Ruta Canarias 88 in Lanzarote, 28th April 2012

One hundred motorcyclists are expected in Lanzarote at the weekend as part of the Ruta Canarias 88.

Ruta Canarias 88

The tour is called the Route 88 after the eighty eight different municipalities within the seven Canary Islands, the riders will pass through each one before crossing to the next island. After spending Saturday in Lanzarote, they will move onto explore Fuerteventura on Sunday. The aim of the tour is to bring a new kind of tourism to the islands, the Ruta Canarias 88 is a popular non competitive bike tour working in collaboration with local bike groups to bring bikers from Europe to explore the Canary Islands.

Ruta Canarias 88

An archipelago, two wheels, two provinces, seven islands, eighty eight municipalities over hundreds of miles is the description of the Ruta Canarias 88, they invite motorcyclists to travel the roads though the Canary Islands to discover a diverse community, where every island is a miniature continent and experience unforgettable moments. A land of contrasts and diversity including valleys, mountains, forests, cliffs and beaches accompanied by exceptional cuisine and a unique cultural heritage that can be enjoyed by bike 365 days a year thanks to our eternal spring climate.


Lanzarote is referred to as Ruta LZ 7 passing through Arrecife, Haría, San Bartolomé, Teguise, Tías, Tinajo and Yaiza. The bikers will be travelling to Lanzarote on the Armas ferry from Gran Canaria just before midnight on Friday.

So if you spot a large group of motorcyclists in Lanzarote on Saturday, it’s not one of the local motorbike groups but this tour, for more information please visit their website

If you'd like to see the bikes, they will be on parade in the Plaza del Varadero in the old harbour of Puerto del Carmen from 10:00 - 11:00 on Saturday.