steps or there was a section on the side where you could jump off if you preferred. There was an abundance of brightly coloured fish enjoying the shadow from the yacht and the water was a very inviting clear aqua blue.

Catlanza Slide and steps Papagayo Bar

The dinner bell sounded, Roberto had cooked pasta with a choice of sauces, freshly chopped salad, grated cheese and fresh bread which everyone tucked in to.

It was lovely to see some of the passengers encouraging each other to have a swim, one older girl hadn’t swam in the sea before but was persuaded to put on a floatie and take a snorkel mask into the water to join them – she thanked them profusely afterwards and said what an experience it had been.

View to Papagayo Towards Playa Quemada

Our time was drawing to a close, everyone came out of the water, the jet ski was loaded up and we motored towards Puerto Calero. The route back was the same but this time we stayed close to shore which was interesting, we spotted abandoned ruins, deserted black beaches and the fish farm.

Fish farm Green Landscape

As it was “winter” we were offered cups of steaming hot chocolate, it was lovely sitting with my legs dangling over the side, sipping my hot choccy and watching the shoreline.

All too soon we were back at the marina, there was lots of bell clanging at the tips jar, we’d all had a great time.

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