Pirates of La Graciosa

Pirates of La Graciosa - Sarah We took advantage of having family over at the weekend to hop aboard with Graciosa Sail for their new excursion “Pirates of La Graciosa". As we live in the North we declined the offer of a free transfer from the resorts and met the rest of the party at the harbour in Órzola. We boarded the special ferry bound for the island of La Graciosa where the children had to think of their special pirate name and we were offered cubre libre (rum & coke) sweeties.

When we reached the island of La Graciosa we went to find Captain Oggy who had been working hard over the past few days to get the pirate boat finished but when we found him, he was asleep and the boat wasn’t ready!

Captain OggyWake Up Wash Captain Oggy

Captain Oggy had a plan, he gathered his pirates and explained that they were going to steal a boat to go and find One Eyed Willy’s treasure. The kids followed Oggy around the harbour of Caleta de Sebo to a lovely catamaran and charged aboard taking the crew by surprise.

Graciosa Sail CatamaranPirate Kids

The catamaran set sail for Gold Mountain, the pirates were gathered together to make their pirate bandanas and had their faces painted with eye patches, scars and beards.

Pirate PatchesPirate Bandanas

Although it was a cloudy day, it was warm and we enjoyed sitting on the nets up front whilst the pirate crew hoisted the sails.

Pirates under sailPirate Punch

The adults drank a glass or two of a special pirates punch, with a non alcoholic one for the little ones.

Pirate BeachPirate at Gold Mountain

The catamaran sailed around to Gold Mountain where we discovered one of the crew had a treasure map tattooed on his back.

Pirate PastaPirates Rib

The children were served lunch first so that they could take the rib over to the beach to play some games and find the treasure.

Going ashorePiratas

Once the pirates and any adults who wanted to go ashore had gone, lunch was served to the parents and we were free to laze around or use the snorkelling equipment for an hour or so while the children could be seen playing games on the beach. We snorkelled to the beach, the kids had found the skeleton of One Eyed Willy and were now searching for his treasure.

Treasure ChestPirates Fat Face & Kit Kat

Once the treasure chest was found the pirates were brought back to the boat and we set sail around to the harbour to catch the ferry home. The top three pirate names won prizes and each child was given their share of the treasure to take home with them.


Thanks to Dan, Sarah, Oggy, Maria & Jess we all had a brilliant day and of course Captain Pedro for letting us steal his boat! The Pirates of La Graciosa is a fabulous Lanzarote excursion and highly recommended for family fun. You can find out more information and book your trip here: Graciosa Sail – Pirates of La Graciosa

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