Roaming With Your Devices On Holiday In Lanzarote

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As of 15th June 2017, a new EU law has come into effect which gives all EU citizens an entitlement to “Roam like at home." For most of you who visit Lanzarote, it means you will be able to take advantage of our excellent 4g coverage while on holiday here.

Essentially, the new law means you can enjoy the same benefits, in terms of speed and amount of data, as you do at home, without paying more for the privilege.

If you have a contract with a mobile operator which includes roaming services it will automatically be considered as a roam like at home contract. The default option for all new mobile contracts with roaming services will be roam like at home.

This opens up a whole new world while you are here:

  • You can use Google or Apple maps for navigation
  • You can stream your favourite radio stations or music
  • You can visit Lanzarote Information as often as you want!

You don’t need to do anything to activate this - if you have a data package, it should automatically switch to “roam like at home."

Note this applies to anywhere in the European Union, so if you are visiting elsewhere, roaming charges will still apply - a quick look at Maps when we were in Morocco cost us €50!

A couple of things to note are that this doesn’t apply to phone calls made from your home country to another European country, as that isn't considered to be roaming, and there are caps for pay as you go users. Either check with your operator, or have a look here: EU Internet mobile roaming costs

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