Paint with César, Competition

Tiburón (colour) I thought I’d write a post for the children who like Lanzarote but if you like colouring or painting then we’ll allow the adults to join in too! During my recent re-visits to our wonderful Lanzarote attractions I found an inexpensive colouring book called Pintando con César produced by the Fundación César Manrique, it costs just €2.00 and is available in the gift shops so please buy one, it reminded me of my pattern colouring books from childhood holidays caravanning, these used to entertain us for hours when it was raining and too wet to go outside.

The book features the César Manrique collection of pescados (fish) Pez Rana, Pez Volador, Tamboril, Piraña, Pez martillo, Lenguado and Tiburón.

Pez Rana (colour) Pez Volador (colour)

Tamboril (colour) Piraña (colour)

Pez Martillo (colour) Lenguado (colour)

The line drawings of this collection can be downloaded at the bottom of this post so you can print your favourite one and colour or paint it in but please do support the César Manrique Fundación and buy a copy for yourself too.

We thought we’d have a children’s colouring competition over the Christmas holidays so if you’re under 16 pick a fish and colour / paint / glue, glitter and sparkle it, you can use your own style or copy César’s choice of colours, when its finished email us a scanned copy with your name and age to with the title “Paint with César” and we’ll pick our favourite ones and post them on the website.

We have three Lanzarote Information t-shirts to give away to the winners of the age groups under 8 years old, 8-12 years old and 13-15 years old. The closing deadline is 31st December 2009, please send only your favourite fish (one entry per child), have fun and good luck!.

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