Papagayo Campsite Summer 2016

A meeting was held this week regarding the Área de Acampada de Papagayo (campsite) in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote.

Reunion Acampada Papagayo Cabildo Lanzarote

The campsite is due to open in early summer after an investment in the region of 800,000 euros.

New improvements include an increase in the number of plots available, creation of two new barbecue areas, new bathrooms, a shaded area and an access ramp to the beach for wheelchair users. The investment project also included the installation of a sewage treatment plant, fencing, solar panels and more lighting.

From this summer there will be 284 plots instead of 236 previously and 64 of them will have a space of 9m2, the rest allocated for motorhomes, large tents and caravans will have an have an area of 36m2.


President Pedro San Ginés apologised that the campsite was not available earlier in the year, and mentioned that they may extend the season by a few weeks later than the 30th September, when it normally closes.

The Cabildo of Lanzarote, Asociación Cultural Recreativa de Campistas y Caravanistas de Lanzarote and Asociación de Autocaravanas por Lanzarote will be holding a meeting on the 31st May to establish the regulations for use of the campsite, which the council is keen to be as consensual as possible.

The daily fee for using the campsite will be confirmed when the season opens. The aim is to create a self sufficient model for the future, so that the camping income covers the costs of operating the site, after the completion of this public investment.

We'll update this page with campsite fees and how to book, when available.

Update 05/08/16

The campsite at Papagayo is due to open at 10:00 on Wednesday 10th August and will be available for camping until around the 16th October 2016.

Advance campsite places can be reserved by telephone on 679 090 619 (between the hours of 09:00-17:00) from Monday 8th August.

From the 10th August, reservations can be made at the campsite office in Papagayo, Playa Blanca or by telephone 928 177 778 / 679 090 619.

The price per night is:
Caravan / Motorhome: 7 euros per night (max 4 people)
Tent: 4 euros per night (max 4 people)
Price for extra people over the age of 14 years: 1 euro per night

Reservation information attached below for download.

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