Paying For Convenience

I was in the resort of Costa Teguise earlier today, I was in a hurry and needed to pick up three items of shopping.

British Products There was a tourist supermarket next to where I had parked in the Las Coronas area, I rushed in and found my three items they were:

Jacksons sliced loaf of bread

Nescafe coffee

PG Tips tea bags

Now as the one who generally does the weekly shop I have a good idea about what these items cost me, I found the coffee first, this was €3.89 which seemed expensive, then the tea bags were €3.84 again I thought surely that’s twice the price of what I usually pay and finally my loaf of bread which was priced at €3.88. Having picked up the three items I was walking towards the checkout when I stopped. Although I was in a rush, all of these products were much more expensive than normal, cursing I went and put them all back and on principle took the decision to go just down the road to Eurospar.

Ten minutes later, I had the same products in my basket at the checkout, the coffee was €2.99, tea bags €1.75 and bread €2.76.

The first shop would have cost me €11.61, I paid €7.50 an incredible saving over just 3 products – this made me question the price of convenience, can you imagine the difference over a basket or even a trolley full of food!

How much more would you pay for convenience?

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