Promenade Walk, Puerto del Carmen

There’s been a lot of media regarding the changes on the front in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote. This resort has a 6km stretch of promenade that runs from the end of the runway at Matagorda to the main beach Playa Grande. For the main part, the traffic now runs in one direction with a cycle lane from the main beach towards Matagorda and the pavement has been widened. I took the opportunity to walk the length of “The Strip" recently with my camera and hope you enjoy the photos!

1 Matagorda, Start of Promenade2 Terrace & Promenade Matagorda

Behind me is the end of the airport runway, and on my right is the Hotel Beatriz Playa.

7 High Tide Matagorda8 CC Matagorda

There are regular intersections in the promenade to access the beach, it was high tide and the narrow strip of sand at this point was under water. The Centro Comercial Matagorda is the area’s only collection of shops, bars and restaurants, this area of Puerto del Carmen is very popular with the Irish.

10 Sandy Beach Matagorda12 Plane Spotters Delight

Just past the shopping centre the beach opens up into a sandy bay with lines of sunbeds and umbrellas, planes arrive at regular intervals making it a plane spotters delight to chill out here.

21 Promenade27 CC Jameos Playa

The promenade is wide, with a cycle lane making it popular with sports enthusiasts, you also need to beware of police quads and cars which can sneak up on you during their patrol! We’ve now reached the C.C. Jameos Playa shopping centre which is situated around the Los Jameos Playa Hotel, with lots of frontline bars, restaurants and shops to entice you to take a break.

28 Castle32 View to Los Pocillos

There are several of these castle type buildings along the front, for those not afraid of heights and sure footed, the stairs are open for a birds eye view. As we follow the front around the corner we get our first glimpse of the huge Los Pocillos beach.

37 CC Los Pocillos39 Lifeguard Hut

We’ve just joined the main Avenida de Las Playas, fondly known as “The Strip" of Puerto del Carmen, the shopping centre over the road from the beach is C.C. Los Pocillos. Playa Los Pocillos is a very deep beach so won’t ever feel crowded and makes it great for playing games or flying kites.

43 CC Costa Mar47 Sculpture

The CC Costa Mar is situated half way along Los Pocillos beach.

50 Children's Play Area51 Tiled Terrace

At the far end of the beach there is a lovely area with a selection of children’s entertainment such as trampolines, bumper cars and a large open tiled terrace area.

57 CC Costa Luz61 Coastline San Antonio

We’ve now reached one of the first hotels to be established in Puerto del Carmen, the San Antonio. The C.C. Costa Luz shopping centre is over the road and this is the view back along the coastline towards Matagorda.

62 View to the South63 Start of the shops

This is the view towards the South of the island and at this point, you will only get glimpses of the coastline as the Avenida now has shops, bars and restaurants on both sides of the road. This part of the road hasn’t been updated as yet but it is the start of the one way system.

70 Small quiet beaches72 Seating

In between the shops there are small pathways leading to the sea offering small quiet beaches with fishing and rock pooling.

74 Outside the Casino, new strip77 Café La Ola deserted

As we reach the Casino, the new section of the strip comes into view with modern lighting, new trees planted and a one way traffic lane. I walked down to Café La Ola which offers some of the best chill out along the front line.

80 New Strip82 New Strip

I really like the new front, there’s lots of open space, the new trees will offer shade and greenery when established and if you just want to walk and not browse the shops there’s plenty of room for everyone.

88 Palm Trees & Mountains93 CC Atlántico

We’re heading into the main section of the resort now, on one side are palm trees, beaches and fantastic views and on the other side is Centro Atlántico, the clubbing mecca of Puerto del Carmen.

99 McDonalds101 Playa Grande

The promenade offers some lovely views down to the main beach Playa Grande.

107 New Strip114 New strip

There’s lots of bars such as Route 66 and Tropical, restaurants like the popular Maritoni’s and shops along this section of “The Strip" with the beach on the other side.

123 Playa Chica126 Watersports

The new promenade currently stops at Playa Grande, work is just beginning in September to renew the section around the Hotel Fariones, the other landmark hotel of the resort. I continued my walk to stop and take a swim at Playa Chica, in between this hotel and the old harbour of Puerto del Carmen, this beach is only small but one of the favourites as it offers diving and water sports.

If you want to continue walking the path leads on from Puerto del Carmen to Puerto Calero.

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