Romería - Fiesta de San Isidro Labrador 2009

P1010576 There was a lovely atmosphere at the village of Uga in Lanzarote on Saturday, around the streets prior to the start of the romería, there were flashes of colour with the variety of traditional skirts worn, a selection of horses from tiny Shetland ponies to a big cart horse, lots of donkeys including two baby ones and a few camels including the star of the show, which was a very young camel. Here are a selection of photos and a short video……


Baby Camel  Two Camels

Donkeys  Wine Camel

Colourful skirts  Timple

Donkeys y Cart  Camels y timple

Iglesia  San Isidro

This was a fiesta for Lanzaroteños, there were a handful of spectators, everyone was in traditional dress, happy to be there and enjoying singing along to the local folklore songs accompanied by timples as they passed though the streets in Uga to the plaza outside the church.

Fiesta de San Isidro Labrador, Uga, Lanzarote, 2009 from Miguel Naxos on Vimeo.

A huge tent and indoor stage has been set up for the remainder of the San Isidro celebrations, the main event is Feast Day on the 15th, you can see the full programme of events here.