Puerto del Carmen, The Heart of Lanzarote

Tías council launched a new campaign for the holiday resort of Puerto del Carmen to coincide with Valentine’s Day last week called “Tías, Puerto del Carmen, el corazón de Lanzarote”.

We Love Puerto del CarmenTías lanza la campaña Puerto del Carmen, en el corazón de Lanzarotel. El alcalde de Tías y la Concejal de Turismo

The plan, presented by Pancho Hernández, the mayor of Tías  is part of an initiative to revitalise and promote tourism for Puerto del Carmen. It’s great that the council have reacted positively to the Love Locks which have been fastened to a length of chain situated above the beach near La Penita and are now including the tradition for their marketing. Pancho and Nerea Santana, the councillor for tourism in Puerto del Carmen are pictured with the Valentine’s Day promotional heart above.

The holiday resort of Puerto del Carmen has more than 5 km of beaches, fabulous scuba diving facilities, the Rancho Texas theme park, a largepromenade and avenue offering shopping and recreation, a harbour for fishing or boat trips, the Camel House dedicated to classical music, walking routes through the wine region of Masdache, tourist establishments that specialise in family and spa holidays, golf course, a great nightlife scene……..just some of the major tourist attractions to be found within the municipality of Tías especially along the coast of Puerto del Carmen and the old harbour of La Tiñosa.

Tías is the heart of Lanzarote according to Pancho Hernández, it’s a place that attracts domestic tourism, it was the first holiday resort in Lanzarote and one that is well known amongst tourists.

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